Fiery, Inspired

Tuesday January 20th 2015

There’s a ring of inspirational fire energy around the zodiac until June. It’s burning long and bright.

Uranus the awakener in Aries, Saturn the teacher in Sagittarius, Jupiter the joyous, in Leo.

A Gift

I Woke: —
Night, lingering, poured upon the world
Of drowsy hill and wood and lake
Her moon-song,
And the breeze accompanied with hushed fingers
On the birches.

Gently the dawn held out to me
A golden handful of bird’s-notes.

— Leonora Speyer

Leonora Speyer was a virtuoso violinst before winning a Pulitzer prize for her poetry in 1926. Note the fiery trine from music and poetry (Neptune) to creative performance (Jupiter in Leo) and over to art (Venus) in feisty Sagittarius. Be inspired.

No birth time available

No birth time available

Lady Speyer by John Singer Sargent

Lady Speyer by John Singer Sargent

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  1. George Brock says:

    Fabulous painting. Sargent could paint whites so beautifully; not an easy job. Thanks for the post.