Leo Rising: Hats, Manes, A Turban…

Sunday August 4th 2013
You know about Leo and hair. Big and fluffy, long and flowing: remarkable. The state of the tresses can be a big clue to Leo Rising. But it turns out that hats are good too. And failing that, maybe a wig. You’ll see what I mean…

Everyone here has Leo Rising.

How to wear a hat. Ava Gardner. Capricorn Sun. Nice Leo brooch there too.

Kate Moss. Capricorn Sun
Johnny Depp clearly loves this hat a lot. Gemini Sun.
Jake Gyllenhaal: the cowboy hat is so much cuter than the beanie he usually wears. Sag Sun.


Lana del Rey. Gemini Sun.


Justin Timberlake wears hats a lot. Aquarius Sun.


Al Pacino hardly ever wears one, but he looks great in
this homburg in The Godfather. Taurus Sun.
So where’s the big hair? Take a look at these gorgeous manes.
Beyoncé. Virgo Sun
Tina Turner back in her heyday. Sag Sun.
Marilyn framed by a wild white halo. Gemini Sun.

Back to some more hats now.

Ingrid Bergman  in possibly the greatest hat movie ever Casablanca. Virgo Sun.
Picasso. Scorpio Sun. Black.
Hitchcock in his signature bowler. Double Leo.


And another film director with a signature hat, Michael Moore. Taurus Sun.


If your hair is falling out and you have Leo Rising, a hat
may be  a more graceful solution. Donald Trump Gemini.


Andy Warhol. Double Leo, Moon in Aries.  Wig wearer.


And back to some cheerier individuals.
Maya Angelou. Poet and Aries Sun. If they aren’t born redheads or reddish,
Aries quite often dye their hair red or do this.


Freddie Mercury has the royal star Regulus rising. Sun in Virgo.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I fully agree, with my Leo ascendant I can get very annoyed when my hair is not cut the way I like it

    and I just looooooooove waring hats !


  2. Christina says:

    It’s a neat way of giving yourself a crown!

    I live with a double Leo and his hat collection is taking over our hall – hence the post…

  3. Leslee says:

    Yup, Leo rising hair here! I had more fights with my mother over my hair – maybe it’s the Uranus and Moon on either side of my Ascendant. I spend a fortune on it these days with dyeing the gray roots, highlights, cut, style. But I have a hard time with hats because my head’s too big for most women’s hats! Can do knits usually in winter. Having Merc, Venus, Pluto and Sun in Virgo probably keeps the extravagance down anyway 🙂

  4. Great post! My mother-in-law has Leo ascendant and is a hat gal. Wears bonnets for gardening, berets to the shops, all kinds….very interesting….definitely as a crown! Love the pictures, especially Ava Gardener and Al Pacino but Picasso’s eyes are more vivid than his hat!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great post!

    I’ve read that hats create drama and mystery. Also, hats are a symbol of “crowning” the head.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Can I say that the sun in positive aspect to the ascendant does this as well? Mine is in virgo trine capricorn ascendant and I love hats! People remark how good I look in hats.

  7. P says:

    I’m surprised Ru Paul, one of the great wig-wearers, isn’t here. No Leo Rising?? Huh. I’ll be danged.

  8. Anonymous says:


    Its like knowing after the fact and then using what you know to prove you are right.

    How many others wear hats/wigs/long/wild hair?

    But this is the way that modern western astrologers work.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, no, its not a bit of fun as you put it. Nothing is done for no reason. That reason is always selfishness. We are all riddled with selfishness. Here is the reason why you keep on posting – to attract attention – so that you have more chance of making a sale – so that you can continue to buy food/heating etc… Its a serious matter – yes!!

      You need to look at the gorgias – a dialogue that socrates was involved in.

    • Christina says:

      It’s just a bit of fun. Maybe you should look at the rest of the site.

  9. Anonymous says:

    leo rising here, voted “Best Hair” in high school! Long, blonde, thick hair.. 🙂 I don’t feel right without my hair clean and THERE!

  10. Tracie Holladay says:

    Mayim Bialik has a Sag sun but her asc is Leo and one of her trademarks is long flowing brown hair….as well as the BLOSSOM HATS she became so well-known for when she was on Blossom.