In The Key Of Pisces: George Harrison

Wednesday February 24th 2016

Today’s musician: George Harrison, the most sensitive Beatle, the one who found God and made a garden — for more on his astrology, click here. He was born either on February 24 or 25, give or take half an hour. But the 24th gives him a Rising Moon. Harrison’s only planet in Pisces is his Sun. What’s remarkable about his chart is the beautiful patterns of the aspects between the planets.

As the youngest Beatle, Harrison didn’t get a chance to flex his songwriting muscle as much as he might have done. But when he did, he made this.

The demo version of Something is gorgeous (even better than the studio version), but for copyright reasons not available on youtube. Instead here’s George teaching it to the other Beatles.

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  1. jamma says:

    Hi Christina,
    Though Paul was my fave Beatle (maybe my Gem NN was attracted by his cheekiness?), I always IDENTIFIED with George. His birthday is just two days after mine, and it seemed like I could always feel how uncomfortable he was with the hoopla surrounding the Beatles. I don’t think he enjoyed being a “star,” and after the Beatles broke up he never appeared truly happy until he started collaborating with the Traveling Wilburys.
    He left us too soon. I miss him.

    • Iris says:

      I can relate to that jamma. I identified with George too although he was less accessible. I love all the ‘i don’t know’s’ in this song. An embrace of the Piscean duality of being.

  2. Christine Cook says:

    “While my guitar gently weeps” written by George is my all-time favorite of the Beatles.

    Thank you for this series – so interesting!