What Did Saturn Do In Scorpio?

Thursday December 4th 2014
Store detectives in Macy's department store in 1948. Their backs are turned so you won't recognise them...

Store detectives in Macy’s department store in 1948. Their backs are turned so you won’t recognise them…so Scorpio

Only three weeks until Saturn turns his back on Scorpio. But this last sprint to the finish will see Saturn making some last ditch changes to the Scorpionic chapter.

It’s been quite a transit. Saturn’s been there since 2012. And it does seem to have had some powerful effects on the collective. This may well have been emphasised by the mutual reception between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn during this period. Pluto rules Scorpio and Saturn rules Capricorn, you see, so during this transit these two uncompromising planets were working together.

What is more during the first part of this transit, Saturn trined Neptune in Pisces, and during the middle passage, Jupiter, the expander and normally a sparring partner for Saturn, was in compatible Cancer. These three are the water signs, of course. They rule emotions and feelings. While Saturn went through Scorpio it did feel like there were some sea changes in our feelings about certain rules of behaviour, particularly in the realm of sexuality.

Jan Steen, The Severe Teacher

Jan Steen, The Severe Teacher. Saturn may rap you on the knuckles with a wooden spoon, but if you learn the lesson intended, he may have a toffee for you.


Changed rules of engagement


Scorpio, ruled by Mars traditionally, is one of the warrior signs.

Saturn rules retreat. We saw the Allied withdrawals from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Absolute cruelty. Both Saturn and Pluto can be cruel, get them working together and there is potent cruelty. Throw in Uranus in Aries and you get crazy, potent cruelty. Throw in a square from Lilith in Leo and you get deluded, taboo-breaking, crazy, potent cruelty.

As well as beheading, ISIL seems to be specialising in rape and sexual slavery, keeping prisoners (Saturn) for sexual gratification (Scorpio). This war crime has never been sufficiently recognised or punished until this year (see below).

Saturn is the planet most associated with fear and in Scorpio this is fear of the secret assassin, the spy, the dark unconscious. And sometimes fear is well-founded. We’ve seen the entire population of Syria terrorised. We’ve seen the spread of fear of freaky terrorism — like the murder of Lee Rigby last year in broad daylight on a London street. We’ve seen the re-emergence of rule by fear in Egypt. When Saturn goes into Sagittarius, we may well see a heightened fear of foreigners and much tighter border controls.

Sexual violence
By virtue of its traditional rulership of the genitals, Scorpio rules sex. The good news may be that Saturn has helped to enforce new rules of sexual behaviour. Combined with Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of the elite, and Neptune in Pisces, the sign of compassion.

A UN summit  this summer set out a protocol (Saturn) to end sexual violence in conflict zones (Scorpio).

Child abuse
Widespread revelations about child abuse have forced the powers that be to listen to victims. It’ll be interesting to see if more perpetrators are brought to justice under Saturn in Sagittarius.

Severus Snape: the fictional incarnation of Saturn in Scorpio. Strict, pitiless, frightening, excellent and ultimately on the side of the good.

Severus Snape: the fictional incarnation of Saturn in Scorpio

Joint finances

Scorpio is the sign of investment, pensions and something for a rainy day. The capitalist system took a huge hit when Pluto, the planet of nuclear explosions, went into Capricorn, the sign of the establishment, governments and the elite. Pluto, of course, delights in revealing corruption, and we’re all pretty au fait these days with just how rotten our economic systems are.

It didn’t happen right away — and it still may come to nothing — but this autumn, Saturn may finally have stepped into the banking scandal. If you remember, back in 2008, it was taxpayers who bailed out failing banks. This November, the Financial Stablility Board — government central bankers — proposed to change the rules about this, so that in future, banks and their shareholders will shoulder the burden.  I’ll believe it when I see it, but this is Saturn in Scorpio.


Scorpio is the most private sign and helps us keep our secrets. Questions around freedom of speech and freedom of information will become formalised under Saturn in Sagittarius. But these past two years, Pluto has revealed the extent of surveillance of private citizens by governments and large corporations. Saturn is teaching us to keep it zipped.

In June 2013, Edward Snowden revealed how much the US National Security Agency is watching you. This was a Uranus-Pluto event. Uranus being the lone maverick, Pluto being one in the eye for the government — but the consequences are Saturnian. We are all more conscious of Big Brother, more careful about our privacy, tighter with our personal information (I hope).

