Eclipse Notes: May 25th

Monday May 20th 2013

May 25th sees the final eclipse in the Gemini-Sagittarius group that’s spanned November 2o1o until now. You can see it’s at 4° Sagittarius. In the way of these eclipse groups, it has overlapped at one end with Cancer-Capricorn and now it’s overlapping at this end with Taurus-Scorpio.

Already you can see a pattern there. You get fire-air eclipses or water-earth eclipses. These have quite a different feel, and taking note of the elements involved and comparing those to your own chart should give you a clue to how much or how little impact the eclipse will have.

This particular eclipse is mild anyway. Viewed from the earth it will be almost undetectable, and you can see from the chart that the Lunar Nodes are a good 2o° away from the Moon and Sun.

Gemini-Sag is the information axis, of course. And in this country, this period has been partially defined by the phone hacking scandal that led to both the closure of The News of the World and the Leveson enquiry. There was also the MPs expenses scandal which was exposed through the use of the freedom of information by a journalist at the Telegraph. Eclipses are endings and exposures.

Another ending in this period has been old-fashioned print journalism. It staggers on, of course, but it will never be the same again. Sagittarius rules publishing; Gemini rules journalism. Also the ebook has finally, properly arrived. In fact, publishing is booming, just not in quite the same way it used to. It’s changed, and that is one of the other roles of eclipses, the acceleration of change. It’s like certain parts of the chart get pushed through a time vortex and speeded up.

Sweetpea Milly, named
after Milly Dowler.

The Taurus-Scorpio eclipses are already showing a strong emphasis on the exposure of abuse scandals – old and new – including right here in Oxford, where a pedophile/trafficking ring has been jailed. I have already written about how the case in Cleveland ties in with these eclipses.

I think questions of debt – Scorpio – and expenditure –Taurus – will also be come to the fore under these eclipses.

So this final one in Sagittarius is the bookend for the information group. That doesn’t mean the situation is complete. In fact, there’s a big build up of planets now in Gemini, including Jupiter himself, so there’s going to be media about media, news about news now. But it does signal that the spotlight is moving on, and the changeometer.

In the past few weeks there has been another revelation about the Milly Dowler case, the one which kicked off the whole hacking scandal in the first place. May she rest in peace now.

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  1. Happens on my 10th/11th house cusp. Hope I manifest a job soon and it would be great in a communications arena. lol

  2. These have been interesting for me to watch because they are happening pretty tightly on my chart. (Within 00 to 5 degrees. But mostly orbs of 00 to 2 1/2 degrees.)

    This current one is part of my Solar Return. This has been an incredible period of time (November 2011 until now) and I continue to have ecliptic hits through 10/23/14. They’ve hit Sun, Asc/Dsc, Saturn, Mercury. In 2013 they will also hit my Venus, MC/IC, Jupiter, Nodes and Moon.

    At the same time, I have a crazy progressed chart with everything (seemingly) changing signs at the same time.

    It’s been change. Lots and lots and lots of change. And lots of loss.

    And yet, in some ways, I’m getting the push to finally live the life I’ve wanted to. As though all the ties that have bound me to certain responsibilities or necessities are being cut away.

    I’ve practiced astrology (well, studied and then practiced for 35 years).

    And I have to admit, I’m finding eclipses especially interesting right now. 😉

    • Christina says:

      Yes – me too on the especially interesting. Obviously this must be partly because I have the nodes in Taurus/Scorpio, although all these eclipses are quite far from my nodes and my MC/IC axis.

      It think the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses are particularly intense for everyone because they are to do with all things Scorpio, shining a light on the dirty underbelly of life but also on one’s own personal deepest motivations and needs. I wrote about this in a previous post on how Taurus/ Scorpio is about eating and shitting. You can’t get more central than that.

      Still pondering.

    • I meant to say “In 2013 and 2014 they will also hit my Venus, MC/IC, Jupiter, Nodes and Moon.”

  3. FWIW says:

    5 Degrees of both Gemini and Sagg. are pretty dodgy areas for myself. I have lilith at 5 degrees of sagg – both times that slow moving planets have hit here has seen bad things happen and when jupiter in 1995 was at 5 degrees of gemini was the end of my marriage. 5 degrees of both t-squares my chart.

  4. mm says:

    This series of eclipses, and the previous two last November, have been so powerful for me. Much change and transformation both internal and external including the ultimate detox diet and drastic home clear out and decluttering sessions.

    I am particularly interested though in the coming lunar eclipse (in my 3rd and 9th houses)as my birthday is on this Friday 24th and I also have Chiron at 6 Sag. I’ve always found Solar Return charts tricky and I’m deliberately not looking at this one. Too many powerful outer planet factors in play – I’d just freak out!.

  5. Christina says:

    I think it’s easy to get hold of the wrong end of the stick with solar return charts — a tendency to pollyanna. Wow to this year’s solar return for you. It seems like you have been clearing the decks in super Scorp/Taurus fashion. Now the healing can begin ?