An Astrologer’s Christmas Stocking

Friday December 18th 2015

I’ve been scouring the internet for some interesting, beautiful or at least audacious gifts for the astrologer in your life — or the astrologically inclined.

Karl Stockhausen, the German composer of rather intellectual modern music, created 12 music boxes — one for each sign — back in the early 1970s. The “tunes” he came up with went on to inform his work for the next few decades. These music boxes are periodically re-issued. To hear them, click here. To buy one, click here.



While you’re listening to your music box, you’ll need to swill some whisky. To buy these glasses click here.

You could peruse one of my favourite astrology books.

A.T. Mann's book is out of print but you can get hold of a copy second hand.

A.T. Mann’s beautiful book is out of print but you can get hold of a copy second hand here.

Meanwhile you might want to sling this around your neck.



You could use this mousepad when you have to take notes on the computer.il_214x170.664901967_fxz6

Then maybe slip into a galaxy gown by Valentino.

There are many more in this collection.

There are many more in this collection.

And then when you’re ready to go out on the town, these suede boots from Pucci are made for standing around.


If you don’t feel like coughing up £2,000 or so for boots, you could just invest in my friend Sally Kirkman’s 2016 forecast book, which you can read on your mobile. It’s a lovely book with forecasts for each sign plus excellent advice on how to take advantage of the astrovibes in the year ahead. Sally’s a Scorpio, so she takes an encouraging, focused and problem-solving approach. You can buy it here.







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  1. Gilly says:

    Those glasses are AMAZING; *perfect* for an astronomer friend of mine (thank you!)