Egypt Stuck On The Axis Of Change

Friday July 5th 2013
The petition that started this wave of revolution was sponsored by a group calling
itself Rebel. Uranus, the rebel planet, is currently trining
Egypt’s Moon which represents the people.

Egypt, or the Egyptian people, have caught, amplified  and expressed the planetary energy of now. What happens in Egypt has something to tell all of us about where we are in the big human story.

This on-going Egyptian revolution – taken from 2011 to now – is a key chapter in history, as important as the fall of the Berlin Wall. One thing is clear: it is massive people power, maybe the biggest in history. But we make a mistake if we believe people power is always good — or bad. It simply is – a massive outpouring of energy like the Sun or a tidal wave. And it is just as dangerous.

But Egyptian revolution is also an unfolding process. In the age of 24-hour news, the media prefers to feed us neat storylines with a beginning, a middle and an end. We are not close to the end. Revolutions take time, of course. It took the French nearly a century to work things out, and they had to have Napoleon in the mix too. The French may have liked him, but their neighbours did not.

In particular, this Arab Spring is the story of the Uranus-Pluto square that is the dominant astrological feature of this decade. This is the clash between individual freedom (Uranus in Aries) and corporate power (Pluto in Capricorn).

This summer however, another major astrological pattern comes into play. The Grand Trine in water that now dominates the sky favours us as individuals, but it  is dangerous for the collective. To say emotions run high under these aspects is an understatement. Right now, the planetary line up is profoundly irrational and the dangers are mass hysteria and mob violence. This irrationalism is due to Mercury, the planet of mind, retrograde plus Jupiter and the Sun in emotional Cancer, the least rational sign in the Zodiac. Jupiter is part of the Grand Trine connecting Saturn in Scorpio (the military) and Neptune in Pisces (lies, rumours, and idealism).

Egypt’s natal Mars in Scorpio is about to be drawn into this trine.

This chart is drawn for the 1952
coup that brought Gamal Abdel
Nasser to power.
So Mohammad Morsi, the now ex-president of Egypt is under house arrest. For what? Getting himself elected? Morsi was sworn in last summer just a few weeks before Mercury, the planet of contracts, went retrograde – in other words under what’s called the retrograde shadow. He has been deposed as Mercury is fully retrograde this summer. Mercury Rx is all about re-doing things. But also during this Rx period confusion will reign. Things may not be why they seem, and outcomes will certainly not be clear.

The Egyptian natal chart is being powerfully hit by the Uranus-Pluto square.

The country has a natal T-square with Chiron, the wound, receiving tough squares from rational Pallas in martial Aries and Saturn (authority) in Libra. Pallas and Saturn face off against each other. Pallas in the sign of war and Saturn in the sign of peace, or at least negotiation. This Saturn in Libra is under assault from the Uranus-Pluto square.

Uranus and Pluto – revolution and transformation, but also erratic behaviour and cruelty – are currently conjuncting the Pallas and Chiron respectively. Pallas in Aries is a good symbol for the extremely strategically-minded Egyptian army, which has, over the past decades, built up a state within a state. But with a Uranus transit, the army could well hit out unexpectedly harshly, especially with that square from Pluto, which is transiting Chiron.

Saturn – authority and the government itself – is at 9° Libra and under pressure from all sides. I wrote previously that Libra is the sign under most pressure this summer, because it is the empty leg of the Cancer-Capricorn-Aries t-square. This revolutionary process started with a Saturn Return for Egypt a couple of years ago. It’s part of pattern for the country – every Saturn Return since 1952 has seen a change of leader.

Sagittarian poliical activist Doria Shafik won
the argument for women’s suffrage in 1951. Despite  her
fighting for Egyptian independence,
Nasser put
her under house arrest for 17 years. She killed
herself in 1975. Egypt has form.

The natal Moon in the 12th house represents the people. This is a warm, generous, dramatic Leo Moon conjunct Venus.  The women of Egypt are here, hidden in the 12th house, but occupying a position of power, and at the emotional heart of the country — except that the Moon is separating from Venus, so the movement is away from women, leaving them behind. The 12th house belongs to Pisces. The Arab Spring started as Neptune, Pisces ruler, was in the final degrees of Aquarius. This exactly paralleled the Year of Revolutions of 1848, as I pointed out in a previous piece, in the short term.

