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Thursday February 12th 2015

Since Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF, seems to have borrowed Greek Fin Min Yanis Varoufakis’ leather jacket today, perhaps we can feel reassured that the talks about the future of the euro will go better than expected.

Back in 2011, I wrote a short piece about the euro, the common currency used throughout most of Europe. It seemed slippery, wobbly and over-extended. Well, the euro weathered the storm when Pluto made an exact conjunction to its 10° Capricorn Sun in 2012.

However, the eurozone has had the collywobbles ever since and today European finance ministers are meeting to try and figure out what to do about Greece and by extension Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Uncle Tom Cobley and all…

The European Union has failed to tackle the biggest issue hampering all of our economies: corruption.

So just for FYI, here is the chart for the euro with today’s transits.

astro_2gw_297_euro_currency.62230.44536You can see that Mercury is stationing direct on the currency’s Neptune. Talks, but are they in a fog? Will this be another muddling through? Or maybe the vision thing will happen…

There’s not much fixed about the euro; it’s a decidedly cardinal chart — even more so, if you count in the angles as well as the planets. This is about leadership.

“Europe is like riding a bicycle: you stop pedalling and you fall off.”
Jacques Delors, three times president of the European Commission

The lack of fixity seems pretty problematic for a currency.

But there is a striking rectangle, which can give some stability. Those t-squares are dynamic. The t-square being activated today is mutable Moon-Mercury-Jupiter: clever, flexible, communicative — and optimistic.

Then there’s tr Saturn, the grim reaper and a planet you really want for stability, sitting so close to natal Chiron. Saturn will go back into Scorpio over the summer and hit that Chiron twice more. Even if a sticking plaster is applied now, there’s more trouble ahead.

The Uranus-Pluto square — which might act like a sturdy toilet brush to clear out corruption — has moved beyond the Sun but it is approaching the midpoint between Venus and Sun, quite a crucial spot for a currency, you might think: first because Venus is the chart ruler and second because Venus is money.

For more posts on Europe and the EU and EEC charts, click here.

Talks resume on Monday. Mercury will be inching forward.

Signficantly, Pluto, the planet of transformation and death, Ceres, the asteroid of agriculture (which is was critical to European self-identity), and the Moon will be exactly conjunct. The message might be change or die.




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