Astrology of Now: Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces

Monday November 16th 2015
Detail from the portrait of the poet Laura Battiferri by Agnelo Bronzino

Detail from the portrait of the poet Laura Battiferri by Agnelo Bronzino

With Jupiter’s move into Virgo this summer, and Saturn’s move into Sagittarius, we are seeing a shift of emphasis into the mutable signs. Neptune and Chiron, also both slow-moving, are already in Pisces. This creates a T-square pattern — at least by sign if not by exact degree.

The strongest part of this pattern is a right-angle or square aspect between Saturn and Neptune. This becomes exact on November 26, and then in June and September next year. Meanwhile, Jupiter in Virgo will also square Saturn next spring. This means this T-square will never lock into an exact aspect, but Saturn will carry the energy from Neptune to Jupiter and back again over the coming year. So there’s a great deal of fluidity and movement going on — and a lot of tension. This is not going to be a static 12 months ahead.

Look also to Gemini, the mutable sign which is the “empty leg” of the T-square. The direction in which much of the force of Saturn in Sagittarius may be directed. Gemini is the sign of journalism, curiosity and children.

The Moon’s nodes also switched from cardinal Aries-Libra to mutable Pisces-Virgo on November 12. The Nodes show us where the eclipses will be focused in the coming 18 months. This is an axis in your own chart where you can expect rapid evolution. We’ll look at this more in a later post.

So I think it would be useful to revisit posts about how each of these planet/sign combinations might work.

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Death in Ingmar Berman's Seventh Seal - made two Saturn in Sag's ago.

Death in Ingmar Berman’s Seventh Seal – made two Saturn in Sag’s ago.

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  1. My 1st & my 7th house, nodes speaking.

  2. aqua says:

    ‘Look also to Gemini, the mutable sign which is the “empty leg” of the T-square. The direction in which much of the force of Saturn in Sagittarius may be directed. Gemini is the sign of journalism, curiosity and children.’
    Yes- and this very much ties in with a fascinating article from one of Isis hostages in the Guardian today.
    He spent 10 months as a captive and he essentially describes them as fanatical, paranoid children, obsessed with conspiracy theories. He firmly believes that what they want is attention, including bombing raids to reinforce their status.
    And what they hate more than anything, is to see religions and people uniting for the common good.
    Ah, the dark side of the Pluto in Scorpio and Sagittarius generations…Saturns been kicking it off.

    Sorry I keep posting on the Paris attack – its obsessing me, along with many others Im sure.
    I’ll shut up now 😉

    To misquote the inimitable Bette ‘”Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

  3. aqua says:

    ….and just one more thing… The Gemini and Pluto theme being reinforced by Anonymous, another conspiracy happy, paranoid subversive childrens group, vowing vengeance on Isis via a cyberwar

    The masks and all, double faced Gemini/ Uranian/Plutonian technological tricksters – you couldnt make this stuff up! But they did- all of them. If it wasnt so tragic -it would be hilarious

    Neptune in Pisces, ‘Living the Dream’ or at least the Hollywood version.

  4. Severne says:

    The shift of the nodes was momentous…getting closer to my Asc and about to squarely own nodal axis on the MC/IC.
    There has been a LOT of healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual themes floating around my family and other close friends as well and many related with (our) younger siblings. The empty leg you mention is filled by Mars in my chart (my hands have been a mess btw).

  5. mister says:

    The only thing I can say is that on the 25th February I had a phone interview which I failed. That day the moon was applying to an exact opposition to saturn and I was being interviewed by a woman. Done deal. On the 17th September I had another interview about the same problem. This was the third and decisive interview. That day chiron was at 18 degrees and retrograding into a trine with my native neptune at 17 degrees. Saturn by transit was not aspecting anything in my chart (thank god) and even though jupiter was at 8 degrees by transit squaring my sun, I was completely successful this time.

    Now of course its looking decidedly dicey doing anything for a while with saturn where it is. Its not a time to do anything in the real world.

    Oh yes, I found on the 23rd May that money had been taken from my account. After countless phone calls the bank did nothing about it apart from come up with a trumped up excuse to throw me out. Its now with the the FOS – but they have no power. Saturn retro-grading into exact opposition with the sun. So it was deliberate. Plus mars t-squaring my chart.

    More recently I seem to have been scammed out of 461 pounds. Have to wait to see how that goes.

  6. mister says:

    For balance though I should also write this. Over the past two weeks I have been slowly undertaking a dietary change. Less caffeine to the point of no more. But I have been extremely tired. It seems I was relying on caffeine for energy instead of food. Particularly in the morning. So I eat a slightly bigger meal in the morning and swapped the meals lunch with tea. Always felt extremely tired after lunch, and energetic in the evening and overnight, and I figure it the meals. My next task is to find foods that give energy, again I figure protein meals. Strangely the last time I stopped caffeine I did not feel this tired. Age I suppose.

    • Iris says:

      Sounds like adrenal exhaustion.

      • mister says:

        Yeah. I would have put it burning the candle at both ends for a long time. Running on fumes.

        • Isy Aweigh says:

          Done that. Nearly died. Glad you caught yours. Consider healthy fats/oils… excellent energy, does the opposite of what unhealthy fats do. Very good for “right-sizing” weight for many people. Of course, every body is different.

          • mister says:

            I already, and have done for a long time, almost exclusively use virgin cold pressed olive oil. I do think/wonder if it was what happened thirty years ago – the last time saturn was in Sagg – that has affected me for the rest of my life. ie live fast – die young. I hung for a while with the sex’n’drugs crowd, and of course did what they did – at least as far as the drugs. Still not as bad as lemmie of motorhead – he cannot give blood as his blood was poison others due to all the amphetimine hes done.

  7. Interesting to note that on Nov.29, when SA was almost exactly sq NEPT, a remarkable image hit the news media: a Sea of Shoes. A forbidden (SA) demonstration, but the masses with their idealism and consciousness raising aspirations (all NEPT), showed themselves with rows and rows of shoes. Shoes are ruled by Saturn (the article of clothing closest to the earth), as is absence. The optimism of Sagittarius came through and mellowed that saturnine impact.