Venus Puts a Leash on the Dogs of War

Friday August 30th 2013
Beleaguered PM David Cameron was born
with Uranus-Pluto conjunct.

Under the square, things are falling apart.

Hooray! The British Parliament has voted against a military intervention proposed by the Prime Minister – possibly for the first time ever.
At the start of the week, Prime Minister David Cameron was all gung-ho about dragging this country into yet another war in the Middle East. He seemed to think it was a done deal.

But as he put it himself, “the well of public opinion has been poisoned by Iraq”. The public had no appetite for that war back in 2003, either. So then the government lied to us. Remember the dodgy dossier and the death of David Kelly? Remember the occupation of Basra? Abu Ghraib? The “contractors”? Look at Baghdad now. What a mess.

There is a big difference now though. Back in 2003, we had a strong Prime Minister who had been voted into office repeatedly. Today, we have a coalition, a bolshy parliament and we remember the Iraq War with shame.

And since the Iraq War, followed by this farcical banking crisis, no one believes anything any more. Faith in our leaders has not just been shaken, it’s been wiped out in the past decade. Neptune, the planet responsible for this loss of faith has actually been opposing Britain’s natal Saturn during those years, moving from a conjunction to natal Venus to one with natal Pluto.

The result: parliament voted against supporting American military action against Syria, and the Prime Minister was defeated. Apparently, there were gasps in the chamber when the vote was announced.

The astrology is clear. The lead up to this “intervention” has been under the Cardinal Cross: Uranus opposite Venus, Pluto opposite Jupiter. Venus, the planet of peace, has held up her hand and said stop. She moves on almost immediately, but she’s done the job now. She is transiting the UK’s first house and she is strong here, because she is in one of her own signs, Libra, also the sign of good judgment, balance and yes, parliament.

With transits for March 18, 2003, the day
before an attack was launched on Iraq.

Parliament is where opposing parties come to debate. This is an expression of Libra.

U-Plu agitates for war. It’s excitement plus violence. But look at how it sits on the UK chart. The vote not to go to war last night was not only pivotal for the situation in the Middle East, it was pivotal for this country. Pluto is exactly on the IC (trined by transiting Mercury too). This is a change in direction for the UK, a change in the nature of governance perhaps. Remember that Pluto takes more than two centuries to make its circuit of the Zodiac, so any transit from this planet has a great deal of impact. This may not be evident immediately, but here’s one thing: parliament has never voted against the government when it comes to military action. This is a first. And here’s another thing: no political leader came out of this looking good, this was to quote the Guardian a “revolt of the sans-culottes”. It’s an undermining of political leadership. We are in a leadership vacuum.

The second part of this is to do with allies and enemies: Uranus in the seventh house. In fact, after this, Britain can no longer be relied upon to follow America’s lead in foreign policy. This is nothing new. Think of Vietnam — or more recently Thatcher’s fury over the invasion of little Grenada. Britain’s status as America’s dog was a creation of Tony Blair’s, and now it’s over.

With transits for yesterday.

Uranus in the 7th means our enemies and our partners are unreliable, but also our enmities and our partnerships.

In the UK natal chart there are two yods. One is being activated right now by both Mars and Neptune: war and propaganda. The point of the yod is Pluto (power) in the 5th house. The two arms are Jupiter in the 10th (leadership) and Uranus in the 12th (secret rebellions). Let’s put this together.

A yod is a funny thing. It lies there dormant and suddenly gets activated like flicking a switch. Game on, says the yod. This is a yod about who holds the power. Is it government, represented by Jupiter, the king of the gods in the sign of royalty – and legitimacy – in the 10th house of rulership, or is it the rebels, who seem chthonic almost, yet close enough to the Ascendant to be a key part of British identity? This is a balance between forelock-tugging and freedom.

(An example of how these opposing energies are often directed is the pro- and anti-hunt lobbies, both are passionate, relentless — and deeply British. The hunt is a 5th house leisure activity, yet it is also a symbol of power (Pluto), see. But this is a digression.)

