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Monday July 6th 2015
zodiac alphonse mucha

Detail from Zodiac by Alphonse Mucha

Last Friday, I did a charity event, which meant I did a dozen readings back-to-back in a short space of time. I was worried that I’d end up being a kind of fairground fortune teller. Cross my palm with silver, etcetera. My worries turned out to be groundless.

Although I’d lost my voice by the end of it, the experience was energising and profound. This was thanks to the people who came to see me. They reminded me — again — of something important that astrology teaches: everyone is interesting.

In a way, I’m used to this. All my clients fascinate me and each one teaches me something new. I know that already: every life is rich, complex and valuable.

But talking to so many people in rapid succession on Friday evening drove this point home to me as never before. After each person left, I wondered if I could retain my focus for the next one. In fact, it was easy. The chart revealed the person; the person revealed their authentic story. And these were people who would not ordinarily sit down with an astrologer. Only one had ever had a natal chart read before, and none of them knew Rising sign or Moon sign. Yet all were willing to quickly get to the truth.

I am very, very grateful to everyone who came.

In case you’re wondering. An exact trine from trSun, plus a conjunction from trNeptune to my own Sun. trMercury exactly on my natal Jupiter in Gemini (a lot of talking!) sextiled by trVenus-Jupiter in Leo.


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  1. Gilly says:

    So true. Talk to any one, any age or background, everyone has something remarkable to say. People are always surprising me.

  2. Sabrina says:

    What a wonderful experience for you and for them. One of the most satisfying things as astrologers is that we are given the opportunity to remind them of that. How are you feeling Neptune on your sun…I’m next in line. Immerse in Chiron right now.

    • Christina says:

      Good question. Chiron was quite literal here – several breakages.
      Neptune on the Sun? A couple of things to say. Porous, wide-open, incredible dreams. That experience was simply about stepping into the flow. Feeling the flow. So basically good. Not personally powerful at all — the opposite — but feeling part of the power.
      BUT, here’s a thing. This blog has my the same rising degree as my Sun — a “co-incidence” and it turns out that a very tiny piece of code has been missing for a year. This is the code that allows the site to be indexed by google, so in a way the blog’s identity has been trickling away. I found the fault during Merc Rx and fixed it. But it does occur to me that an erasure of identity is a real Neptune transit.

      • sabrina says:

        Like pregnant dreams?! Sounds good. Flow into something bigger and the no-identity is sort of my hunch but of course you have to really experience the transit yourself (or no-self?). There is a lot of letting go and daydreaming right but maybe the Chiron in pisces kind. I was wondering about BBC radio! will check it out. Always fun to listen 🙂

  3. mimi says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun !
    When will you be on BBC Oxford Radio again ??


    • Christina says:

      I was on July 3 and I’ll be back on Aug 14 at a slightly earlier time. Need to check.

    • mimi says:

      By the way – I did not win a great amount on my lottery ticket, but that weekend I met a beautiful new little member of our family – he is an african/american little boy, who has been adopted by my sister’s son.
      He is so beautiful and has such beautiful dark eyes, I named him Ebony Eyes ! He is 3 months old and has travelled already around the globe from America to Europe. Uranus (he is an Aquarian) !!