The Three Eclipses of Spring 2013: Part One

Monday April 22nd 2013

Gradually, the familiar golden ball slides behind a disc of silver. Birds fall silent, the air chills, for a moment the day is strange. Solar eclipse.

A superseding, a complete annihilation.  Emotionally, in English anyway, the word eclipse contains a grain of fear.

A black shadow, exactly the same size as that beautiful shining Moon, crawls across her face, until she wears a veil. Instead of a glowing white goddess, we have a red-rimmed black mask. Lunar eclipse.

Eclipses are important events astrologically. They stir up the waters of time; their effect ripples outwards. Even if they do not directly touch your natal chart, you will see the ripples around you in the weeks and months that follow.

Eclipses come twice a year as the Lunar Nodes and the Sun meet around the Zodiac. Usually, they come in pairs in opposite signs, but this coming eclipse season, there will be three.

April 25  — Lunar Eclipse 5° Scorpio
May 9 — Solar Eclipse 20° Taurus
May 25 — Lunar Eclipse 4° Sagittarius
The Taurus-Scorpio set of eclipses started last year with a solar eclipse in Scorpio on Novemember 13 at 21°. The first eclipse this year is very short and only a tiny sliver of the Moon will be shadowed. This does lessen the impact. However, this is a strong and rather harsh Full Moon anyway, since Mars conjuncts the Sun and Saturn the eclipsed Moon.

This set does not complete until 2015 and overlaps for a long time with the next set in Aries/Libra, so there’s work to be done on this axis.

Taurus and Scorpio are the money signs. They are the signs of consumption and excretion; eating and shitting, procreation and regeneration, creation and destruction.

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, rules Taurus, and traditionally her opposite, her partner, Mars, the god of war, rules Scorpio. So you see, there’s a balance there. In the North, spring is at it most fulsome in Taurus’ month, and the year dies for Scorpio. They are opposites but also complements.

Venus and Mars by Botticelli.  Opposites create balance.

Why should these two signs, so deeply associated with natural processes also be the “money” signs? Other signs have to do with cash for sure. Libra is represented by the scales of commerce, Leo loves gold. But money is one way that we measure the energy flow our lives. If cash flows in and out of our purses smoothly and evenly, then we can be sure that an important aspect of our energy is moving well. If it’s stuck or never sticks to the sides, we may be doing something wrong, or frankly the circumstances in which we find ourselves are preventing us from using our energy well. In other words, the problem may well not be of your own making.

You can broaden this idea too. Taurus is a materialistic sign. It’s the sign of stuff, of possessions, of ownership. Now, Scorpio is said to be emotionally possessive, jealously guarding its beloved, but in fact, positive Scorpio energy cuts away and discards that which is unnecessary. Taurus accrues. Scorpio purges.

This flow of energy – in at Taurus, out at Scorpio – needs spring cleaning every few years. And the opportunity arises with eclipses. Eclipses bring change. Usually we have very little control over that change, but we have got some sway over how we respond to it.

The last such set was in 2003/2004. That time the North Node was in Taurus, and it was certainly a period of conspicuous consumption at home and of weaponry abroad in Afghanistan and Iraq. Maybe if our leaders had tidied up the national books more effectively then, we might not be in such a hole now.

This time around, the North Node is in Scorpio, the sign of debt. This occurred last time in 1994-95. Nelson Mandela was inaugurated on the solar eclipse of May 10, 1994, which just shows that an eclipse can mean the total end of something deeply rotten such as apartheid. We have the equivalent eclipse on May 9 this year.

The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is the last across the information axis, Gemini/Sagittarius, and we have seen plenty of change and debate about how we get and distribute the news over the past two years.

It’s worth taking a moment to ask yourself a couple of things. Did anything change for you around May or November in 2003/4 or 1994/5? Or have you noticed the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses and have they effected you?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful article! Thank you very much for sharing your insights Christina!

    It’s true, the Scorpio-Taurus is the axis of money, and I also found that the talents as resources are strongly linked to money (taurus) creation (scorpio).

    When I looked today at the elcipse transits, first I freaked out. First I thought-end of relationship? This used to be a common eclipse theme in the past for me.

