Astrology of Now: Facing The Music

Tuesday December 8th 2015
How Scorpio is that? Right down to the sunglasses of Pluto sunglasses and Martial moustache

How Scorpio is that? Right down to the sunglasses of Pluto sunglasses and Martial moustache

If you know your astrological symbolism, you will have realised that The Eagles of Death Metal*, who were playing at the Bataclan in Paris when it was attacked last month, are a Scorpio band.

The eagle is one of the symbols of Scorpio, along with the scorpion and the snake. It is also used as the symbol for St John the Evangelist, and along with the angel (Luke), the Bull (Matthew) and the Lion (Mark), you will see this eagle in churches the world over. Those are, of course, also the symbols for the four fixed signs of the Zodiac.

Scorpio is the sign of both death and resurrection. The Day of the Dead and Halloween are both Scorpio season celebrations.

The Tarot card for death is also a symbol of resurrection after the battle.

The Tarot card for death is also a symbol of resurrection after the battle.

So it’s fitting that The Eagles of Death Metal should make their first reappearance in Paris a few days after Venus, the planet of art, music and pleasure had moved into Scorpio and was conjoined by the Moon. The eagle (or phoenix) is the symbol of resurrection for Scorpios.

Of course, this is Venus in the underworld, but this year she is supported by Mars in Libra. Usually, it’s just a lonely place down there. Venus is bolstered with courage, therefore, and in return she will give Mars in Libra greater harmony. The warrior had just moved into Libra on November 13, the day of the attack.

Yesterday, Mars in Libra squared Pluto in Capricorn. These are the two planets that rule Scorpio. They are both warriors — one wears an invisible helmet and the other fights in shining armour. Both these energies are courageous .

It’s all about coming back to fight another day. And since this month promises to be a tough one, we will all need to call on our reserves of courage, and remember to dance and sing in the face of adversity.

*Apparently they came up with the band name when they were listening to something by the Scorpions. One of their albums is called Death by Sexy. The Scorpio theme just goes on and on.

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  1. “Remember to dance and sing in the face of adversity”…I really needed to hear that today…Thank you.

  2. jamma says:

    When I click, I get the msg: “This video does not exist” … spooky

  3. aqua says:

    ‘Death by Sexy’ crikey, how ‘spooky/appropriate’.

    The lead singer Jesse Hughes has Mercury conjunct Sun combust Pluto in the second degree of Libra, conjunct Mars Virgo, in an out of sign conjunction orb of 6 degrees – all square Jupiter.
    And Moon in Aires tightly opposite Uranus at 17degrees Libra.

    On the 13th transiting Venus [again ;)] and Mars/Nodes [again] were conjunct his Natal Pluto /Mercury/Sun/Mars conjunction.
    Of course he was/is having his Uranus opposition with the now familiar Pluto input via the square, and the uranus transit just passed over Chiron on the way to his Moon. And transiting Moon/Saturn covering his natal Neptune. Trans Pluto square his Aires Chiron wouldnt have helped either.
    So while no planetary placements in Scorpio, Lilith is and its square Mars – SO heaps of Pluto/Mars/ action…This interview with him not long before the attacks gives a flavour – lots of shock tactics and uranian/aires trolling going on
    Heres his chart n transits for the 13th

  4. jamma says:

    That tarot card seems kind of Richard III-ish …

  5. Anise Fuqua says:

    Have you ever done a horoscope on famed bass player. Jaco Pastorious?

  6. mimi says:

    Wouldn’t it be a lovely and very meaningful sign to the world and especially to young people who are thinking of joing “Daesh” if this group would rename their band as a sign of their resurrection ?

    I would like to think of something like : Eagles of the World ?? or simply ‘Phoenix’ ?