So yesterday, the rebellion took place in parliament itself. The two opposing energies worked together as Mars activated the yod. Neptune has moved on one degree from an exact conjunction to the UK Pluto, and indeed we have been in a haze about who holds the power in this country. The coalition or the shadowy plutocracy. Neptune will not conjunct the plutocracy again for another century, so things should become much clearer.

During the last vote on Iraq, the UK’s other yod was activated. That one looks rather nice. It connects the Moon, Venus and Mercury. But it was activated by the transit of Pluto to Mercury — war in the air. Neptune was approaching a conjunction to Venus, propaganda casting things in a good light. (Hear no evil, etcetera) The Moon is on the point of this yod, the people swayed by war and lies. Mars, the god of war, was on the IC that day, 18 March, 2003.

Today, David Cameron is in a completely different position to Tony Blair ten years ago. Parliament has voted against him, and he has to respect that. This vote has actually set him free of any obligation to follow America’s military lead. We were offered a false alternative: cruise missiles or appeasement. There are other ways.

When we talk about humanitarian action, let’s do it. That means medicine, food, shelter, doctors, nurses and assistance. There are two million refugees in one camp alone in Jordan. There are plenty of ways we can help. 
There is talk today of Britain’s reputation being damaged. Hardly. Jupiter is in the 10th house now, Venus in the first. For most of the world, this vote against bombing Syria was an example of real democracy in action. The people did not want to go to war, and parliament voted accordingly. The executive was forced to listen. There is no shame in that at all. This is exactly the kind of influence that people in the Middle East especially have been fighting to gain over the past few years with Uranus in Aries.
Let’s just hope the whole thing doesn’t go pear-shaped as Venus moves out of the challenging Cardinal Cross. The crisis is a very, very long way from being resolved. Next to run the U-Plu gamut is Mercury, followed by the Sun himself at the end of September.
I’d be interested to hear what you think.
I note that my own MP Nicola Blackwood voted in favour of bombs. You can find out what yours did here.
Here is MP Diane Abbott explaining the case against unilateral intervention.

Here is more on the depressingly accurate astrology of Syria.
June 2011
April 2012

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  1. Anonymous says:

    But as he put it himself, “the well of public opinion has been poisoned by Iraq”. – Cant help himself, when it comes to spin,can he?

    America is a faded super power anyway, perhaps this is the point countries will be able to resist pressure from the US.

    Its really the Saudis that want the war, and will pay billions for it, as if they are not already funding the war anyway.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Venus is this Cardinal Cross at the moment is Libra David Cameron. He tried to make parliament see it his way, but failed that. It is not really that important, is it ? It is not about David Cameron and England but about Syria !!

    More interesting is: who will play the part of Mercury (Assad ??) or the Sun (Obama ??) and later in the year Mars ?? I dread thinking about that !!


    • Anonymous says:

      “This ability by the people to change the direction of the government…” This does sound like an oxymoron. The ‘people’ have no power to change government direction as you put it. The direction change came as a consequence of some hidden, or maybe not so hidden agenda. Namely that labour saw a chance to weaken the government and took it. Remember that Cameron is now pissed with labour because labour said they would support the bill.

      I would be surprised if there is any banking reform in this country, after all finance, and everything entailed to finance, is the only industry that this country has, and we can not allow frankfurt to get it.

      Fracking. There are thirty towns in texas that have run out of water because of how much water fracking requires, and there is a drought there anyway just to add insult to injury. Still it goes on because the governemt and corporations rule the day – not people.

      But we can dream that there is finally the beginning of people power – the opium of the masses, and all that.

      Sun Tzu said that “All war is deception.”

    • Christina says:

      Oh I think this is important. This ability by the people to change the direction of government, without resorting to fighting in the street, is exactly what those citizens in the Arab World have been fighting for.