    Now venus transit is in oposition to natal saturn, saturn transit conjuction to venus. I have well earning boyfriend, but I am desperate to start my own businesses, for the sense of worth (at the parties people always what do you do? ) and for the social inclusion. Then also for a safety net, and for the satisfaction of self-earned money.

    Thank you

  2. mm says:

    Very interesting, Christina. During the last set of Scorpio/Taurus eclipses in mid-November 2012 and after a period of prolonged ill health, I started seeing a naturopath who put me on a yeast elimination/candida diet. The period since has been one long much-needed detox which is still ongoing – there’s decades of too much stress and junk food to undo. Consumption and excretion indeed.

    The Scorpio Full Moon eclipse falls in my 2nd house and the following Solar Esclipse in Taurus is in my 8th conjunct natal Mars! So methinks the eclipse season will be a wild ride but I’m looking forward in a slightly nervous way to a period of transformation and to emerging on the other side.

    • Christina says:

      mm – yes. Those are real turning points, but since we are in Scorpio territory, they come with loss too.

    • Christina says:

      Sage – I would love to know which houses this cuts across for you..

    • mm says:

      Just coming back to your questions Christina. My mother sadly died in early 2003 and my inheritance came through in the July of that year. It wasn’t a huge amount at all but it gave me enough independence to change directions definitely in my career and lifestyle. Death/Inheritance = 8th house.

      During 1994/1995 I had two short lived, disastrous relationships. Sigh.

    • Whoa Nellie!!!!December 1995 I had a Near Death! September 2004 I moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, only to lose my home 11 months later to Hurricane Katrina! Phew!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was divorced in 1994, never looked back and remarried a more well suited man.I can’t recall anything about 2003-2004, but November 13 2012, Scorpio in my 12th house, I was told my job position was being terminated 8 months after a long distance move. Can’t say I miss the job, but I do miss the benefits and paycheck. Looking for a new job so I guess eclipses meandestruction and then hopefully creation. Can it go in that direction too? May 9th eclipse will be in my 6th house – service to others,oh my but I really looking forward to the May 25th eclipse. This hits close to my 8 degree Venus in Sag in the firat house. I hope I have the courage for all this.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, 6th is also work e.g. getting a job! Or someone leaving a job to make way for you?

      1994 – North Node in Scorpio = something had to die. Shows that endings are sometimes necessary.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well goodness. In December 1994 I got together with a Taurean, and we separated in early December 2003. It was a complete life-changer both times.

  5. Anonymous says:

    After being with my husband for about 9 years we married in October ’94. In september ’95 my father was diagnosed with Kahler’s disease. He died in March 1996. In 2003/2004 I lost my job due to RSI and burn-out.

    My husband died in February 2008 (when the North Node transited my natal Jupiter and Pluto was conjuct his natal Jupiter – Neptune was exactly opposite my natal Pluto).

    Christina, I discovered something peculiar: I watched where the ascendant was at the times when the North Node transited my natal North Node. The 1st time the Ascendant was on my natal Pluto (16 Leo), 2nd time on my natal Saturn (14 Virgo) and 3rd time was on my natal Neptune (16 Libra). How about that?


    • Christina says:

      PS – nine years is, of course, half a nodal cycle.

    • Christina says:

      Wow – that is absolute unarguable astrology.

      I am fascinated by what you have found out about the ascendant and Nodal Returns. Pluto, Saturn, Neptune. Would you say in very very shorthand and in these cases, those were transformation, death and either loss or spiritual freedom or actually illness?

      I have just realised something about my own chart and the nodes which I’ll write about. It’s also quite striking, but now I want to look at the ascendants!

  6. Anonymous says:

    1st Nodal return : on Pluto was transformation – you won’t be surprised if I tell you I had a very, very difficult puberty.

    2nd Nodal return: on Saturn was about work, work and work – I got a very busy job as a management secretary and became a workaholic. However, I met my husband at work, so that was good about it.

    3rd Nodal return: on Neptune meant the loss of my husband – for me Neptune is very much related to loss of intimate relationship ! But maybe Uranus opposite my natal Saturn and Pluto opposite my natal Uranus had something to do with it too!

    I looked for the 4th Nodal return, but that is luckily not on any planet at all ! I guess I have learnt a lot in the first part of my life (Pluto made sure of that). I have NN conjunct Sun/Mercury in Aries in the 9th house.