Right to be forgotten
In a landmark case this summer (Google v. Corteja), Google was forced to allow a Spanish man to delete old links to his name, which he felt misrepresented him. This was in a European court. This is just one of several cases which are attempting to define and limit the internet. This will probably be a major theme during the Sagittarius transit, since the centaur rules information and publishing.

These are just a few areas that have been touched by Saturn’s transit through Scorpio. On a personal level, you will have been influenced too. Click here for some suggestions by sign. And click here for more articles about Saturn in Scorpio. I’d suggest looking at the house where Saturn has been for you these past two years and asking yourself what the rules are in force.

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  1. Isy says:

    Scorpio is in my 7th house. In this time, I’ve found a couple of great teachers, two good friends killed themselves, my spouse has moved out for the time being (he’s a Scorpio) and my neighbor is getting needier and more clingy by the week, trying to make us bffs so her needs can be met (have I been setting boundaries there!)… I’m about out of good-sport-ness, let alone usual levels of tolerance, generosity or cheer. I’m almost white-knuckling it, but this too shall pass… I’m hoping a Sagittarian Saturn will be kinder here, but since that’s mostly my 8th house, I don’t have any idea what to expect, but I bet it will seem to explode from the deeps without warning.

    I worry for Egypt. It’s pretty much a nation of sweetie-pies, but this classic “me against my brother, my brother and I against my father, my family against the world” reflex is just brutal, and it seems to be getting bigger and more toxic every time I turn around. 🙁

    ISIL.. Jeeez, what can one say. Isis, please wake up and take care of your children — your real children — and bring your inescapable justice to the perpetrators.

    • Christina says:

      Saturn mainly through my third (communications) and I have managed to organise this site better (I think), so that it’s easier to use, and this has helped my career. On the other hand I have had to cut back communications a lot because of other responsibilities (Saturn again). I haven’t seen my sister (3rd house) throughout this transit, but she’s just about to come stay. My brother tried to play Dad with me (again) at the start of the transit and has since vaporised but with Neptune in the third I’m used to that. I have also had to cut back on travel – even short distances – again because of other responsibilities. Also I’ve had to build some stronger armour to deal with/or ignore what other people say.

      This transit has worked unusually for me and for people with a lot of planets in Pisces because of the combination with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

      • hhmmpf says:

        But it will only bite when saturn is applying to neptune and or chiron. So far you are safe until saturn gets to squaring those two planets with neptune first.

  2. hhmmpf says:

    I dont think it did anything much but too support the status quo. Nothing has changed. BTW the money act of 2009 allows banks to take depositors money to support them – that is money you and I have in the bank – just like what happened in cyprus. More recently, I heard that the banks will be renaming deposits to investments. This can only be a sign that bail-ins are on their way. So it will be set in stone that in the future taxpayers will bail-out the banks – again.

    • hhmmpf says:

      Actually Saturn went through the twelve and is now in the first. I have had battle with banks and ISP’s. One of each playing dirty. Other than that its been fine, with myself wanting to be independent of the system (as a result of the battles). Have two of everything. Have an alternative, and do more oneself so that you dont become dependent and lazy. Oh and I have been prepping. Exchanging worthless fiat for gold and silver, and stocking up on food. Surfing more with tor enabled and using vpn to make it more difficult for TPTB.

      • Christina says:

        I found Saturn across the Ascendant an excellent transit a few years ago – agree about the independence thing.

        • hhmmpf says:

          ctually, Saturn is now well in to the first house and well past the asc. Personally, I did not notice anything good, and did not notice anything bad. But then Saturn was not aspecting anything at that point, until it got to 24 degrees.

          It strange how a point of view can change over two years or more. I no longer watch television, read papers, listen to the radio, read magazines, and for twenty days no telephone or internet connection. I told someone about this and they were shocked. I think they said its like its time for you to leave. But I live in hotel california – where you can check-out anytime, but cannot leave.

          This was on zerohedge this morning “…every convenience in our lives is a weakness. cars, restaurant food, lights, electricity, leaf blowers, etc. become self sufficient and strong again…”

          When I was in the childrens home I came to a point where I was fighting them becuase they were too controling. I was ready to leave. I’ve come to that point again, but there is no where to go to escape.

          I always thought that I was a left-wing, hippy anarchist. Now I know I am right wing anarchist. Not the fake right wing that the mainstream media like to portray, trying to find how high the ceiling is with their right hand, and hating foreignours, but of the true right that does not want government intervention in a life. Another thing on this theme, is that all the parties in westminster are left wing that is they want more government control.

          I could go on about how much I have changed over this transit, but I wont bore you anymore.