Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito And The Eclipses

Saturday March 28th 2015
Amanda Knox on Twitter two years ago.

Amanda Knox on Twitter two years ago.

A sensational murder trial has finally come to a close. After seven long years, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were cleared of the murder of Meredith Kercher yesterday by the highest court in Italy.

All of the major actors in this drama are playthings of the gods, acting out an archetypal story in the world media for our mass edification. The headlines have been lurid, speculation has been unbridled, truth has been scarce. Prejudice and bigotry, national pride, racism, misogyny and snobbery have all played a part in a story that at heart may be very simple: an innocent was raped and killed by a murderer who is now behind bars.

The mirroring of Knox and Kercher — both beautiful, beloved daughters — set the media hounds slavering. Good girl: bad girl. Bad girl: good girl. Rich girl: poor girl. Dead girl: sin eater.

Reams and reams have been written about the case (including by other astrologers) so I won’t go into the details. These are AA rated charts for Knox and Sollecito from astrodatabank. Here in brief are the bald facts about the trials and retrials, so we should be able to see a broad astrological arc.

  • November 2, 2007: 21-year-old Meredith Kercher is found murdered in her flat in the Italian city of Perugia.
  • November 6: One of her flatmates Amanda Knox and Knox’s boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito are arrested for Kercher’s murder.
  • October 28, 2008: Knox and Sollecito indicted
  • December 4, 2009: Knox and Sollecito found guilty
  • October 3, 2011: Appeals court clears the pair. Knox returns to the USA.
  • January 30, 2014: Appeals courts upholds the murder convictions, sentencing Knox to 28 1/2 years in absentia and Sollecito to 25 years.
  • March 27,  2015: Court annuls the convictions, clearing Knox and Sollecito of any involvement in the murder.

The first thing to note is that this final release for Knox and Sollecito takes during the eclipse/Uranus-Pluto season. This shows just how positive these energies can be for some people. These two have been liberated (Uranus) from dark oppression (Pluto). Uranus is now rapidly moving away from Pluto by aspect, and they won’t be back in direct touch again for a long time. It’s like the liberator is escaping.

Knox’s natal °16 Cancer Sun is in the direct line of fire of this Uranus-Pluto square.

Sollecito’s Sun and IC were transited by Uranus during the earlier part of this case, and his Jupiter was later under the square.

Here are the details of the eclipses that led up to the murder. You can see that our eclipses have just returned to Pisces. In fact, last month’s eclipse was at 29° Pisces. One conjecture is that this story began for everyone months before, when they were booking their places on the exchange programs.

Eclipse data from cafe astrology

Mar 18,  2007 Sun 28 Pis 07 Conjunct Moon 28 Pis 07
Aug 28, 2007 Sun 4 Vir 45 Opposition Moon 4 Pis 45
Sep 11, 2007 Sun 18 Vir 24 Conjunct Moon 18 Vir 24

astro_2gw_453_amanda_knox_adb.37617.25951 astro_2gw_454_raffaele_sollecito_adb.34952.64598


The upcoming eclipse on April 4 at 14° Libra will square Knox’s Sun and sextile her Saturn and Sollecito’s Uranus — interesting synastry there.

The second thing is Saturn. Saturn is now in Sagittarius, the sign of the lawgiver, and he has just turned retrograde. So a legal decision has been reversed. Just eyeballing those dates, you can see a seven-year span — that’s one-quarter of a Saturn cycle. We know Saturn is involved anyway, because the trial has gone on so long (Saturn is the planet of duration), because Knox’s natal Saturn is in Sagittarius, and note the length of her sentence, one complete Saturn cycle. Natal Saturn in Sagittarius can mean trouble with the law or fear of the law. It’s not considered a good placement traditionally.

Sollecito’s natal Sun at 5° Aries is currently trined by Saturn. As the I Ching says, “perseverance furthers”.

Knox’s Sagittarian Moon is conjunct her natal Saturn and Uranus. On the night of the murder, Jupiter and Pluto were transiting this stellium in her house of partnership. She was bound at some point in her life to encounter issues around freedom and relationships. This stellium rests on Sollecito’s Sagittarian Ascendant/Uranus. On the day of the murder, Jupiter was exactly on his Ascendant. Ironically, the whole story shot Sollecito to fame. His face and Knox’s face have been all over the papers for years.

Sollecito’s natal Jupiter in Capricorn is not considered well-placed either, and by transit the planet was not kind to him. But this natal tough Jupiter at 11° Capricorn has been agitated repeatedly by transit from Pluto over the past few years. Sollecito and Knox have both been determined to clear their names.

