Astrology of Now: That Eclipse Feeling and Some Politics

Monday February 22nd 2016
Calculation of solar and lunar eclipses, from: The Wonders of Creation, by al-Qazwini, Arabic manuscript, 14th century

Calculation of solar and lunar eclipses, from: The Wonders of Creation, by al-Qazwini, Arabic manuscript, 14th century

We are already into the energy of the eclipse on March 9. As soon as the Sun moved into Pisces, you may have felt it in your “waters”. Something big is giving way. It may feel like ice breaking under your feet as you crunch over a puddle that could turn out to be a well, or it may be a building tidal wave of emotion.

This looks like an important eclipse — even if it’s not visible from where you are.

Just to clarify.

Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, Sun, Moon and Chiron in Pisces oppose Jupiter in Virgo
(the eclipse is lop-sided and many planets are involved)

Sun-Moon will be directly opposite Jupiter at 18°
(the eclipse effect is magnified)

The Nodes are at 21°

Saturn squares the eclipse from Sagittarius at 16°
(Saturn may help to contain some of the unleashed energy, but may just irritate)

That is a forceful opposition against one lone king. That is a tidal wave against the monarch. The potential? Someone important is swept away.

Note that all three frontrunners in the US election: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are touched directly by this eclipse. Perhaps none more so than Trump, whose Sun-Moon opposition (21-22° Gemini-Sag) is a at square to this eclipse, creating a Grand Cross. But Sanders’ Sun is at 15° Virgo and Clinton’s Moon is at 22° Pisces. The two Democrats might make a good team if they could put aside their differences.

This eclipse activates the Jupiter-Neptune opposition, and strikes the US natal Neptune at 22° Virgo and natal Mars at 21° Gemini. (Isn’t it interesting that Donald Trump’s natal Sun/Uranus is right on the US Mars. He stimulates American aggression.)

Meanwhile here in Britain, we have stumbled into a referendum on whether to leave or remain in the European Union. It’s serious for the country, either way. We don’t vote until June 23, but all hell has broken out in the ruling Conservative Party already. This eclipse is a direct hit on the Prime Minister David Cameron’s natal Uranus-Pluto in Virgo opposite Saturn-Chiron in Pisces. This is a generational aspect that he shares with everyone born in 1965-67. However, the eclipse is tightly on his particular conjunctions, and it looks as if he may already have a hole below the political waterline from his handling of the referendum issue.

If you were born in 1965-67, this eclipse is touching your generation. If you have planets in mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or Sagittarius — you will feel this eclipse.

Eclipses accelerate change. Look at where Pisces-Virgo are in you chart to find out where that change is happening

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  1. mimi says:

    Hi Christina,

    i saw that on Referendumday June 23rd the Sun will be at the MC of David Cameron and on the North Node/Venus of Boris Johnson.

    This is going to be very interesting indeed !


    • Christina says:

      Well-spotted, mimi! We will all be sick of the Brexit discussion by then I expect and grateful for any definite result. I wonder if this means, it’ll be so close that Cam has to go back and negotiate some more…

      • Sunis says:

        O God, please, No!

      • mimi says:

        I suppose it could be important that David Cameron is having his Chiron-return by then, and I think the Moon will be important as the Moon represents the people.

        On the 23rd of June the Moon will be in Aquarius and this could work out in an independent way but at the other hand it could mean that the English will come to their senses and vote with their heads and not with their emotions (I hope they will).


        • Will says:

          To vote with your head has to mean vote to Leave!?
          Also I have read there is no Rodin AAA birth chart for David Cameron, so it can’t really be used in determining the outcome?

  2. SparklingSag says:

    Oh my, Saggie Sun here. I have had major work issues and on verge of losing my job. Am praying that I am going to get through this intact.

    • Christina says:

      It’s a big one, but you are the most adaptable of signs, so you need to jump on the white horse and see where it takes you.

  3. Angelena says:

    I am travelling to central Europe for a month on business and am very nervous that something terrible will kick off and I won’t get home. I’m Pisces moon and Saturn in sag and Jupiter in virgo. Any words of advice? I am feeling very weird and tuned in to something.

