Astrology of Now: What Shall I Do Without My Eurydice?

Tuesday November 12th 2013

Well, Mercury has begun his long walk out of the Underworld. Today he is at 2° Scorpio — only another 28° to go.

It’s was a powerful retrograde, as you might expect when the planet of mind goes through the sign of depth psychology. Of course, Mercury is still in Scorpio until the start of of December, so there is plenty of time to go over all the emotional sewage that may have been churned up for you during this retrograde.

Personally, I have had an exceptionally rich retrograde  — not alway nice, but thorough. You may have noticed that the horoscopes were late.

Here are some examples. Two women whom I have not seen since I was a child turned up on the first day of the retrograde. One in particular is an embodiment of Mercury in his guise of salesman and teller of tales.

It was half-term here and we went to Paris for the break, a city I haven’t visited for nearly a decade. Most things went slightly wrong and had to be redone. Even the Eiffel Tower closed unexpectedly. Nevertheless, it was wonderful.

But the first thing that happened in Paris was that my wallet was stolen in the metro. Mercury, the god of thieves, was at work in the underground, Scorpio. And yes, it has happened before. Many years ago, my mother had her wallet stolen in the same way. I repeated that so exactly with my own children that it seemed almost inevitable. Mars was coming up to an opposition to my Sun, so it could have been worse.

With Mercury going forward now, we’re about to go back over the awkward knot of Saturn and North Node, but today he beautifully trines Neptune in Pisces, and music seems right. Here is Pavarotti as Orpheus lamenting the loss of his beloved Eurydice. We may have to leave something behind in the Underworld — like a wallet — but we can make art out of that loss.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I lost my wallet on 31 in the evening, probably in the taxi. Never happened to me before! And no one ever stolen anything from me. I was also in another country, fortunately the passport was at the hotel and I managed to block my credit card, but it was a very unpleasant event. I felt like in a kind of fog in the last 10 days or so. I am triple Libra with Scorpio rising (and Saturn conjunct ascendent at 12 degrees) usually very careful with my belongings/money.

    • Christina says:

      I actually turned around and saw the guy who was doing it, because I felt so suspicious. I thought I’d turned in time to stop it but I had a suitcase in each hand. The guy who did it was a big skinhead, so I didn’t want to confront him… Same here as to passports and cards. In fact, he got nothing except some tiny photographs. But it was very unpleasant.

      I wonder if you are also getting the U-Plu thing. The eclipse was also involved, of course, which might have hit your ascendant.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The retrograde was uneventful for me, until Jupiter turned retrograde late last week and our favorite neighbor passed away. She was the one who would stop by and show the kids an interesting insect from her garden, and enthusiastically sample their attempts at baking…the neighborhood already feels oddly empty without her.

  3. All this Mercury retrograde starting from the Shadow period has been powerfully painful and transformational, lived through doctors and hospitals….culminating yesterday in my partner’s mastectomy…waiting the longest 6.5h in my life because the theatre computer broke down and the head “computer” wouldn’t let the operated patients go back to ward…but no one told such news to those who were waiting for hours outside.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tonite, the artistry, depth of understanding and fluidity of presentation brings me to tears… but then again, I was born Nov. 4th 1951 (at 4:12 am, in Souix City, Iowa). I and all my French, Scots-Irish ancestors profusely… thank you.

  5. Christina Monday, after the retrograde, I accidentally tossed my wallet in the recycle bins at studio. The sun was exact on Saturn in Scorp (20 degrees), lighting up the good old grand square, including opposing Mars exactly. In the wallet were a bunch of checks, the first income I’d received since my brain surgery this summer. Throwing away my income, really? Depth psychology symbol par excellence? As Homer Simpson would say: D’oh!!! Thx for writing at this level…

  6. Anonymous says:

    thanks Christina,

    for the beautiful aria by Pavarotti – I really love opera and nobody better than Pavarotti ! I feel as if I have gone through a sort of a dark tunnel this last year – a trip to my underworld – I guess this was necessary to say goodbye to my late husband..

    Right now – with this eclipse – we are halfway there through the Uranus-Pluto squares and I somehow feel the influence of the planets in my horoscope shifting from Pluto to Uranus and I am beginning to feel a lot lighter..


  7. Anonymous says: