Astrology of Now: Me & The BBC

Friday March 20th 2015

I don’t normally write about myself, as you know, but a couple of days ago, two things happened in quick succession.

Dora drawn by me

Dora drawn by me, © Christina Rodenbeck

First of all I got a really big check in the post. This was for some portraits that I had drawn last year. I’d not gotten around to invoicing for them, so the check was a surprise, and the amount put my bank account back into the black in one fell swoop. Hooray! Since I had, only the day before, checked my overdraft in despair, this was a blessed relief.

Then I checked the email account for The Oxford Astrology Group and realised that we’d missed a call from BBC Oxford a few weeks back. No one had checked the mailbox for ages, since we don’t have any events planned for a while. I dropped the BBC a line and suggested that I come in and talk about the eclipse. The call came about a minute later.

So I went in the next day and did my first radio interview. If you’d like to hear it, here’s the link.

The producer had said, come in and talk about Friday’s eclipse.

So I prepared for that and then I looked again at the astrology and thought, it’s not going to be what they said at all, maybe they’re going to spring a scientist on me, or ask the “Brian Cox” question. It’s not going to be straightforward. So as I walked down to the studio, which is just down the road, I thought about that one. Luckily.

What was the astrology? By transit Mercury, the planet of speech and speed was applying to my Sun and conjuncting transiting Neptune, and the tr Sun, giver of life and energy, was applying to my Mercury. So, although I though it would go well, with Neptune involved the interview would clearly be a bit fuzzy around the edges.

The Uranus-Pluto square is exactly on my progressed Moon at 15° Aries, the sign of firsts. Uranus is associated with broadcasting. This was another reason for some caution, despite the fact that this was cosy local radio. Listen to the interview — it’s short — and you may be able to hear Pluto yomping around in my 4th house of birth family, Uranus throwing a googly and Mercury, Neptune and the Sun providing all the support I needed. I think it went well, even though I didn’t plug this site!

And the check? Tr Venus — art, luck and money — conjuncting my progressed Mars in Taurus, the sign of money. Tr Moon conjunct natal Venus and squaring progressed Mars.

Happy eclipse! I hope you’ve let go of something today



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  1. Alan says:

    Oh so that’s what you sound like! Interesting to hear your voice

    What a strange interviewer, he seemed to be more interested in your childhood than the eclipse…. anyway – today Radio Oxford – tomorrow the World !!!

    • Christina says:

      haha – My goal is thought for the day on the Today show… that’ll be the day…

      Actually, the eclipse also comes into play with my Mercury, so this may be a very short broadcasting career…

  2. mm says:

    Good to hear you, Christina – worth the wait. (The interview starts at about 1 hour into the programme). Probably was a given that the Brian Cox question would arise. (Sigh.)

    I think you did an excellent job.

  3. Persephone1952 says:

    An interesting interview. You defended modern astrology very well. I just wish I’d had better music to listen to while I waited for your segment……. 😉 I hope more media outlets talk to you more often.

    • Christina says:

      I’ll do better next time. It’s all good practice.

      • Persephone1952 says:

        I have a story to tell you. Yes, it’s relevant. Last September, I was in the chapel in the Tower of London having a conversation with a very cute Yeoman Warder. We were getting along pretty well, talking about Prince Charles — he’s a fan — until I mentioned that I was an amateur astrologer. That got a response, and not a positive one either. I was sorry that that happened. The Warder and I had some things in common that I don’t often see in men my age or thereabouts…… and I believe that his dislike of astrology stems from his lack of understanding about the subject. Astrology does work. It works very well. It has rules and discipline. And, if you can get it away from the touchy feely New Agers who want rainbows and unicorns, it can be a very useful tool for understanding oneself and major changes in large affairs. I still think that you did well in your interview. We need someone to make clear to the unbelievers that we’re not all full of baloney. This stuff works. And the reason we were talking about Prince Charles? His horoscope. It doesn’t have the signature of a king. I mentioned that it was at one time against the law to have possession of the king’s horoscope. It was treason. But, as I pointed out to the Yeoman Warder and another gentleman who had joined the conversation, I’m not a British citizen. No treason for me……… 😉

        • Christina says:

          Nice story. Have you read Michael’s take on the royals and the eclipse? It’s over on Newscope. I wonder if the Queen has reached a private decision this week.

  4. Roxanne says:

    Christina, I spent more than six years in news radio as a producer and you are, as they say in the industry, a “good speaker” so don’t be so sure they won’t call you back for New Year’s predictions. You’re a natural. Don’t you have Uranus somewhere prominent, like your ascendant? I can’t help but critique the interviewer though – he made himself sound like a bumpkin who’s never left Oxfordshire. Great defense of astrology without sounding defensive or too hippy dippy. Overall, a superb job!

  5. mimi says:

    Loved to hear your voice – nice interview, though in a radio or tv-interview it all has to be very short. Would have loved to hear a lot more.

    I’m glad the eclipse is over now and am feeling a lot better – I’m an Aries and around this time every year I get very impatient. Still have to wait a little for my birthday, but now finally it is SPRING. I feel I could explode for joy !!


  6. … and the Pisces is an artist and an extremely talented one too. Beautiful art work, Christina. Well done for the interview too. I listened in live and I thought you came across very well and managed to get in some intelligent answers. I almost called you when I knew you were going to be on radio and I wished I had (Mercury/Neptune?). I did some radio interviews year ago and the interviewers are all very similar on main-stream radio. They want to keep it light-hearted, they want brief responses to their questions and they always want to know about you and your astrology ‘journey’. It helps to know this and as you say doing one interview prepares you for the next. I would always introduce a little bit of humour to get the interviewer on my side and have some pithy statements about astrology to get my points across and I would prepare for the interview to be short but sweet. It would help to hear other astrologers’ experiences and tips too I’m sure. There’s a thought… big thumbs up from me. You were great 🙂

  7. ZellQuest says:

    The interview start time on the time counter is 1:09 – I loved your interview, you did well !

  8. Pamela says:

    Great to hear you Christina. Nicely done…you must absolutely remember to name your blog next time. :))

  9. Isy says:

    Starts at 1:12:41, to be specific 🙂 He did think our childhood was odd, didn’t he? “Was it [going to school] just like going to school?” Honestly LOL

  10. Isy says:

    Loved your use of maths, which is incidentally the basis of science 😉

    I was intrigued that your American accent is still quite noticeable. So you DON’T put it on just when we’re talking 🙂 My accent sure slides towards your side of the ocean.

    Makes me miss you all the more 🙂 Gentle hugs from California.

  11. JB says:

    I think you mean “cheque”

  12. Eva Flynn says:

    Really great to listen to the radio clip and well done with this! I have to say, my astrological chart with you for this year has been truly ringing true!! This is a very interesting science, if its ok to call it as this!
    Have a lovely Easter,

  13. Sabrina says:

    I so enjoyed it! There’s an american university there as well, see?! loved it Christina. Yes, he seemed more interested in your early years than in the eclipse but the whole was fun and you were smooth. Many more wonderful ones to come. And then there’s Dora’s beautiful face… Besos!