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Thursday January 22nd 2015
Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts, who has accused him of havinf sex with her when she was under age.

Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts, who has accused him of having sex with her when she was under age.

HRH Prince Andrew has dodgy taste when it comes to friendship. Right now he must really be regretting the day Ghislaine Maxwell introduced him to billionaire child molester Jeffrey Epstein. Now he finds himself embroiled in a distasteful scandal.

One current transit to his chart illustrates just how dangerous so-called beneficial planets can be.

Last time Saturn was in Sagittarius, Andrew got married.

Last time Saturn was in Sagittarius, Andrew got married.


Andrew has Leo rising, appropriately for Prince of the royal blood. So he is currently having a Jupiter transit to the ascendant. Good, one might think, the “greater benefic” coming to play.  In fact it’s absolutely ghastly, exposing the private man to the public gaze. Furthermore Jupiter is currently conjunct his natal Uranus Rising. In other words his status as royal outsider and rebel has been emphasised. 

Having a reputation which earned  him the nickname Randy Andy when he was in the Royal Navy may have been dashing in a young man. But sex with underage girls in middle age is outside the pale.

Gillray's cartoon of the Prince Regent, later George IV. We don't really use the word voluptuary any more.

Gillray’s cartoon of the Prince Regent, later George IV. We don’t really use the word voluptuary any more.

With all those planets in the sixth house the prince certainly has a sense of duty and responsibility. But that Uranus rising just keeps on getting him into trouble.

Pluto is exactly transiting his natal Saturn in the sixth. The very rules and foundation of his job are under attack and probably finished. The square from transiting Uranus in the ninth house of the media makes the whole thing horribly public.

With Pluto opposite his Sun on the day he was born and the Moon in Scorpio, plus a conjunction of Venus and Mars in earthy Capricorn, the Prince is a man of deep passions, with lusty carnal desire. He’s also always been a risk taker: he’s got Jupiter in its own sign Sagittarius in the past of gambling. 

Data from astrodatabank.

Data from astrodatabank.

All this has made him especially vulnerable to blackmail.

Saturn, who makes us pay for what we have done before, just moved into this house of gambling, flings and recreational sex. What is more his children are probably mighty pissed off with him (also shown here). Saturn is also squaring his Sun, right now and returned to the same spot where it was when he married Sarah Ferguson. It’s only recently gone over his Moon — I wonder what happened there. How was he forced to take emotional responsibility?

Saturn will carry on squaring his Sun for most of this year.

Neptune — the illusionist– passed over his Sun a few years ago but he is still in a Neptunian phase. He may be getting bad advice. The incidents were said to have taken place between 1999-2002, when Neptune was in Aquarius, applying to the angle of relationships. The rebel Uranus, such a dangerous planet for a Prince who wants to do his duty, was right on his Chiron at the time and in his house of partnership. That can be kinky.

That Pisces Sun does have tendencies both for nostalgie de la boue too. Although currently it’s the Pisces attraction to martyrdom that’s likely to be foregrounded.

Transiting Chiron, planet of pain, is right on his Mercury in Pisces. Has he had a nail driven through his tongue? 

Maybe it’s time Andrew abandoned his so-called friends and explained what they have all been up to. Uranus has not even reached the top of his chart yet, and when it does, we may all get an even bigger shock.

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  1. Iris Horsey says:

    Interesting to see Prince Andrew’s chart…..

  2. Pat says:

    I’ve been watching this one, Christina. Potentially explosive. But I haven’t had time to look at the charts, so I’m glad you did. Very good analysis.

  3. mimi says:

    Right now Juno is right on his Ascendant and Lilith is transiting his Pluto (together with Orcus).
    furthermoire in his natal chart Osiris is opposite his Uranus and he is going to visit his Ascendant too.

    And Nessus, the nasty centaur, is transiting his Sun.

    Nervous times for this Prince.


  4. mimi says:

    Nessus is a centaur, who tried to kill Delaneira, the wife of Hercules, while carrying her across a river. Hercules shot him with a poisoned arrow and while dying, Nessus gave his robe to Delaneira, instructing her that whenever Hercules would be unfaithfull she could turn his love towards her again if she gave him this robe.
    Later Hercules wore this robe and died because it was poisoned with the blood of the centaur.

    Therefore Nessus is a symbol for sexual abuse or rape in the chart and his robe can kill you if you’re not conscious about the poison in it.

    Now I’m not saying Prince Andrew did something inappropriate – IT IS ALL ABOUT THE ENERGY THE PLANETS ARE SENDING TO US AND IT IS UP TO US HOW WE DEAL WITH THESE ENERGIES. we can be the one who is abusing, but we can also be the one who is undergoing this energy.
    We have to become conscious of this energy and learn how we use this.

    It can simply mean he has to learn a lesson about the company he keeps – or the way he treats women in his life – or learning to become unspoken of with regard to his role in society, being a member of the Royal Family (why do we always use capitals when writing about royals ??).
    Now I come to think of it, because Prince Andrew is a public person we all have to become conscious of this energy and what it can do !!


