In The Key Of Pisces: Kurt Cobain and Randy California

Saturday February 20th 2016

Kurt Cobain, lead singer and songwriter for the group Nirvana, probably doesn’t need much introduction. He died at 27 from a heroin overdose after making some of the most angst ridden, crazy, intense music of the late 20th century.

How many Pisces things in that paragraph? Nirvana, crazy and overdose…

His Sun is at 1° Pisces, since he was born on February 20th. But his Mercury, Venus and Saturn are at the other end of Pisces, opposite his generation’s angry Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo.

Here he is.

I had to include the lead singer of Spirit, Randy California, also born on February 20, partly because of the lyrics of this song, but also because, like Cobain, he died in true Pisces fashion. He drowned while saving his son from a rip-tide off the coast of Hawaii. Both a sacrifice and a death by water. The brilliant guitar-playing is Randy.



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