Here is something to look for in the transits: “I vanished so far from public view that I thought of myself… as Mr Nobody.” — Raffaele Sollecito

But Amanda Knox was the one sacrificed on the altar of the media as a scapegoat. The planet we associate with that is Chiron, exactly on her Midheaven by transit in November 2007. Her profile has been Chironic in America, where she has always been seen as a victim of a miscarriage of justice. In fact since April 2014, Chiron has been trining Knox’s Sun.

There is tons of interesting astrology associated with this case, including the synastry between these two charts. Please see what you can find. I have put the transits for the murder on Sollecito’s chart and the ones for yesterday on Knox’s.

Remember, at the centre of this story is the murder of a girl and the devastation of her family. The real truth is that no justice on earth could put that right, especially not the sacrifice of another victim.


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  1. Christina says:

    I have not done the progressed charts but it’s as well to point out that Amanda Knox has just had her Progressed Lunar Return — which means she has now lived through an entire lunar cycle, experiencing the emotions of the progressed Moon through each sign. Her natal Moon is in Sagittarius, so for she would have had her pr Moon in Libra and Scorpio for much of her time in courts and in jail.

  2. Sunis says:

    A quote from CNN today: ‘ ..Rudy Guede, a man from the Ivory Coast who was convicted for his role in Kercher’s murder in 2008 in a fast-track trial that is still under seal.
    When the high court ruled definitively on his case in 2010, they wrote explicitly in their reasoning that he was one of three assailants but did not name who they were’.

    It’s still not sorted and far from clear who is innocent. Something stinks.

    • Locus Beatus says:

      I agree: Guede’s testimony is crucial to this case. Many things are clear to me in this case (and I’ve done a LOT of research into it). Guede did not act alone; there was an attempt by someone with access to the house (ie a key) to rearrange the murder scene – to clean it up and to make it look like an intrusion by strangers; Knox and Sollecito changed their stories several times, esp Knox; their demeanor after the murder was shocking to say the least; Knox fingered an innocent man (another coloured man, her employer) after the murder, and it was only by chance he was alibied by someone drinking with him that night, who read in a newspaper of his arrest (in the Netherlands, iirc).

      None of this spells ‘innocent’ to me. And from the natal chart of Sollecito I think he’s been lucky to get off with so little attention. It’s also telling to me, that the pair quickly fell out when the police investigations began.

  3. Eleonora says:

    Oh yeah, poor, innocent, falsely accused Amanda Knox. What about Diya „Patrick“ Lumumba? I mean, he is not a good-looking, white student, but a black, Conglese refugee. Who was falsely accused for that murder. Not only by media, but by Amanda Knox herself. She even gave invented details about how he allegedly killed her room-mate. Lumumba was arrested, he was later released only because he had an alibi. Now, imagine just for a moment how his life would look like, if he has not been able to prove his innocence. A black man in a prison in Italy, sentenced for a brutal murder on a white girl. Only because Amanda Konx was telling lies. We tend to forget some things too quickly.

  4. Christina says:

    I don’t think the astrology suggests that Knox is a killer.

    Being privileged, white and a liar does not make her a murderer. The Birmingham Six and the Guildford Four also lied under police pressure.

    • Eleonora says:

      No, the astrology doesn’t suggest a murder. Nor does the evidence. Both suggest an ordered attempt at intimidation which got out of control.

      And yes, of course, being good-looking, privileged, white liar does not make anyone a murderer, that was certainly not my point. I’m certainly not going to accuse myself.

      But being black and not privileged can make someone being falsely accused of a murder. And that is what happend. Amanda help it. To date he have not received any compensation from Knox (despite the court decision). So my pity with her is very limited.

      Oh, and Christina, your BBC interview was great, congratulations! 😀

      • Christina says:

        Oh I agree, the treatment of Lumumba is atrocious. Everyone has been ruined in some way, corrupted, innocence destroyed. It’s as if they touched a poisoned apple… For more on the story there’s much more detail here

        I’m inclined to think though that the idea of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito as killers says more about the fevered imaginations of Italian policemen and The Daily Mail than about the actual case.

