Al Qa’ida

Sunday August 11th 2013

On 11 August 1988, three men met in the dusty city of Peshawar on Pakistan’s northwest frontier. On that day, Osama bin Ladin, Ayman Zawahiri, and “Dr Fadl” decided it was time to set up an international jihadist organisation that would make spectacular attacks on the “enemies of Islam” – chiefly America. This, according to most experts, was the beginning of Al Qa’ida.

Today is the 25th anniversary of that meeting. We do not know the exact time. I have set it at 6pm, as the day would have started to cool down but then, and it’s between 4pm and 7pm prayers, time for a glass of tea. So the rising degree and houses are definitely iffy.
However, we can say that Al Qa’ida was born at the dark of the moon as it opposed the sign of revolution, Aquarius. Mercury, the planet of conversation, trines Uranus, the planet of rebellion conjuncting Saturn, the grim reaper.
 One of the prime objectives of Al Qa’ida was and is to strike fear into our hearts, and spread confusion. In other words, propaganda. Neptune is the planet that rules gossip and lies and it sextiles death himself, Pluto and squares the planet of war, Mars. This is violence for the purpose of propaganda. Both the war planets, Pluto and Mars, are at exact inconjunct to each other, and strong in their own signs.
This meeting is said to be when bin Laden’s money (Venus) married Zawahiri and the doctor’s ideology (Neptune).
Enough. Here is the chart for your reference, and here is how it interacts with the chart for 9/11. The action of Venus is especially interesting.

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  1. The ‘real’ date must surely be when the CIA set up Al Quaeda in the early 1980’s as a geopolitical weapon to be used to foil the Russians in Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden was hired as a CIA operative. The Soviet army had invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and US ‘intervention’ soon followed in terms, as still happens today, supporting opposing rebel groups. Hillary Clinton as recently as last year admitted the CIA set up Al Quaeda, which means, database. Bin Laden always denied involvement in 9/11 and even the CIA and FBI admitted in the early days there was no evidence. The interesting astrological insight would be the mechanics of ‘plotting’ and deception which have surrounded Al Quaeda since its inception.

  2. Nicola says:

    A very good article and idea, Christina! Keep on the good work!