Five Things To Do in 2015

Tuesday January 6th 2015
January -- The Limbourg brothers from the Tres Riches Heures

January — The Limbourg brothers from the Tres Riches Heures. Note the charming astrological capitol.

Happy New Year!

I hope the holiday season was a pleasant one for you.

As of today we are into the swing of the new year: already the bulbs at the end of the dining table — paper whites and hyacinths — have bloomed and their sharp green leaves are an augury of spring; my youngest went to school this morning with her apple polished and (most of) her homework done; and D (Jupiter in Pisces) has bought himself two pairs of shoes in the sales.

So it really is time to think of the year ahead, and leave behind what we can’t fix from the detritus of 2014. Here are some suggestions for the year ahead – worth thinking about now, because some will take a little forward planning.

1. Take the initiative
With Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn in fire signs, action is favoured this year even if you have nothing in Sagittarius, Aries or Leo. Fire is about intuition, inspiration and the hot flame of creativity. If you have a fiery chart, 2015 is an opportunity to break out, to express yourself in some way, to try something new; you won’t have this kind of support again for a long time. And those of us lacking in fire can also plug into the heat and warmth of this energy. The combination of these three planets is hot with inspiration and excitement. Specifically favoured are sporting goals and creative adventures.

You have until June 15, when Saturn moves back into Scorpio. Then on August 11, Jupiter moves into earthy Virgo, and the fieriness really get turned down a notch.

from Blue Is The Warmest Colour

from Blue Is The Warmest Colour

2. Dream
Just because Neptune is going to be in Pisces for a long time, do not let this opportunity drift by. Neptune in Pisces adds emotion and intensity to all artistic experiences. Go to the theatre, go to the movies, go drink in some art. Maybe most of all completely immerse yourself every now and then in music this year. Make it a habit. Oh and put the bottle of bourbon down… OK maybe just a small one.

3. Make a commitment
Saturn, the planet of rules, is moving from a fixed sign to a flexible one. This bendiness can be quite hard for the brittle old chap and he could take a while to adjust to the new freedoms of Sagittarius. Last time he was here was from late 1985 to early 1988, so do think about what happened during those years for you.

1fb00d713acac6328c7a39660ff93bf4Meanwhile, there are some simple, positive ways to enjoy this energy. Saturn is all about commitment. And you could think about what Sagittarian things you’d like to spend time on. For example: wilderness, travel, adventure, contact with foreigners, religion or philosophy. Saturnian commitment cannot be bought; it’s about putting in the hours. You have until December 2017, so you might want to think about signing up for a course that starts next academic year, since Sagittarius is also the sign of universities. Everyone should be renewing their library card.

Saturn is back in Scorpio from the end of June to mid September.

4. Detox Your Home
The asteroid of clean living, Hygeia, is spending a long time in the sign of the home, Cancer, this year. As of right now, she is at 9°Rx, but she will turn direct on February 23, and she won’t leave the sign until the end of June. I’d suggest a mammoth spring clean for everyone in 2015. Hygeia’s actually been in Cancer since August, so you’ve probably been working on this already. Those of you with plenty of Cancer in your charts may well be on a serious health drive/detox/anti-Candida diet, already. I’ll be writing more about this soon, but I have noticed that the clean up may be emotional or even financial as well as just getting rid of those pesky germs.

Burt Lahr in a still from the Wizard of Oz

Burt Lahr in a still from the Wizard of Oz

5. Have Fun
Jupiter, the planet of luck, excess, bounty is in Leo, the most playful of signs, until the end of August. Leo, the sun child, asks us to find the joy in life. At his best, the Lion explores this through play, dressing up, acting, creating drama. If you are stuck in a rut, Jupiter asks you to rise gently in a vast helium balloon of your own imagination. Leo is also about being here now, trying to live right in the moment, like a child or a method actor. The best way to use this energy even if you haven’t a hint of Leo in your chart is by making sure that you play in 2015.

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