    • Eleonora says:

      May I? 🙂 May I say add something again? 😀 Sorry, but with Virgo-rising, I’m just know-it-all…

      Very often, Nessus has nothing to do with sexual violence. There is of course a big difference between natal Nessus, transits and so on.

      Hercules’ arrow is the symbol of that deadly scorpion sting, but Nessus use the same poison to kill Hercules. According to some versions of the story, he takes his shirt and gives it to Deianeira, because he knows his blood already contents the same (!) poison the arrow did. Nessus is an imitation of scorpion sting. Very effective imitation. (Look for Mohamed Ali’s chart, his Mars conjunct Nessus (0° orb).)

      So, you can find all of those issues about scorpion sting: Violence, abuse, vengeance, abandonment fraud, but also: healing and personal development.

      Nessus killed Hercules years after his own death. The vengeance comes years after the crime (on the positive side, it can be the healing as well). With transiting Nessus, there are either some very old stories coming up to the surface, or something happens with long-lasting consequences. Then, there is the question: Who you trust? (Deianeira trusted Nessus).

      There are few more things about Nessus, but we can discuss it next time. 😉

  5. mimi says:

    Hi Christina – how on earth are you managing to type with a broken wrist ??

    I saw that on 4th Febr. in Prince Edward’s chart Moon will be transiting his Uranus in 1st house and on 19th Febr. on his birthday Sun/Moon/Nessus will be right on his Sun/Chiron !!

    I guess his problems are far from over for the time being.

    His natal Nessus is by the way on Taurus nearing Algol. Scary !!

    Wonder how this will all work out.


    • Christina says:

      I’m not really. I did the post on voice-activated software — Merc RX in Aquarius! & hence terseness of responses.

  6. Pamela says:

    Yikes! Pluto on Saturn – I have a lot of respect for that one and I speak from experience – that together with Saturn squaring his Sun, I feel for the guy. Maybe I’m missing something here but where is the proof? I mean supposedly this happened years ago, why not come forward earlier?
    It’s not like Bill Cosby where 20 women are coming forward and alleging the same thing.

    • Christina says:

      I don’t think Andrew looks like a child molester from the chart — more an easy mark. I feel sorry for him too (hope I won’t regret saying that later when the truth comes out!).

      I think she’s telling the truth, and the real abuser is Epstein. She hasn’t really waited a long time. This is more recent than a lot of the Cosby dirt.

      • Pamela says:

        Yes, I don’t think Andrew is a bad man, I just think he has bad judgement in terms of the company he keeps. Unfortunately, this will not be over any time soon for him. Pluto on Saturn … Saturn represents fears and Pluto will uproot and manifest every single one of them. I think his worst nightmare is about to come true.

  7. Sabrina says:

    I am late to learn about these news but very curious about the Chiron/ Uranus transit. kinky?! Who knew?

  8. Andries H. Cats says:

    Progressive aspects and transits of Prince Andrew.

    Rectified birthtime 15h,30m11s0.

    20-Jul-2019 021°,42’10 Capricorn Moon 120 C–3
    20-Jul-2019 011°,36’08 Leo Mars 0 Asc transit
    22-Jul-2019 021°,42’10 Capricorn Plu 120 C—3 transit
    23-Jul-2019 013°,23’10 Leo Mars 135 Jup transit
    24-Jul-2019 001°,01’40 Leo Sun 90 Chei transit
    26-Jul-2019 021°,57’16 Capricorn Moon 120 mutual Asc
    26-Jul-2019 +17°,18’29 Mars // Asc transit

    11-Aug-2019 015°,00’30 Capricorn Sat 45 Sun transit
    14-Aug-2019 022°,42’07 Capricorn Moon 90 MC
    22-Aug-2019 022°,59’53 Capricorn Moon 120 mutual Drac
    23-Aug-2019 012°,15’13 Pisces Mars 120 Black Sun
    26-Aug-2019 005°,01’16 Virgo Mars 0 Plu transit

    1-Sep-2019 023°,22’36 Capricorn Moon 135 AR02
    11-Sep-2019 014°,56’12 Libra C–2 90 Sat
    18-Sep-2019 027°,15’13 Leo C-12 45 Black Sun
    27-Sep-2019 012°,19’33 Pisces Mars 45 Mars

    2-Oct-2019 022°,05’00 Virgo Asc 135 Pars
    12-Oct-2019 015°,00’09 Libra C–2 135 Chiron
    12-Oct-2019 024°,58’47 Capricorn Moon 135 AR08
    14-Oct-2019 025°,03’06 Capricorn Moon 180 AR04
    15-Oct-2019 015°,00’30 Libra C–2 135 Sun
    20-Oct-2019 025°,16’47 Capricorn Moon * TEREBELLUM (VENUS – SAT )
    22-Oct-2019 027°,19’33 Leo C-12 150 Mars
    26-Oct-2019 025°,29’23 Capricorn Moon 60 Moon
    31-Oct-2019 017°,30’15 Libra Mars 135 C-11 transit

    1-Nov-2019 027°,20’50 Leo C-12 * AL JABHAH (SAT – MERC )

  9. Amazingly informative helpful insightful and utterly brilliant! Thank you for this clarification understanding depth and detail. Astounding.