Astrology of Now: Juno & Jupiter

Sunday May 3rd 2015
Zeus & Hera

Jupiter and Juno aka Zeus and Hera

Zeus & Hera were the ruling couple on Mount Olympus, but they weren’t always the happiest pair. Their rows were, naturally, epic — and caused all kinds of problems for us humans crawling around on Gaia’s skin. Those Greek myths, at least the ones we still know, focus on Hera as a jealous wife — and no wonder, Zeus had a deal of trouble keeping his chiton down.

However, when Zeus and Hera were taken up by the Romans, Hera got a major promotion. Her duties and powers multiplied. As Juno, she became the protector of the Roman State itself, and possibly the most powerful god on Olympus with a wider range of titles than any other.

“Her various epithets thus show a complex of mutually interrelated functions…: as Regina and Moneta she is a sovereign deity, as Sespeis, Curitis (spear holder) and Moneta (again) she is an armed protectress, as Mater and Curitis (again) she is a goddess of the fertility and wealth of the community in her association with the curiae. — Wikipedia

Bill and Hillary Clinton have a composite Juno at 25° in the fixed sign Scorpio in the second house of money, right next to Hillary's Jupiter.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have a composite Juno at 25° in the fixed sign Scorpio in the second house of money, right next to Hillary’s Jupiter. Their natal Juno’s are also sextile within 1°.

Astrologers are still getting to grips with the meaning of the asteroids, and most of the emphasis on the interpretation of Juno has  been on her role as Jupiter’s (the Roman Zeus’) consort, so she is called the asteroid of marriage. And indeed she does come up in marriage and partnership charts. I particularly recommend having a look at Juno  in the composite chart to see what kind of marriage you’re dealing with.

But there is far more to Juno than that to be understood.

For example, of the past five Popes, two have Juno exactly conjuncting the Ascendant and one has Juno conjuncting Jupiter, the planet of the papacy itself. (See also Ceres and the Papacy). You might argue that this is about celibacy. Juno on the Ascendant equals a marriage to oneself. That works, but there’s something to do with  public office too.

Barack Obama, the first African-American president and the first American president to have a “foreign” name, has Juno at 0° Aries, the very first degree of the entire Zodiac. His presidency has opened a new book in the saga of American leadership.

Or perhaps Juno telling us about public service. Mahatma Gandhi has Juno exactly — to the minute — on his IC, his roots. It’s the object closest to any angle in his chart, therefore strong. So maybe Juno is about serving the nation. Serving the people we’d see through the position of the Moon, but the state might be Juno’s domain.

According to Roman astrologer Manilius (who would, of course, never have heard of an asteroid called Juno), Juno is the “tutelary deity” of Aquarius, the sign of community.

If serving the interests of the state is Juno’s realm, then surely the Queen ought to have a strong Juno. Indeed, you could argue that she is the embodiment of Juno. You would be right. The Queen’s Juno is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. Now if we were to combine Roman astrological practice — the use of tutelary deities — with asteroids, we might assume that Juno is very strong in Aquarius. And indeed Elizabeth Windsor is the longest serving English monarch — and has been exemplary in terms of public service.

Her grandson, Prince William, has Juno Rising conjunct his Part of Fortune (how he earns a living) in Capricorn, Saturn’s sign. He was born into this, with no choice in the matter. It’s a duty that defines him.

Another person who exemplifies public service is US President Jimmy Carter, who has dedicated his long life to serving the common good. He has Juno Rising conjunct Saturn, the planet of longevity, at 0° Scorpio, a very brave and determined man.

In Britain, TV presenter Esther Rantzen has dedicated her fame to serving the public, first setting up Childline, a helpline for children and now Silverline, a helpline for the elderly. Her Juno is within a degree of her MC in Gemini, the sign that rules… telephones.

So you see, it’s likely that Juno is not just the asteroid of marriage and partnership, but that she might show us how we serve the community also.

Why am I telling you about this now? Because Jupiter and Juno are close to conjunction all month. And this is quite a rare occurrence. I’ll write more about this tomorrow.

I leave my UK readers with this to ponder.

Opposition leader Ed Miliband has Juno at 1° Aquarius in the 10th, the house of career and ambition.

Prime Minister David Cameron has Juno at 28° Cancer in the 10th in an out of sign conjunction with Jupiter at 1° Leo, conjunct the Moon at 6° Leo.

Their composite Juno — here’s a bit of fun — is at 29°52 Aries. Any agreement they make is not going to last.

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  1. Abby says:

    The current transit of Juno and Jupiter are conjunct my natal Juno at 13 Leo, in my 7th house — an expansive Juno Return? It’s all squared by tonight’s full moon in Scorpio on my MC, which opposes my natal Taurus Venus, too. But no prospect for marriage in sight!

    • Christina says:

      Exactly what I’m interested in. There’s no way everyone with a Juno Return etc is going to get married right… but this sounds like an excellent transit. So how will it manifest?

