The Three Biggest Opportunities in 2016 For Each Sign

Saturday December 19th 2015

My chum UK astrologer Sally Kirkman has written a forecast book for the whole of 2016 — it’s 150 pages of info.  Sally is a Scorpio so she’s good at cutting to the point. Here’s an extract.

The 3 Biggest Opportunities Coming Your Way In 2016


  1. Living out your ideology, following your faith and being true to your philosophy and beliefs is a life-changer in 2016.
  2. New healthy habits awaken the mantra that your body’s a temple and boosts brain power.
  3. Love is in the ascendancy from September when Jupiter promises wedding bells, a proposal and more.

Download Sally Kirkman’s eBook here.


  1. 2016 is the year of pleasure as long as you do more of what you love and actively seek out pleasure.
  2. Expert financial advice proves invaluable. Draw up a long-term plan and don’t spend extravagantly.
  3. Your surroundings matter to you so think beautiful and spend quality time in nature and places which soothe your soul.

Download Sally Kirkman’s eBook here.


  1. Your home life, your living situation is up for review, whether you’re keen to move or create more space.
  2. Your career path leads you on a circuitous route but moving up or down the ladder of success, keep your options open.
  3. 1-to-1 relationships are your biggest challenge and you can’t escape an ultimatum.

Download Sally Kirkman’s eBook here.


  1. You’re balancing a regular job with a true vocation, an activity or pursuit outside of work that acts as a trigger, a rush of excitement.
  2. A happy home life puts a smile on your face but it’s a passionate relationship that offers you the deepest fulfilment.
  3. Move beyond your comfort zone and set up home somewhere different, even if only for a short spell.

Download Sally Kirkman’s eBook here.


  1. Put time and effort into your work and money goals and your persistence pays off. Set yourself up for the future and invest wisely.
  2. Your creative and spiritual source is a deep well that can only be accessed if you do so on a regular basis.
  3. Love brings a new level of commitment but be careful what you commit to as you’re in it for the long term.

Download Sally Kirkman’s eBook here.


  1. If you’re ready to take a big leap in your life, follow your path, your destiny as 2016 is your year.
  2. Embrace freedom, be unique to who you are and worry less about what other people think.
  3. Money magic is on the way, although you might have to wait until September for money to flow.

Download Sally Kirkman’s eBook here.


  1. This isn’t the time to rush into anything new but savour what you have and reflect on your life as it is right now.
  2. Your well-being requires your attention and a holistic approach to your health proves beneficial.
  3. There are few rules when it comes to love and a wild love affair could be just what you need to uplift your spirits

Download Sally Kirkman’s eBook here.


  1. Being too hasty in life is playing a risky game especially from April to June when Mars is out of control.
  2. A disciplined approach to money management teaches you sound lessons and a home move or property deal proves lucrative.
  3. As the year comes to a close you’re less interested in chasing after big goals and more trusting in a slower pace of life.

Download Sally Kirkman’s eBook here.


  1. Saturn and Jupiter work together to empower you and move you up the next rung of your career or vocational ladder.
  2. Learn to play by the rules and focus on the bigger picture and your long-term future.
  3. Friendships flourish in the last quarter of the year and it’s your turn to gain the support and help you need.

Download Sally Kirkman’s eBook here.


  1. Saturn turns your attention away from chasing after ambition or status towards finding a path that’s fulfilling on an inner level.
  2. Love offers you a road to temptation and if you’re ready for a passion-filled year ahead, this is one option.
  3. Your attitude towards money and possessions shifts and what you value highly in life is starting to change.

Download Sally Kirkman’s eBook here.


  1. The alliances you form make the biggest difference when you’re invited to play a leading role in a group, band, society or cause.
  2. Your money fortunes are boosted when you get sound advice from experts and build a new business partnership.
  3. A desire to be free and spread your wings sees you visiting distant lands in the last quarter of the year.

Download Sally Kirkman’s eBook here.


  1. You’re surfing in to the new year full of hopes and dreams. Be true to who you are and use your inborn gifts to make a difference.
  2. Saturn helps you create order out of chaos and when you work hard you can implement your long-term ambitions.
  3. Love brings you the greatest joy and liberation is a key theme in your year ahead.

Download Sally Kirkman’s eBook here.

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