The Lord of Wealth: Pluto in Capricorn

Tuesday April 15th 2014
Enter Pluto’s realm at your peril Dante and Virgil at the Gates of Hell by William Blake

Enter Pluto’s realm at your peril. Dante and Virgil at the Gates of Hell by William Blake

Three things are changing right now that will have an affect on every single citizen of this planet. They are the global economy, the climate and power.

I’m writing this as the Lunar Eclipse in Libra completes, and Pluto, the planet of transformation appears to stand still in the sky. The Lord of the Underworld is “stationing retrograde” at 13°35 Capricorn.

Pluto will not move on a single minute until April 22, reversing then into 13°34. So Pluto is in position right now ready to face a challenge from Jupiter on April 20, Uranus on April 21, and from Mars on April 22. Come and get it…

Ali Baba enters the cave of the 40 thieves. If you are brave and clever,  you leave Pluto’s realm with riches. from Andrew Lang

Ali Baba enters the cave of the 40 thieves. If you are brave and clever, you leave Pluto’s realm with riches. from Andrew Lang

Pluto is associated with wealth, with capital — not with money, that is the realm of Venus. Pluto controls assets, Venus goes shopping. Plouton means wealth in Greek, that’s why we talk about rule by a wealthy elite as a plutocracy.

The capitalist system under which most of us live was born some time around 500 years ago in the early modern period, but it really started to kick with the dawn of the Industrial Revolution — about 240 years ago. This fits roughly with cycle of the planet Pluto through Capricorn. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the 1770s and before that the 1520s.

Last time Pluto was in Capricorn some important switches in ownership of various portions of our globe took place. America won independence, but meanwhile in India and China, the reverse was happening.

The British East India Company was a private enterprise so powerful that it had its own army, its own ports and eventually its own states in India. In 1772, Warren Hastings, a poor boy who had worked his way up through the ranks of the Company, became the first Governor of Bengal, appointed by the Crown. In other words what had been a private company became an arm of the British government that year. In 1773, the Company got a corner on opium grown in Bengal and began smuggling it to China. This led to a terrible epidemic of drug addiction in China and eventually China’s forced entry into trade agreements with the West.

An Indiaman by Robert Dodd.

An Indiaman by Robert Dodd.

India would be under the British yoke until 1947; China would be locked into trade agreements with the UK for more than a hundred years, and the consequent secession of territory lasted much longer.

So we see a transnational corporation with more power than most governments (sound familiar) the loss of the American colony, released the manpower and weaponry needed to take on India and China — and, of course, colonise Australia, a process which also began under Pluto in Capricorn. And China and India brought into the capitalist system. In short, a massive shift in global power took place at that time, which played out slowly over the next 200 years. In fact Capitalism. Without the global trade created by imperialism, all the factories of the Industrial Revolution  back in Manchester and Leeds and Birmingham would not have had enough raw materials or markets. The British Empire was a massive expansion of capitalism, a huge rocket: UK plc was born under Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn: watch what is happening to capitalism. The banking crisis began as soon as Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008. But the bankers did not pay. In fact what we have seen is the greatest concentration of wealth in the hands of the fewest in more than a century in the developed world. This growing inequality has been happening since the 1980s, but when Pluto went into Capricorn it accelerated.

(A caveat here. You only have to travel a little to find that in many, many poorer countries things are better than they were in the 1980s: there is better health and a growing educated population.)

We have the Occupy movement (Uranus in Aries) to thank for familiarising all of us with the idea of the “one-percent”.

Aladdin trapped underground. Albert Robida

Aladdin trapped underground. Albert Robida

The French economist Thomas Piketty has shown that assets generate more money than labour. In other words, owning a flat is going to earn you a better income than making something and selling it. Since the latter is the engine of traditional capitalism, this is a problem. Piketty’s data is making waves with economists right now because it stands the usual model of capitalism on its side. If you just have stuff, you end up with a so-called rentier economy, like the one that led up to the French Revolution. Not good.

Now money equals power. One of the jobs of democratic government is to stop the rich from having all the power. There has to be a separation between political power and financial power. Pluto doesn’t like that. Without good legislation and a decent court system, every time a wealthy person committed a crime, she would be able to buy her way out of jail. In other words, no law and order.

So we need Jupiter to ensure justice. Right now Jupiter is in Cancer, the sign, among other things, of the mother country, patriotism, the nation, opposing Pluto.

Now law and order is in part a social contract between the members of a community. We could never have enough policemen to stop us if we all decided to live lives of crime, so we all have to agree not to do that — and expect some people to break that agreement. But what happens if the very people who are supposed to be preventing crime are, in fact, the criminals? We end up with a place run by gangsters, say Russia or Zimbabwe. All the power and all the money concentrated in the hands of a few families. Pluto again, and Pluto does also rule both crime and crime-busting.

So in this Cardinal Cross, we have Uranus, the spirit of individual freedom, Jupiter, the spirit of justice and Mars lining up against Pluto. How does Mars fit into this brew? Mars is currently in Libra, the sign of justice and law, fairness and equality. Although Mars is no match for Pluto in the long term, he can easily square up to him now — and win. Mars fights battles, Pluto fights wars. Mars in Libra is strength in the service of the law and of fairness.

