Lunar Etiquette

Monday October 12th 2015
Night on the Shores of Lake Ilmen, Ivan Blibin

Night on the Shores of Lake Ilmen, Ivan Blibin

This New Moon in Libra (18°) is exactly opposite the planet of explosive opportunity, Uranus. Some of us will be sprinting out of the blocks tomorrow into the next big adventure. Use this energy wisely because we have help from both optimistic Jupiter in Virgo and ruthless Pluto in Capricorn. These two are co-operating beautifully, intent on making some big idea manifest.

Earth signs especially benefit from Jupiter and Pluto.

Cardinal signs especially benefit from the Uranian intervention.

Manners makyth man is the motto of New College — one of the oldest colleges here. What it means is: however high or low your birth, fat or thin your wallet, large or small your estate, it  is how you behave to other people that defines you.  That was quite a radical statement for 1380 when kings still ruled by divine right, especially since it wasn’t even in Latin, the language of the educated. Yet it’s an idea that we need to remind ourselves of occasionally.

This New Moon is in Libra, the sign of etiquette and politesse. It occurs after a Mercury Retrograde through the sign which may have had you questioning your own and other people’s manners. You may even have found yourself a little lacking in some way. The New Moon is a chance to remedy that, and start afresh.

So in the spirit of good manners, thank you for taking the time to visit this blog and read this post. I really do appreciate it. Furthermore, may you have all the luck and inspiration today that this New Moon opposite Uranus can deliver, and make all the lucky practical transformations that Pluto and Jupiter abet.

Happy New Moon.


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  1. mimi says:

    Oh, Christina

    I really do thank you so much for the lovely columns you write. They are very enlightening and inspiring !

    I’m very curious how this New Moon will work out, It is on my IC (Uranus has been on my MC for a while now and will remain there for some time – I feel liberated though somewhat shaky).


    • Christina says:

      My good friend H has had this transit recently — Uranus-MC and her career has suddenly taken off. She is well past her second Saturn Return.

      • Meli says:

        Would it also work on that way if the Uranus- MC is making an opposition to natal Pluto at 19.54? Things have been very difficult for a long time and I do not see progress in career…

        • Christina says:

          I think I’d really need to see the rest of the chart to make a reasonable comment on that one: Pluto being an outer planet. That’s a tough Pluto placement in any case though.

          • Meli says:

            Thanks Christina for comments. I particularly don’t like my natal Pluto and natal mars … I feel that they bring lot of pain into my life. People who know me tend to say that I am a survivor of whatever is thrown at me …

            My natal pluto in libra in 3rd (19.57) is square my natal venus in cancer 12h house (19.12) and sextil Neptune in Sagittarius on 5th house (19,54) and conjunct Mars in Libra at 29.17 . MC is at 22.12 Aries and the 11th house starts at 29 Taurus.

            Pluto and Neptune make some aspect to Chiron (18.16) on 10th house….

  2. Gilly says:

    Gosh no, thank YOU for taking the time (I keep a blog myself, I know how time consuming and hard it is) to write so many fascinating posts.
    As for this new moon – it and Uranus are making a big kite on my natal chart with Uranus trining my natal Leo Uranus and Sag Jupiter/Venus. Venus is on Pluto, Mars and Jupiter are trining my Cap stellium. I’m sure it’s all very (horribly?) portentous. I’d just be glad of a little movement, tbh. A bit of (pleasant) excitement would be bliss. 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Surely that’s pleasant excitement! I do think this month is looking quite good from now on. You’re going to get that Venus-Jupiter conjunction and then the Mars-Venus conjunction training your Cap stellium too.

      • Gilly says:

        Surely that’s pleasant excitement!
        Well, you’d think; there’s a lot of tension my life at the moment. The new moon was in my 5th (Uranus in 11th) so I’m hoping for a bit of a laugh this month, if nothing else. 😉

  3. eggcup says:

    Thank YOU for your wonderful blog, and for the reminder to be on the lookout for something new!

    Especially since I have a Moon/Uranus opposition natally at 17 Gemini and 19 Sagittarius, respectively. So this New Moon opposition will trine my own, in addition to occurring across my Asc/Dsc axis — I have 7 Libra rising, a 28 Libra Sun, and 19 Aries North Node!

    I’m in a fresh relationship with a man with a Libra moon himself. Maybe this will give us a kick in the pants! 🙂

  4. Sabrina says:

    All my libra planets are smiling and natal Chiron at 18° Aries on the 7th having Uranus for a long visit this year is winking I guess?! The more you realize yourself the more respectful you are towards your fellow beings.
    Thank you, Christina for the fun, wonderful, thought provoking posts. You are a favorite window that keeps me connected to my beloved astrology world. Even if I don’t get to comment as often as I’d like. (I’m dying to chit chat about the Venus post but I just don’t like to type on my phone that much!).