Sunday January 25th 2015

Here — Archipelago of Dreams — is a post I wrote about Greece in 2011. The chart I drew up puts transiting Uranus, the disruptor, on Greece’s natal Saturn today. All change.

And here is one about Europe. Believe it or not they are both quite relevant tonight as the left sweeps back into power in Greece, promising to end austerity.


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  1. david says:

    First, well spotted concerning the Uranus transit to Greece’s natal Saturn (and applying within one degree – nice:). However, I would have it the other way around – Saturn is disruptive. This will not end well – you mark my words. Nothing should be done with Saturn being aspected. Its famous – Uranus – though.

    On brief look I do not see what could be wrong with the Europe chart though – no Saturn aspect alas.

    • Christina says:

      Saturn to NN in Sag…

      • david says:

        It strook me yesterday after I posted – Chiron is also at 14 degrees by transit forming one of the most stressful aspects. I’ll tell you something from a personal aspiration that will not happen now given Greeces chart and Saturn being where it is and my natal chiron being at 13 degrees – that is moving there. No way.

        • david says:

          Actually, I took a further look at the European chart. Again, transiting Saturn going into a semi-sextile with the European Chiron. Coincidence?

          Also, if thats an astrodienst chart then they have done it again. Look a the distance between Jupiter and Neptune. Nine degrees, right?

          I also see my difficulties for myself in Europe, Jupiter 27 degrees. Not good.

  2. This is fascinating… I’m very interested to see how the actions of the new leadership in Greece impact the European community as a whole, particularly economically. Any thoughts on this?

  3. mimi says:

    I notice Mars and Venus in Pisces are very close to each other in the chart of Greece. It just so happens there is a new cycle of Mars/Venus starting in Aries in February.

    How is the last Uranus/Pluto square (March 17th) going to work out and what will the North Node transiting the Sun/Chiron conjuction (July 2015) in this chart do.
    Indeed, it is fascinating !