2016 Astrodiaries: Xmas Gift

Friday December 11th 2015


Astro-Leo--Diary-cover-800x980Here is a must-have Christmas present for the astro-enthusiastic young women in your life: The Essential Life Guide 2016.

Along with a host of quality astrologers — Jo Tracey, Sally Kirkman, Kelly Surtees, Sam Reynolds, Joanne Madeline Moore, Gary P Caton and more — I contributed text to these Aussie astro diaries this year.

Astro-Sagittarius-Diary-cover-800x980They are the brain child of Yasmin Boland over at Moonology, whose efforts at creating the diaries have been gargantuan. It’s a complex task.

There’s a book for each sign with a horoscope for every day of the year, an astrological summary of each month and  of the year ahead. The idea is to help with both forward planning and daily advice.

To buy a diary, click here.






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  1. Sabrina says:

    Sent them a note. Hope is possible to get them in the US.