        • Eleonora says:

          The text ist great, but not 100% my opinon (that they are so innocent). Yes, the imagination of italian police is vivid. They presented any theory (to beginn with satanism), but not the only one which makes sense. And yes, they destroy lives of so many people. In her natal chart, Amanda’s ASC/DC is on the Aldebaran/Antares axes. Yes, she can be very, very nasty to significant others. In the event chart of the murder, Veruna conjunct ASC. This is the most important thing. Ray Guede was living in the neighborhood, and criminals seldom operate in their own neighborhood – unless they are invited. Veruna is always a strong indicator of someone being ordered to do something. Now, I certanly don’t think Amanda ordered him to kill or hurt Meredith. But they had some friction. And I lived in the south Europe, so I know how quickly you can get „an offer“ from someone if you have any conflict. Especially if you have friends in the lower class. Reasonable people refuse such offers. Not boisterously Aldebaran rising. Guade was „only“ meant to teach Meridth lesson, nothing more. Knocking on her windows, or something like that, so she get scared. Perhaps even robbery if she is not at home. But she was and he went much further. Amanda Knox’ transits are telling this. Pholus applying her DC sextil transiting Nessus on her MC. She was Deianeira in this story.

          • Locus Beatus says:

            That’s a fascinating reading. I find it very convincing. Nothing short of a cast iron alibi for them will ever convince me that Knox and Sollecito were not involved in this murder.

  5. mimi says:

    Hi Christina,
    don’t you think it would be wiser to look at the horoscope of Meredith Kercher to make out who killed her ??


    • Christina says:

      Yes the point of this post is not to speculate on the murder itself — which has been done a lot on other blogs & fora, but to look at the arc of transits for this story over the seven years, using AA rated charts available. These are serious issues after all.

      However, everyone is free to comment on what they see here & if things go on a tangent so much the better! I find eleonora’s comments really interesting, even though I think our conclusions are different.

  6. Eleonora says:

    Knox Pluto is in 6th house. 6th house is not only about the everyday life, but first of all, it is about how somone threat persons who are helpless or somehow inferior. Such as employees, old or ill people, animals and so on. People who depend on you, who need your help. People like Lulumba. Or Meredith’s parents. Her Pluto is in scorpio, it is intercepted and you do not see it. It’s always hard to see Pluto, but with this position it isn’t possible. Unless you depend on Amanda Knox, something I would advise you not to. But Uranus ist not only the liberator, he is also the iluminator. It rules Amandas MC, so it became public. It’s squere, so the picture is somehow distorted. The squere is over now. She is not in the public anymore. Perhaps more truth will come out with Uranus-Pluto trine. The Guede will have served his sentance by then.

  7. Eleonora says:

    I didn’t know this before:

    While I have no doubt that the event was exaggerated in the social media, it’s still interesting. Knox was clearly the initiatior, because it was her appartement, and her housemate was obviously not amused. It may be seen as a student joke went to far, or a power demonstration – or both. But what it shows is that staging a burglary with a little help from her „mutual friends“ and scaring a female housemate isn’t a thing she never even thought about before. At that time she was not consuming so many drugs, she was not newly in love and she was not living in a country where she was admired for being American. To make it short: Later she got a stronger feeling of being superior and inviolable, which is dangerous for Aldebaran.

    And, Christina, of course I heard about the false mermories. Be sure, her advocate heard about it too. And Amanda herself. The interpreter told her, remember? She didn’t start lying at once because the interpreter manipulated her somehow (it was an interpreter and not a psychologist after all), but because she got a magnificent advise. It was much better for her to tell a bunch of nonsense, later telling she was traumatized, since she couldn’t know what Sollecito is telling the cops. Or Guede, when caught. Accusing Lulumba was a (successful) attempt to drive the main attention away from Guede. They are both black, and if there was a witness (and there was), Lulumba would fit into the description. She also accused other people (but somehow not Guede). All that help her to gain time, until her and Sollecito get proper advocates, adjust their statements, drive media attention. Media help her a lot. Police, contaminating the evidence, did the rest. Even the police didn’t belive in their own wet dream, but they tried to scare her with accusations so much, so that she tells the thruth. Obviously, they failed. They push the luck and lost.

    Now, if you have other explanation for that Nessus transiting over her MC, I would be interested to hear other opinion, even if it’s not the topic. For my part, I clearly see her as Deiaenira, trying to impose her will on Hercules, but instead of that, Hercules experience terrible suffering and death. The gods finally absolved Deiaenira, but it was Hercules who was placed among the stars, not she. And I don’t remember that part of the myth, where Deiaenira was publishing a best-seller „WAITING TO BE HEARD or The usefull idiots of Justita Romana“.

    And for the eclipses, I really fail to see the connection. That last eclipse before the murder squered Sollecitos AC/DC and conjuncted his Venus, but that doesn’t mean a lot. I am more interested in the next eclipse because of Tsipras’ advanced trip to Russia, then because of Knox emotional state. And I am sorry for the very long post, I didn’t intend to write a novel here, but I couldn’t make it shorter.

