On the Spiritual in Astrology

Monday March 11th 2013

“…we need not deify the unknown and entitize [the] cyclic process of transformation. We need only realize that every person is the whole universe focused at a particular time and at a particular point of space.
Indeed the whole universe is focused in every human being according to a time-space formula, or “seed pattern” — one’s birth-chart. We are all made of the same substance-energy…  Every existent is a whole — an organized, structured system of interrelated activities. And spirit is the integrating, the interrelating power. There can be no spiritual meaning in astrology, or anywhere, except through the realization of this integrating power…” Dane Rudhyar, The Spiritual Value of Astrology

The New Moon is at 21° Pisces, the sign of spiritual integration. That is where Dane Rudhyar, the hugely influential astrologer who died in 1985, has his North Node, his legacy.

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  1. Isy Aweigh says:

    I love this spiritual secularism 🙂

    I recently read Hamaker-Zontag’s book on the 12th house,in which she discusses (among other things) the pre- and post-natal issues of children and parents, and how they show up in the natal chart. It was astounding how pre-birth issues were described perfectly in the birth chart.

    Really gives a boost to my half-formed notion that it’s all quantum, and that time is not the one-way absolute that we tend to think it is.