Astrology of Now: Diving In

Friday June 28th 2013
Millais’ Ophelia – suspended in a dream.

It’s emotional, it’s dreamy, it’s images and colours, not words. It’s a misty vision on the edge of your mind, and the time between sleeping and waking. It’s a pool of water reflecting the sky with a fish flickering in it’s depths.

Today: Moon in Pisces, Sun in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio – feel this summer’s watery Grand Trine. 

Jupiter, the mighty one, is already in orb with Neptune and Saturn, and will stay so for the rest of the summer. Jupiter, Pisces traditional ruler, is exalted in Cancer, so super-strong.

Neptune, the lord of the sea, is at his most powerful in more than a century in Pisces.

With this much watery energy, it’s going to be an emotional season. This is hard for very airy types in particular, who can feel pretty uncomfortable with all that icky, weepy stuff. And if you look closely at this chart, you’ll see that Libra especially is under pressure, as the release point for the T-square between Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter.

Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, obviously, are in their element.

There is only one way to go with this summer – and that’s with the flow. As Marilyn Monroe said to Tony Curtis, “Don’t fight it.”

If you’re still not in the mood, take one minute to watch this old ad, and you’ll feel that wateriness all right.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post, very interesting thanks. I’m a Libran who is feeling slowly mounting pressure (what’s new?) – all due to hit next year I think with natal sun at 14 deg exactly opp Jupiter in Aires, which is also the focal point of a yod. Tie in with T square to north node in cancer…. oooh err, I’m excited and scared in equal measure.

    As for the water, having several planets in water signs and houses I’m not so uncomfortable around icky and weepy. Woke up this morning having had dreams of swimming under water, up and down a swimming pool with the lanes becoming increasingly smaller… just about sums it up!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Right now where I live – when I look outside my window I’m experiencing this Grand Water Trine as one big fish bowl.

    The weather is awful, it is cold, it just keeps raining and the atmosphere is misty all around. I guess I can only let myself drift with it. Not much I can do about it. I could dive into a book this afternoon.

    I’m sort of waiting for Jupiter to show up. Wonder what he will look like !


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  4. That ad must be inspired by an old film with Burt Lancaster–The Swimmer–where his character ‘swam’ the length of a posh neighborhood–it got quite emotional, and kind of an Odyssey…

    Another nice one, Christina, and I’m also beginning to feel the water…

  5. Vanessa says:

    Great reminder of this watery summer and awesome video.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Libra here,and I was hoping some of the pressure would be off us for a bit. Having Saturn in your sign was not fun plus the various Cardinal T-squares. I am a Scorpio rising if that would help the situation, but I was wondering where I should look in my chart where these pressures may affect me.

    • Anonymous says:


      I am 23 degree Libra in the 11th house and 24 degree Scorpio rising so I will look to the traits of the 11th. As to Anonymous below, I too have Pluto transiting my 2nd and it has been been difficult and I know it will be in that house for quite sometime. Also, like you, I have Jupiter transiting my 8th and every time that occured, it was a great new beginning. It may aliviate some of that 2nd house Pluto stress.
      BTW, Christina, right on about Burt Lancaster…don’t make them like that much anymore.

    • Christina says:

      Did you read the first response to this piece also. I love her dream. With 12th house stuff, the pressure may be more evident in your dream life than in your real life — also there is a spiritual dimension to this too.

    • Christina says:

      I can’t answer that really properly without the whole chart, but Scorpio Rising puts Libra in the 12th & possibly 11th. The 12th house is an interesting one – it can be quite literal and mean you need some rest on your own – see my 12th house people piece – but the pressure could also be internal, as you struggle I think with questions of identity.

  7. Anonymous says:

    hello again, Libra dream swimmer from up above calling by. I’m Scorpio rising too, late degree, with my sun in the 11th, probably, although some house systems say 10th. I think 11th fits more with my outlook – someone once told me I had “Aquarian eyes” – but how Libran to go between the two. Either way, Neptune in the 12th, conjunct Vesta, Mars, Lilith and whole bunch of stuff in the 11th (which I can’t remember right now without checking).

    I do feel a spiritual dimension building with lots of development recently, but transit Pluto to my 2nd is where I’m feeling the pressure – it’s pretty hard going. Still, Jupiter has just rolled into my 8th and the last time that happened I had amazing luck, and kindness, from a family member so who knows what might happen this time round?

    Right, off for a cream tea at the seaside now, my inner old lady needs an outing!