    • Christina says:

      Dear Angelena, I really sympathise: clearly this is right in your chart. This eclipse will affect the migrant crisis again — in fact it has already started to happen (tear gas appears to be a weapon of choice for Neptune in Pisces), but on a personal level it’s hard to say without seeing the whole chart & discussing your situation. Further, there is always a potential positive for eclipses. Look at the Triumph of Trump. The eclipse bisects his Sun-Moon, and yet may be wiping out his opponents. (Still we have another week to go.)

      The eclipse actually takes place across Asia — the rest of us get the rippling effect.

  4. Angelena says:

    Thank you so much for taking time to reply. I shall be in touch for that personal reading when I get back. I don’t live too far from Oxford.

  5. aqua says:

    I very much hope this eclipse ensures more of the tsunami of dirt that Trump has accrued down the years be outed in bold – by everyone – the GOP, the Democrats and the media.

    • Christina says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me at all. Since it’s in Pisces it might be about lies, gossip and slander.

      • aqua says:

        His or theirs ? 😉
        That manuscript of the eclipses is utterly beautiful by the way.

        • Christina says:

          I wonder about his finances & his wife.

          • aqua says:

            Absolutely. And his ex wife and her emended rape claims.
            Oh the irony of his projections, with is foreign wives. No self awareness of his hypocritical dissonance there.
            Ditto Farage – it must be a trend.

            Really the whole lot needs to investigated and laid out publicly.
            His claims of business expertise is one of his key selling points to many.
            His incompetency, failures and illict dealings need to be made crystal clear.
            Ditto the fact checker on all his lies needs to be reported more.

            I read an article the other day on the disintergration of the GOP and it had polls on Trumps followers awareness of his previous activities. They were around 20%. Whereas Democrats where still only around 40% aware of his background.

            As to his misogyny, racism and generally foul ‘values’, I dont think that his hardcore fans will be turned off at all – but those that are vacilliating might be, when domestic abuse and the rest are more exposed.

            What I deeply fear is that the medias insistence on Black and Whiteting this into Trump versus Clinton so early, will ‘point the bone’ and influence people to think there is no point in voting for other options.

            And with Saturn in Sagittarius it absolutely behoves the media to take responsibility and act with restraint in their king making activities and all for the gladitorial arctyepal spectacle of The ultimate misogynist bully buffoon against the scheming treacherous broad 🙁

            And meantime in the real world and the enormous elephant in the room, Nasa astronaut Scott Kelly who just came back from 304 days in space [Saturn in sag and the rest]

            ‘Kelly made the most of that view, posting spectacular photos on social media of the Earth’s cities, landscapes, oceans and atmosphere.

            “The earth is a beautiful planet,” he said, describing the striking colors of the waters around the Bahamas and the rainbow hues of lakes that dot the northern Himalayas. He said he would like to visit that region, though he would first need to learn “what country actually owns them”.

            But “predominantly you just notice how thin the atmosphere is, how fragile it looks,” Kelly added. “That combined with these large swaths of pollution is kind of alarming.”

            The astronaut said he could see entire systems of pollution: smoke clouds from wildfires that covered parts of the US, sections of Asia with continuous, visible pollution nearly all year round. He said the message “we need to save the planet” slightly missed the point: “The planet will get better, it’s us that won’t be here because we’ll destroy the environment.”


            Dear God, please help us, to help ourselves.

          • Christina says:

            There is one useful thing Trump has achieved: the de-Bushing of the Republican party. The Bushes were/are violence-pushers.

  6. aqua says:

    True – but then Trump advocates torture, violence and I deeply suspect has personal form- sociopaths the lot of them.
    I do hope you consider doing a post on Nancy Reagan for this eclipse…. shes tied right in, what with her Jupiter Saturn conjunction and of course the Joanne Quigley connection.

    And imv representative with her husband of the dumbing down of American political life and the beginning of the end of the GOP as credible government, that we now see deconstructing before our eyes.
    As well as crimes against humanity with her promotion of the ‘War on Drugs’ – F*****g hypocrites – scuse my french, and the wholesale misery and destruction of millions upon millions of lives that can be laid partly at her doorstep.