So this Moon is dominated by the Leo Sun – the country’s rulers usually (and in this case a regal sun is a Egypt must be awash with conspiracy theories.
fair representation of the pharaoh-style leadership since the 1950s) – but also it has a distinctly Piscean flavour. Pisces has become super-powered in the last few years as Neptune dignifies the sign, and we’ve seen this reflected in the Egyptian people. Pisces is also about mass unconsciousness, it’s about what drives us beneath the surface. It’s about gossip and rumour, too.

Pisces is the sign of spirituality in the widest sense and also sacrifice. Currently, there seems to be a lot of extremely worrying talk of self-sacrifice from both sides of the divide in Egypt. This would match the full 12th house.

I have to admit, I’m not too happy about the current transits to Egypt. There’s the North Node in Scorpio, a sign which takes no prisoners and does not negotiate. It’s backing into Egypt’s natal Mars, the army, and also just plain violence, which is opposed by Jupiter, the expander. So this is a pivotal moment for the army.

Then there’s the water Grand Trine, which could easily be a sanguinary flow, especially once Mars conjuncts Jupiter in mid-month. Then there’s the partile aspect from Chiron, the wound, to the natal Moon. Are the people about to get shot in the foot?

I don’t like to predict bad things here. It’s been hard watching Syria’s chart work out so horribly accurately in the past year. There is no inevitability about fate. There is always choice. But it’s difficult for Egyptian to know what the truth is under these watery skies. Neptune, the planet of illusion, is in the 7th house – who is lying most?

The full 12th house, with the Sun on the cusp, is striking in the Egyptian chart. This speaks of the so-called “deep state”, the state within a state which is run by the junta. Again it makes it hard for people to know what is really going on. Pluto is there too, which is where you look for real power in a mundane chart. It makes an exact angle to Neptune in the money house. Where Neptune is, there is something invisible. Who really holds the purse strings?

Soldiers pray on a bridge over the Nile.

The real power in Egypt is hidden in the 12th, but it is also connected to the mob, the Moon. Uranus, the planet of revolution is currently stationing at a close angle to that Moon from Aries, the sign of the individual. So we have personal freedom, leading to group action. But Uranus will turn retrograde on the 13th of July. Is that a step backwards for freedom?

These massive demonstrations have invited the military back in. There are precedents for military coups turning out all right in the end. Turkey has had a few that re-established democracy. But not many.

There are flash points too coming up soon, too. In particular from the 18th to 22nd of July as the Grand Trine becomes more exact and Mars, the planet of violence, joins Jupiter, and the New Moon on July 8th is on the Egyptian Uranus; Uranus being the planet of revolution itself.
Read more on Egypt’s astrology in these posts. It’s a country I know well, so I’ve written quite extensively about the revolution. Together, the posts paint a pretty good picture of what has been going on astrologically.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    it is’nt a military coup we are Restoring our Revolution we want a civil country we want Social justice and freedom we want a strong regime that Reflects us.. Represents us..Serve us AND WE WILL HAVE IT SOON WE BELIEVE IN OURSELVES NOW … WE CAN AND WE DESERVE IT we are back in the right track now and nothing / no one will stop us

    the egyption women is a big effective part in our Revolution ( Egypt had it’s venus return 7-4-2013 ) half of the protesters are women old .. young and children

    we will have a new natal chart soon for a new strong EGYPT it will take some time and effort but we will do it we will Conquer terrorism and fanaticism and have a strong happy EGYPT 🙂

    the egyption lady

    • Christina says:

      Yes – so the queen of grain and agriculture dominates the chart. It’s saying that Egypt — at least this iteration of Egypt — is ruled by her. I remember the Bread Riots in the 197Os and this revolution started to simmer when there was unrest about bread a few years back. You could say the people who control the price of bread or the flow of wheat in Egypt will always rule.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ceres 0°32′ Gemini, in House X

      the egyption lady

    • Christina says:

      So much work to do. But on the subject of Ceres. Do you see where she is in the Egypt chart?

    • Anonymous says:

      I will thank you christina 🙂 it will be a hard summer may god protect us and protect Egypt

      p.s where is the Venus conjunction Vesta post I’m still waitting for it 😉 and what about ceres conjunction Venus transit in Egypt’s natal chart ??

      the egyption lady

    • Christina says:

      I hope so too – meanwhile, stay safe this summer.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes not yet but we changed a lot last 2 years and we will have a new chart soon -I hope so – 🙂 this madness will end soon and we will be united… the New Beautiful Egypt will be born

      the egyption lady

    • Christina says:

      Yes – one of the reasons I haven’t written about Egypt for a while is that I wondered if there ought to be a new chart. But as you say, not yet…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Last night I suddenly realised that Egypt is floating from one side to another as it is subject to the waves of the ocean (Neptune) – the Ascendant is in the last degree of Leo.

