Tig Notaro: Crying Till You Laugh

Sunday August 25th 2013

Last year, Tig Notaro had quite an interesting four months. To begin with, she contracted pneumonia. The cure almost killer her though. A flesh-eating bacteria invaded her gut and she had to go to hospital where she hovered between life and death or a while. When she came out, her mother tripped, banged her head and died. Then her girlfriend dumped her.

Oh but that wasn’t all. After that she was diagnosed with cancer and had a double mastectomy.

That’s all the bad news. Yes, there is some good news, a couple of days after she found out she’d need a mastectomy, she had a stand up comedy gig in Los Angeles that has in one short year become legendary. Why? Because her material is based on all that tragedy – and for the audience is cathartic.

Since then, her career has simply rocketed.

So you’re wondering about the astrology? This is obviously the work of Uranus-Pluto. You can tell that even without looking, and you would be right. I don’t have her birth time, but that’s not necessary. Take a look.

Notaro has a stellium in Aries – the sign that learns from direct experience – opposite Uranus in Libra. She’s been having her Uranus half-return, which comes to all of us in our early forties. It’s generally a time when life takes a sharp right or left turn. But in Notaro’s case it hits all those personal planets, including that tight Sun-Pallas conjunction, which gives her the ability to look at the big picture. That can sometimes be quite tricky for Aries.

But look at that stellium more closely and you can see that Chiron, health and healing, is pretty much on the mid-point between the Sun and Mercury, communications, and it’s the planet in closest opposition to Uranus, so it’s the source of comedy for Notaro anyway. Last year, Uranus was sitting on that Chiron, busy being squared by the planet transformation and death, Pluto.

The square continues, but will move on from 9° soon.

Here is the iTunes download of that Los Angeles evening.

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  1. Bianca says:

    This makes so much sense! Love tig’s whimsy. Glad to know she’s a fellow Aries and Uranian 😀