      Of course, here we don’t have enough people power yet and the rich are still getting richer while the poor sink, but this is one small step in the right direction and as such should be noted. Indeed, there’s no guaranteeing that the UK will manage to stay out of a war if it comes, but for now, today, the right decision was made for once, and quite likely some lives will not be wasted.

      Not only that, this kind of moment, although it’s small, gives people hope, the one thing that kept people going when Pandora opened her box.

      On to banking reform next. Oh and the end of fracking and saving badgers too while we’re at it.

      I’ve written quite a bit about Syria in the past (see the links) and really have nothing to add as it is all unfolding with horrid inevitability.

  3. Leslee says:

    I wish Venus would do the same here in the US. As someone who was against the Iraq war from the beginning and deplores the US use of drones and so many other Martian endeavors I’m just shaking my head at the current war words flying, however much they’re trying to tone them down, because I think they have very little support here this time round. Glad you linked to STC – I’ve been a long-time supporter.

    • Leslee says:

      Not the least bit worried. And I have a tight orb.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dont worry Leslee. This only applies to birth charts of bodies such as nations, organisations – not to individuals. In these charts it does equal malevolence – iraq under saddam had the same.

      There is no bad in an individuals chart. It may seem like it. Its the transits for the individual that brings challenging situations.

      And anyway it depends on how wide the orb is. Within 3 degrees and applying is where it counts. In particular 3 days.

      So Leslee if its out of that 3 degree orb or has passed, it does not count anyway.

      Before Christina you take a wobbler, this has been extensively studied by thousands of charts.

    • Christina says:

      And so are lots of nice people’s. Saturn square Sun does not equal malevolence.

    • Leslee says:

      My Sun is square Saturn.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ah, but Leslee, the US with that Sun being squared by Saturn in the nations birth chart – pure malevolence.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, it’s really the least we can do in the circumstances.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Christina good article. I’ll be watching out for T Mars [ruler of UK’s 7th house of open enemies] as it enters Libra at the end of this year and eventually forms a 13 deg Cardinal Grand Cross with Jup/Can; Uranus/Aries and Pluto/Cap mid April 2014 & activating all the angles 🙁

  5. As an American, THANK YOU to the British Parliament for standing up to our nonsense.

    Reading between the lines of news reports, I’ve been able to tell that the American government was looking for an excuse to invade Syria for probably at least two years. It’s not about anything Syria did, it’s about our government’s policy. Look at what former General Wesley Clark has said in recent interviews, if you don’t believe this:

    They have a list of seven countries to invade in the Middle East. I assume it’s about oil.

    I wish the American government would learn to leave the rest of the world alone, stop being a bully, and avoid starting any more wars for, say, at least the next 1,000 years.

  6. I want to add…Ever since I could vote, I’ve been aware that everyone who ever gets any serious consideration as a presidential candidate, from either party, is a warmonger. There seems to be an absolute requirement that, at minimum, they act tough and make verbal threats against whichever country is the potential enemy du jour. Any time a presidential candidate is NOT a warmonger, like Dennis Kucinich or, going further back, George McGovern, they are absolutely ridiculed by the national media. My country is insane. Please don’t listen to our government!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am an American and I absolutely love what you have written and so upset at Obama who demonized George Bush as a war monger and look what he and Mr Bidden are doing.

    I know this week I have though off and on about the poor souls who have been gassed and I think much of the caring world lives under the cloud that we should have done more to stop Hilter others like him and that we “should” step in now but maybe your very brilliant words on humanitarian aid is so right on. We cannot control everything and when there is war people are going to die but we can reach out with love and kindness as well as $$$$$ to help those that are living especially in refugee camps.

    Hopefully the British peoples will and possibly their humanitarian approach if they do this would be a guiding light for a lot of us in the world.

    PS I grew up with parents who supported the likes of George McGovern and Laura is so right. You are ridiculed, rejected and minimalized-I so hope we can see a new day of doing the right thing as we all feel so much better when we do.

    Your comments certainly give me hope!