    Your right on the nine years being half a nodal cycle. That is just occurring to me now.


  7. Hi Christina-

    2nd house Scorpio (juno); 8th house Taurus (moon); 3rd house Sagg (Chiron) rx…..

  8. Sheila says:

    My Sun 12′ Tau, Moon 9′ Tau, Venus 18′ Tau, MC 2′ Tau, Asc 13’Leo and Mars 26′ Aqu.

    1994 became pregnant with my daughter a month before May solar eclipse, got married in July, gave birth in January of 1995.

    2004 my youngest child started kindergarten and I began to work outside the home part-time.

    2013 my oldest daughter is graduating high school and will be off to college. Increased my work hours. What else is in store?

    I try to work with my chart and not fight what the universe has planned so I am excited to see what is coming up with these eclipses.

  9. I just checked and found out that there is a definite theme there for me – in May 1994 I first started writing short stories, then in May 2004 I got my big chance in journalism. Unfortunately, traditional journalism has since gone belly up, and I am now looking for a new path – and today’s FM falls on my Neptune, being transited by Saturn, in my 10th house. Looking forward to what the coming weeks will bring.

  10. I’d be happy with either – or both

  11. jgirl says:

    wow thank you for posting this very helpful article. i had to think way back… in 94/95 i was 11-12 years old, but i realized i remembered getting my period for the first time at 12, and it was right before the begining of summer vacation (because it impacted me going to a water park with a friend haha)therefore it would have been probably early june ’95, right after the may ’95 eclipse. So a sort of right of passage in my entry to womanhood? Then, in November of 2004, i started dating an ex again who i long had hoped to rekindle things with. he was with someone else, and they broke up, we started dating again, and we ended up moving in together and were in a long relationship for a few years. Fast forward to the present – the current person im hoping to be with (also an ex, not the same one) we started getting much closer to each other again in november of 2012. he is recently divorced, and we actually talked about living together when he was moving out of his old house, but he ended up finding his own place. we went through somewhat of a rough patch during feb/march, but i’m hoping we can rekindle things again, and maybe the may eclipse will mark an important passage in the development of our relationship?

  12. jgirl says:

    also, im a 7 degree cancer sun in the 7th, my moon is 28 degrees libra in my 10th, and my rising is 24 degrees sag in my 1st. the eclipse is falling in my solar 5th house, and my natal 10th.

    regarding 10th house, i know its known as the career/vocation house – really and truly, all i’ve ever wanted in life was to be a mother, preferably a stay at home mom… in the traditional sense, raising a family… what might this eclipse be bringing me?

    • jgirl says:

      i remembered this old post, and wanted to come back to it because i realized something… this nov eclipse, the one thats at the same degree as in nov of 94… it conjuncts my natal ceres at 12 degrees scorpio and my. how interesting that the eclipse of nov 94 triggered my menstrual cycle begining 6 months later… i wonder if this one really will trigger motherhood. also, thought i’d note that my 11/5H cusps are actually at 14 degrees scorpio/taurus, so its very close to that cusp, and scorpio rules my 11H, taurus rules my 5H.

    • Christina says:

      I can’t say what the eclipse will bring. However, you have definitely got a pattern emerging there with defining yourself as a woman.

      I’d also add that this eclipse is less strong than usual. It is one of the shortest this century. But there is the whole eclipse season to get through.

      However, I can tell you for sure that the 10th house is about parenthood, as well as career in a very broad sense. I have frequently seen significant transits to the MC when I child is born. It’s about who you are in the world. Nothing changes your status in the world more instantly than becoming a parent. I think getting married does this too but only for some people.

  13. jgirl says:

    thanks for the feedback really interesting!

  14. Anonymous says:

    ok! here is my story…in 1994 i was with amazing man,i thought from the first moment he was the man of my life.I was just of a bad marrige with 2 kids.We broke up after 3 years never will forget him…I hope may 2013 brings his clone back!!

  15. Muse888 says:

    Interesting. In 93/94 I got a job at a great radio station where I worked for several years and in 2004 I moved to a different continent. I had an interview for a possibly interesting job at this solar eclipse (May 10) that fell in my 11th house and the upcoming lunar eclipse will be within 2 degrees of my moon and mars conjunction in the 6th. The moon is my ruler.
    I might move overseas again.