We need this Cardinal Cross to balance the power of Pluto in Capricorn.

This fortnight between the two eclipses is special. This era is special. What is happening now is so huge, it is likely only with hindsight that we will be able to see it clearly. In 200 years, an astrologer will be able to say. “That Cardinal Cross in April 2014 was a pivotal moment for capitalism because the consequences were thus and thus…”

Right now, it’s the privilege of astrology to simply be able to feel the cogs changing.

(A discussion of climate is for another post.)

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  1. Diane L says:

    Excellent post! 🙂 A large, contented middle class is the key to a stable society. It seems the arrogance of the 1% makes them forget that time after time.

    Great point about Mars fighting battles & Pluto wars. However, in our personal relationships we can win the battle & lose the war . . . 🙁

  2. Anonymous says:

    “But what happens if the very people who are supposed to be preventing crime are, in fact, the criminals? We end up with a place run by gangsters, say Russia or Zimbabwe.” – and what about the uk and usa? Did you come straight from the BBC or Sky website or watching their propaganda drivel on the god box? Gangsters try RBS. try Osbourne. Try the BBC. Try Wonga . Try politicians etc…

    “If you just have stuff, you end up with a so-called rentier economy, like the one that led up to the French Revolution. Not good.” You mean like the one in this country that has been growing stronger for forty years.

    You need better research. Try this its kind of long but it explains a lot. Its strange because since seeing this I have had conformation or the same message keeps on repeating from other sources over the past fortnight.

  3. Lucid analysis of the Pluto in Capricorn banking crisis connection, and the Occupy movement to Uranus in Aries, but it begins to fall apart a bit with the Jupiter-Pluto analysis – “countries run by gangsters” – it just doesn’t tally, you can find that at any moment in history and it’s a fine line between how Russia is run now and how the USA was run under Bush, as the poster above says.

    I feel Mars is something of a damaged participant in this grand cross; not knowing whether to ‘stick’ or ‘twist’ in Libra, and retrograde to boot.

    What I like about the article and the only savoury aspect of the grand cross is that it brings oppression sharply into focus, so although there may be some pretty nasty world events before it is done, it may well highlight where abuse is taking place more sharply than usual.

  4. Christina says:

    I didn’t suggest that countries run by gangsters were a new phenomenon. They are as old as government itself. I suggest that you need good laws and a good legal system to prevent gangsters taking over.

  5. Fantastic post – thank you! Mars in Libra does lead one to look at Venus in Pisces… which then links to the Water Trine that moves in and out of place over this time. A little emotional awareness never hurt, during a revolution.

  6. Anonymous says:

    it is april 16th nyc usa. stocks are flying high as the sky
    nothing has changed from yesterday
    this entire gc thing is like an over-hyped concert
    like the last one in (2011?) the central banker intervention(fed, dhragi,abenomics) is intentional to prevent these events. they are familiar with the gc,also
    watch for more of this intervention on april23rd or around that time

  7. weaver says:

    I am always quick to thank the astrologers who focus on the positive aspects of this cross and that’s how I see this very well set up post, giving some background and bringing the reader forward for a greater grasp of a continuity that exists in what appears to be chaos or brink of cliff edge.
    there *really are* positive happenings in the lives of individuals who have been working this energy for some time now. there must some groups, political or otherwise, who are experiencing the ‘flow’, too, just we aren’t hearing so much about them.

    I appreciate the perspective. obviously, there are gangsters everywhere. your points are all valid, still.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have been thinking about the GC. Here is how I would interpret the event. Jupiter (big), Uranus (famous), Pluto (money) and Mars (energy). It could be ( and it is always could be in astrology) that something world and historically famous, that is big, and involves a lot of money, possible done quickly will happen. Will it be a quick bank bail-in taking some money out of everyones account in the UK and USA? Or will Russia and China get together and drive a stake into the US dollar. Who knows?

    And about oligarchs

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christina,

    I suppose we won’t be done with these alignments for a very, very long time to come.
    Somehow I feel we simply will have to wait for Saturn to make the actual changes. They are announced now.

    On 21st January 2019 :
    Saturn will be at 13 degr. Capricorn (where Pluto is now).
    Mars at that moment in time will be at 13degr. Aries (where Uranus is now) !!

    This is like a huge tanker changing its course. We should better get used to these very slowly changing times.


  10. […] gotten rid of restrictions and allowed the free flow of capital. Inevitably this system, as Thomas Piketty has pointed out, if  left unchecked, ends up with a tiny minority — the one percent — […]

  11. […] Historical note. This UK chart has never taken this transit since it is dated 1801, and last time Pluto was at this point was 1771-2. Pluto’s transits through Capricorn do consistently correlate with major transformations in capitalism though, including the creation of UK plc. Click here for more. […]

  12. Richard Burns says:

    Amazing insight into history guided by our archetypes. Always a pleasure to read your blogs.