    This freedom movement works in waves, the first one happening when it all began and the second being the retreat of the wave into the ocean again when mr Morsi became president.
    Now we are seeing the new wave and the people have another chance of establishing a really democratic state, but I’m not sure how this will all work out in the end, when the last wave will take place in 2015. I guess the ocean of history works like that and the trick would be to work with the waves (that are sure to follow this one) and not against them and finally land on the beach again in a refreshed state !


    • Anonymous says:

      It’s really very simple.

      When I was a child we always spent our holidays on the seaside and my father taught me, when you get into trouble in the sea, you have to use the waves – that is : you move when the wave is directed at the beach and you hold still when the wave is directed back at sea.

      That way you will always survive and come out at the beach. It is no use struggling against the waves, you will only tire yourself and drown.

      Maybe that is the way to sit this out and achieve the best result.


    • Christina says:

      Wow – that is a great metaphor – and also useful in one’s own life. In other words, this is the way to deal with a Neptune transit.

  3. Isy Aweigh says:

    I got the idea that Morsi was trying to become the smothering parent — placing himself above the law and putting his pals in power; SSDD, with an Islamist kick. Trying to make himself what he thought Mubarak should have been, is the feeling I got.

    Since Egypt has already said “Hell no!” to that, and the military was the only power large enough to step in, then the military was the protective big bro doing its job. Mind you, speaking from experience, you can never tell if your big bro’s protective act is going to lead to him being kindly or bullying afterwards, but the smart money is usually on bullying.

    • Christina says:

      There is a world of difference between demonstrating & asking the man to step down, and arresting him and murdering 50 of his followers in the street.. Big brother….

      I have been listening to a play about the Civil War here, when Charles I was beheaded & thinking how similar in some ways the Muslim Brothers are to the Puritans.

  4. Serge Gerrard says:

    I like your articles and your symbolic interpretations astrologically because they do make sense . I however will disagree very strongly with you and most other mundane astrologers on the kind of natal chart you have chosen for Egypt . Most Western astrologers use the coup of 1952 or the second coup of 1953 as the natal chart . We need to spend a little time reflecting on what those coups represented , they were none other than actions by a group of thugs who were lucky to have weapons and other thugs to follow them . It would be indeed very demeaning to Egypt to imagine that this represents a truly cardinal event even though the country has been going downhill in a spiral from Nasser to the kofta machine .
    In my humble opinion Egypt under the Ottoman occupation & Mamalik rule was a disaster area until one earth shattering event took place after Friday prayers on 17 th May 1805 , put it down as 13:35 pm when the Notables went to Mohammad Ali and declared him Wali and removed Khorshid , this was subsequently ratified by Sultan Selim III on 9th July 1805 in Istambul . This set the stage for Egypt to become a fully fledged modern state with institutions and we all know what history has recorded . Now you may or may not like Mohammad Ali and his policies and his dynasty but the structural change and development he caused is undeniable . Thugs came and went and took over from his children BUT we still have the same state . It is like a corporation which remains unchanged regardless of what power struggles take place in the board of directors . I do not consider 25/1/2011 to have achieved anything YET , 30/6/2013 and 3/7/2013 were proven disasters in a long sequence . Had 25/1/2011 resulted in a massive change with the gaining of human rights and removal of the long term thugs etc…. then we might have reconsidered the event.

    • Christina says:

      I understand what you’re saying about the chart for Egypt. And really for such an old country, it seems crazy to have such a recent chart. I think one needs to look at both probably. For France, I use both the 5th Republic and the Revolution charts, depending on the question. So thank you for sharing your chart info.

      In the case of Egypt, I think this chart works well. I chose it quite carefully. I think in one of my other Egypt pieces on this site, I’ve explained why. I think Nasser did make a big difference to Egypt — including massive redistribution of land, for example. There’s nothing more essential than that.

      Many of the charts in the book of World Horoscopes focus too much on times of Western intervention — eg when the British or French left — rather than noting when there was actual regime change. This is true for Egypt and Syria, for example.