  2. Les says:

    My partner (of 6 years) has Juno conjunct Jupiter at 21 Libra (born in 1946) – 1 degree from conjunct my North Node. Our composite Juno is conjunct Saturn in Libra (mine is 11 Virgo). Btw, he’s been married a couple of times, me never. 🙂

  3. Sabrina says:

    Yay my Juno is Aquarius! No tight aspects in my chart but the neat thing: is 3° from my husbands Jupiter. Is a wide orb for an Asteroid but still…
    On another note, I just learned that the full moon in May is highly regarded in the Buddhist tradition. Very curious about the astrology of it 🙂

  4. Gilly says:

    The conjunction is loosely conjunct my 3rd house natal Uranus – closely trine my 6th house Venus. I’m off to a writer’s conference at the weekend. This could be interesting. 😉

  5. Meli says:

    My natal Juno is at 16.24 degrees and my natal Jupiter at 17.15 degrees in Virgo (2nd House)…

    I wonder if the eclipse on 13 September will activate this conjunction + the trine with natal Chiron 18. 16r Taurus (10th house) … in fact I just realised that I have lot of planets natally at degrees that are very closed to 20 degrees…should I also assume that they will be touched somehow by eclipse? …if yes all my chart will then be shaken …

    North Node on 1st House 20.11 Leo
    Neptune -5th house 19.54 Sagittarius,
    Vertex – 5th house at 22.22 Sagittarius,
    Pluto – 3rd house 19.56 in Libra (natally conjunct nadir and currently facing the opposition of Uranus on transit and conjunct midheaven)
    Venus -12th house 19.12 Cancer
    Uranus- 4th house 21.51 Scorpio

  6. Meli says:

    and I forgot my Midheaven is also at 22.12 Aries! ….should I expect something good from all this?

    • Christina says:

      Eclipses really do move in mysterious ways. You may actually notice nothing at the time but the next time a planet crosses the eclipse point, you may get the chain reaction you can see in your chart. Eclipses do work strongest — by far — on the planet in the signs of the eclipse, so Juno and Jupiter are close enough to count there. I wonder how you’ve found this conjunction working in your life. The big thing would be Jupiter transits perhaps — and that is happening this year.

      BTW I don’t believe this is such a strong one. You’ll only be able to see it from the antarctic. The Lunar eclipse on September 28 is a biggie.

      • Meli says:

        Thank you Christina for your comments!

        Let me first say that I am shaking about the eclipse on September 28 : it falls exactly one month after my birthday and it will conjunct my moon at 2.32 Aries on 9th House (cusp on Piscis)! I guess it will also activate the natal opposition with Saturn (27 degrees Virgo on 3 house) so for me this eclipse sounds very heavy and emotionally dangerous.

        Last eclipses have been so hard for me that not sure what to expect now! (One of them touched my moon so not very excited about this eclipse)…btw when you say “biggie” should I take it in a positive or negative sense?

  7. Meli says:

    So coming back to how Juno and Jupiter have been working for me…
    Expansive communication is essential for me in relationships (Juno& Jupiter with Mercury?) even if sometimes people that I have loved/team up tend to communicate more through dreams and flashes than words (Could it be related to the square between natal Juno& Jupiter and Neptune (19.54 Sagittarius) on the 5th house and the trine between natal Juno& Jupiter and Venus (19.12 Cancer) on the 12th?… well not sure how the square to my Vertex works here but when I connect with partners the connection is like Jupiter -BIG!- and deep and beautiful as the ocean and I feel like at home and grounded. There is also an artistic connection somehow …dancing, theatre, cinema, interior design… My natal Saturn is at 27 degrees Virgo so I am not completely sure it has some impact on these two, maybe that’s why I haven’t had many relationships and I usually feel attraction for people older than me. This people tend to give me a feeling of stability and structure.
    Not sure how the trine of Juno &and Jupiter to my North node (20.11 Leo) plays here…maybe there is a sense of destiny when I meet them? Maybe they allow me to grow? As for the trine with Chiron on the 10th …not sure…
    The sextile with my Uranus could maybe mean that they appear and disappear as that’s has been a pattern in my life… they suddenly become silent and like the night follows the day I have no news… it hurts (I am a rational person (Virgo) who needs communication)….and they usually reappear in my life 4/ 5 years later and in any case at least one time. My Uranus is based on the 4th in Scorpio so maybe that’s why the disappear … and it hurts (could it be due to the semisextile with Pluto on the 3 in Libra which is square to my Venus?) and also could this Uranus explain why I dream or have strong intuitions about these things before they happen? …the regent of my 4th is Venus (Libra) so that takes me to my 12th house (emotional secrets?)…the regent of the 12th (Cancer) is my Aries moon which is on the 9th in Pisces…. and opposite my Saturn…I find this chain curious…

    I guess that Juno and Jupiter have a strong role on my life

  8. Meli says:

    That’s funny!
    “According to Roman astrologer Manilius (who would, of course, never have heard of an asteroid called Juno), Juno is the “tutelary deity” of Aquarius, the sign of community.””
    My 7th (and 8th House) are in Aquarius (my south Node is there)…and Juno and Jupiter on my 2nd in Virgo… could it be that I am supposed to do a living helping and structuring the community to integrate/ blend diversity of backgrounds ( Jupiter/ cultures) and healing (Chiron on 10th) wounds that I know well but can’t heal for myself? or that my relationships/ partnerships are meant to be long and grounded?

    I am getting very curious about this pair( Juno & Jupiter) 🙂

  9. Brie says:

    Rather late to the party, but your article has given me a lot to think about. I have Moon conjunct Juno in Virgo, opposite my North Node, in the 5th House. I’ve read that SN is about what I’m comfortable with but should be moving away from. The way you’ve described Juno makes me wonder if the Virgo Moon/Juno in the 5th is the reason I’m so in love with the idea of making children’s books, but I also can’t help but worry that it is all on the SN. It feels like the thing I’m meant to do, but how could it be if the SN is there?

  10. chiranjib says:

    What’s the meaning of juno,?????