Big Aspects To Watch Out For: Jupiter in Virgo Two

Wednesday August 19th 2015

Jupiter in Virgo — August 11, 2015 – 9 September 2016

The 12-year cycle of Jupiter is one of the most important to understand and work with in your own life. So right now, it’s worth looking back at the last time Jupiter was in Virgo –  from 27 August 2003 to 25 September 2004 – and racking your brain to remember what happened during that period.

But that will only give you part of the story. You are 12 years older for a start, and your life will be in an entirely different phase. Not only that, Jupiter makes different aspects to the other planets each time he visits Virgo, and this gives his sojourn a different feel. What is more his retrograde is different too, creating a particular tempo.

Percy Jackson

Sean Bean as Zeus and Kevin McKidd as Poseidon in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

• Jupiter in detriment in Virgo opposes Neptune empowered in Pisces, and that aspect is functioning right now. It’s a fascinating one because Jupiter and Neptune are both rulers of Pisces, and here they are pulling opposite directions on the wheel of the Zodiac, with one side much stronger than the other. The last time this aspect happened was 27 Aug 1849: it’s rare.

Jupiter pushes boundaries outwards and Neptune dissolves them. Jupiter can be loud and brassy, Neptune is subtle. When they are in aspect, they work in concert, even if that aspect is an opposition.

Personally this situation is beyond your control. There could well be some area of your life where you are forced to let go. Themes of sacrifice, compassion and redemption may come up. It could also be a moment for a mind-blowing artistic or religious experience. Stay open to the numinous.

Look at the axis of Pisces-Virgo in your chart and planets around 8° Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius. The aspect becomes exact in mid-September and carries on until early October. There is only one hit, so pay attention around September 17.

In the solar system, Jupiter and Neptune sandwich rule-breaker Uranus and rule-maker Saturn, at loggerheads over… rules. It’ll be interesting to see how these two respond to this separating, dissolving energy.

• Jupiter will be at a tough angle to Saturn in Sagittarius, off and on, right up until May 2016. That makes great potential for evolution, but obstacles to overcome.

This will undoubtedly limit Jupiter’s functioning in Virgo this time. Couple that with the fact that Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo and you can predict a rather awkward transit for the king of the Zodiac.

Saturn in Sagittarius will be seeking to limit and organise things Jupiterian: specifically travel and the sharing of knowledge. Jupiter could get around this by going “small” perhaps. For example, short journeys, detailed information sharing. Thinking outside the box will definitely be useful this year. This should function well when Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, is in Sagittarius for 20 days from late November.

If you know your chart, take a look at where Virgo and Sagittarius are. These areas of your life will be going through some awkward adjustments.

• Jupiter rockets all the way to 24° Virgo by 9 January before turning Rx until May 9. He goes back all the way to 13°. This puts a spotlight on those middle degrees of Virgo.

• From this same mid-Virgo area, Jupiter will be in a flowing trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This earthy trine, should add some balance to the slippery fluidity of Neptune in Pisces and the fizzing fire of Uranus in Aries. Planets moving through Taurus next spring will come into a Grand Trine with these two: a time to take big practical steps.

Pluto and Jupiter working well together like this could be highly effective for bringing about change for all earth signs, and water signs with planets in the middle degrees. These two could lever you out of your current situation, if you so desire.

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  1. Les says:

    Personally, I’m hoping Jupiter will make some of the Saturn squares to my Mercury and Venus/Pluto (0 and 2 Virgo) go down a it easier. 🙂

  2. Nancy says:

    I’m hoping to “lever” out of my current situation for sure. Only thing is, there’s no clear solution at hand right at this moment. Jupiter/Neptune opposition is right on my husband’s Asc. & Sun. Hoping to pull a rabbit out of the hat soon…

    • Christina says:

      Gosh — I’d be interested to hear how you think it works for him. Of course, this is one of those transits that may actually only be noticeable in retrospect!

  3. Meli says:

    I guess I should be happy to have Jupiter coming back to his natal position at some point this year ( 17º Virgo conjunct Juno 16º) although I am not so convinced it will be again a good year for me …

    Sun and Mercury are close to 8º Virgo in 2 house … neptune transit on the 8, Saturn transit on the 5 and will square again my sun …and the worst is Uranus at 2º of my Midheaven 22º12 Aries and in opposition right now to my natal Pluto 19º56 on the 3… Plus virgo – piscis eclipses … the one on the 13 Sept it will touch my natal Jupiter and Juno, should I expect something good? …

    I just hope that Jupiter will help with the mess that Uranus opposition with Pluto has brought so far on the 4 and 9/10 house and that the square with Saturn on transit will not destroy a new relationship as the eclipses in 2007 left very deep wounds on that area and it took so long to believe in love again…

  4. Meli says:

    By the way…

    the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall opened on 27th August 1849, and apparently was described as “the best in Europe” before being dramatically destroyed by fire in 1933.

    In Ireland there was the Irish potato famine from 1845-1849 and lot of people were forced to emigrate from their country by ship.

    • Christina says:

      “Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
      I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” By Emma Lazarus — born 1849 in New York City.

      This is the poem at the foot of the Statue of Liberty.

  5. sabrina says:

    I’m excited about this transit, even more than the Jupiter return. Exactly 12 years ago it was opp my natal Jupiter as it is now and trans uranus/mars were in early pisces. This time will be more about midpoint Jupiter/Sun (Jupiter rules my IC) Had just left everything behind to start anew. Big, fresh changes…. p.s really liked McKidd in Rome!

  6. Christina says:

    I’m pretty excited too, as a fellow Pisces — plus the Jupiter-Neptune thing!

  7. Rachel says:

    Ooh – I’ve just re-read this post, and realised that this hits my North node at 6 degrees 13 Virgo, and my (retrograde!) natal Mercury in Pisces at 6 degrees 13 – should I be excited/worried/cautious/gung-ho?? I’ve also got Pluto at 7 degrees 2 Virgo. It has to be said that I do need my life to change, so maybe Nietsche’s view of the world as cyclical is about to be proved and I’m on the up, finally! Think I need to save up for one of your consultations, Christina…

  8. Gilly says:

    The same day – September 17 – Jupiter (4th) makes an exact trine to my Neptune (10th) so I guess I’ll be out of step with the world, my trine against that opposition. 🙂 I’m struggling to persuade others to consider going into business together, a business based in our home (and garden) – my dream against those who just want to stick their heels (and heads) in the mud. 😀