Taurus New Moon: Sexing The Garden

Sunday May 17th 2015
Eve and the Serpent by John Dickson Batten, ca. 1895

Eve and the Serpent by John Dickson Batten

The gardens froth blossom. Petals flake the lawns. Now the very first bud of apple and pear swell. The birds peck green cherries. It’s Taurus’ month and Eden.

Taurus’ partner across the Zodiac, Scorpio, sometimes signified by the snake.

This New Moon is free and easy, not overtly aspected, except that it takes place on the fixed star of snake-haired Medusa, Algol. Medusa is the monster, once priestess of Athena, raped in the temple by the god of the sea Poseidon and punished for that violation by an eternity of horror. Her gaze turns living flesh to stone.

Think about this. There are two things that concern farmers: sex and money. Are their plants and animals reproducing and will it pay the bills? Farmers and money belong to Taurus, sex and debt belong to Scorpio.

Taurus is a garden. We know of another snake in another garden, a snake who whispered and whispered; a snake who seduced human-kind into knowledge, a knowledge that stole innocence and made us ashamed of our nakedness.

You have free rein this New Moon. You can plant any kind of seed you like. But know that the soil is exceptionally fertile,  sex is everywhere. If tantra is your thing, tantrise.

New Moon is at 4.13 AM GMT.

I was set on this train of though by this post at C*I*A*.

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  1. mimi says:

    Christina, Taurus is also about lust – so sex is very much Taurus too !

    I like this C*I*A* website, very interesting articles. There is one about the Black Moon Lilith combined with the Uranus-Pluto cycle too. Very enlightening stuff, it keeps you thinking over and over again and rereading it again and again.