    Or perhaps I could:

    • Locus Beatus says:

      I lived in Italy in the late 80s, on an estate which ran summer schools for American students. Then at least, I can assure you Americans were NOT admired in Italy – far from it: not by the Italians in Tuscany (the state next to Perugia), nor by the many Germans living in Italy. And the fact the young Americans were largely oblivious of the loathing of so many, and swanned around like Master of the Universe, only made them more unpopular.

      I didn’t share this dislike – I’m fond of Americans in general – but I did understand it, and I wonder if this cultural dynamic didn’t feed somehow into the tensions leading to the murder (which I do not believe was planned).

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for pointing out the presence of the other centaurs — as well as Chiron — on Knox’s angles at the time of the murder. It is interesting, and the story of Deianara and Nessus has a rather uncanny resonance with this story. It is a tale of poisoned blood, an attempted rape and an innocent third party becoming a “star” or constellation. Nessus the asteroid also seems to be involved with abuse and with webs of relationships. But I think you could interpret it differently. I don’t think it points to guilt, but possibly to even to innocence. This piece in Planet Waves — — about Nessus again uncannily talks about the themes of the Kercher murder — betrayal, lack of parental supervision, and the unholy media.

      • Eleonora says:

        Christina, thanks for the link. I see Nessus very similar. Despite Hylonome conjuncting my sun and the chart ruler with 0°06′, Nessus conjuncting it with less then 2°, Chiron is conjuncting MC, moon, Pallas and so on. So I am definitely familiar with their energies, I like them, I do consider them as positiv for most of the time, kind of gift. The energy is far more complex then most astrologers consider it. And centaurs are healers after all. Interpretations can be different – „guilt“ and „feeling guilty“ are not the same, for example. Nessus is not making someone sexual predator or victim per se, it only demands bigger picture. And that can be relieving. But – transiting Nessus conjuncting my planets and angles was always like hell (Chiron was always only positive for me). Though, thank goodness, it never was connected to rape. So natal and transiting Nessus are quite different. And much depends on how the natal Centaur is aspected. Amandas natal Pholus conjunct Algol and it is telling us a lot – but what?

        But you were right in (at least) one point. The story is very neptunian. So I have to be carefull not to become mistaken myself. Sex and drugs, a murder in a freemasonic town, a day after helloween, witch-hunters – all of that has probably nothing to do with the murder, despite being a powerful trigger for a mass psychosis. People seeing each other through the dust and seeing / hearing what they want to see, projecting their fears on other people until it becomes real – as a novel, it would be a masterpiece. Unfortunately it was for real.

        And for eclipses, if you are still interested:

        Aug 28, 2007 Sun 4 Vir 45 Opposition Moon 4 Pis 45: Meredith Kercher arrives in Perugia (late August) – eclipse squeres her natal Saturn at 4 Sag 47 (she is a strong capricorn)

        Sep 11, 2007 Sun 18 Vir 24 Conjunct Moon 18 Vir 24: 10th Sep: Kercher moves into Via della Pergola, renting a room, eclipse squeres her natal Mercury

        Mar 20, 2014 Sun 20 Pis 29 Conjunct Moon 20 Pis 29: Saturn returns to Merediths natal position (in retrograde motion)

        So, let observe what happens when Saturn reach this point again, since there is clearly a connection.

        Thanx for the inspiring discussion, good that we have different opinions.

        • Christina says:

          …and thank you for bringing in the centaurs so convincingly. I don’t tend to use them.
          Chiron transits! I have found Chiron in Pisces quite arduous — I have broken both a heel and a wrist under these Chiron transits and gone on a long journey into healing for my daughter’s sake too, experiencing a lot of emotional pain. Chiron is the most aspected point in my chart though, so I guess it was bound to be busy.

    • Christina says:

      Love the clip. I am just in the middle of finishing horoscopes, so crazy busy, but I’ll get back to you on this one.

  8. Sunis says:

    Guilty as sin and it will all come out.

  9. Lajka says:

    Inappropriate (crazy) behavior and and showing no signs of emotion certainly reflects saturn-moon-uranus conjuction. By all these pluto in scorpio connections to inner planets it comes natural for her to be manipulative and lying, especially that mars pluto square which is easily triggered and can be brutal. And then mercury opp neptune to top it all off. Both have lots of scorpio/pluto energies and some critical neptune contacts.