Spring Forward

Friday March 21st 2014
Beauty fighting a rogue during a flood. Kunichika

Beauty fighting a rogue during a flood. Kunichika

The roiling, tumultuous energy of this spring seems to be in full spate already, but it promises to become stronger and stronger into April. The question is: how do we shoot the rapids in our own little coracles without tumbling into the flood?

There is no getting away from the fact that the Cardinal Grand Cross forming at the end of April is potentially dangerous. We are already well in that zone. We know what the Uranus-Pluto square feels like, but this time around both Jupiter (exaggeration) and Mars (action) will be in exact aspect too.


Here is the chart for the moment the Sun moved into Aries today (now yesterday), the very first breath of the zodiac year. You can see that Pluto is already in position at 13° and Uranus and Jupiter are within aspect too. By April 23, Mars Rx will have clicked into place and those heavy planets will be at at 13°.

The United States’ Sun is at 13° Cancer. Russia’s Mars is at 13° Capricorn. China’s Mercury is at 13° Libra.

This chart, the Aries ingress, is said to give us an idea of the year ahead, especially the coming quarter. Perhaps we can take some solace from the fact that there is a kite formation, which tends to be positive, as well as a dynamic t-square.

The answer to how to navigate the rapids of the Cardinal Cross may lie in this kite, which combines the energies of Jupiter, Chiron, and the Moon, weaving in Saturn and Neptune too. It shows how we might get Pluto and Jupiter working together instead of fighting each other. It’s about balancing two complementary opposites – Cancer and Capricorn, family and status, mother and father, private and public, nation and globe.

The Grand Trine is in water, so the balance is emotional and artistic. On a personal level, these times could be inspiring.

Jupiter is strong in Cancer. This is emotion, compassion, national identity, patriotism. Pluto seems to be strong in Capricorn too. Pluto transforms what he touches. He turns lead into gold, or gold to ashes. To resist change is futile. Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign, so Pluto wants to make it real.

This chart looks like an arrow being drawn back ready to be let loose from the bow in April. (Just to mix up the metaphors a bit.) But will it be a poison arrow or a love dart? It’s important to start thinking, or better, allowing your intuition to start working on this now.

Happy Spring!

Last Cardinal Cross that lit up the Uranus-Pluto square was at Christmas. To read about that one click here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As a libra sun, I have been feeling the heat for years. Gulp.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christina,

    do you know which country would represent 13 degrees Aries ? Japan ????


    • Anonymous says:

      The whole world is now looking at Ukrain and the relations between US en Russia and the EU, but I was thinking :

      when Uranus gets involved you never know what’s going to happen and Uranus had a great impact in 2011 when the tsunami happened.
      I;ve been searching for the horoscope of Japan at the time of this tsunami, however can’t seem to find any.
      Uranus can fool anybody and take you by surprise !

      I hope he’s going to have mercy on us.


    • Christina says:

      I don’t know which Japanese chart works better. There are several. The one for 1947 does have Mars at 15 Aries, but I wouldn’t want to call anything. It just seems obvious that US/Russian relations are under intense pressure right now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’have a Pluto – Jupiter question. At present Jupiter is transiting my 8th house Cancer and Pluto is transiting 2nd house Capricorn. However, my natal Jupiter is also 2nd house Capricorn. Does Pluto – Jupiter affect the transiting Jupiter or natal Jupiter?

    • Christina says:

      The short answer is both. But the transiting Pluto-Jupiter opposition is a collective experience. The important thing for you is that the Jupiter-Pluto opposition is affecting your natal chart. You should look at your natal Jupiter and the aspects it makes, as well as the house it is in. I’d also suggest you look to previous transits to this Jupiter to see how those worked for you.