In the Key of Pisces: Léo Delibes

Friday March 18th 2016

No matter how many times you hear the Flower Duet from Lakmé — and how often it’s used to sell airlines, cars or shampoo — the song still weaves a magic spell. It is so very lovely.

And composer Leo Delibes’ chart is something of a magical net too, with a beautiful Grand Trine in water, rescued from mere ease by a perfect T-square with Neptune, the composer’s planet on its apex.

Data from astrodatabank

Data from astrodatabank

Of course, he wrote many other works. He was tremendously prolific but this is the one.

Here are two Cardinals, “La Stupenda” Joan Sutherland (Libra) and the Marilyn Horne (Capricorn) giving this wondrous tune the full treatment it deserves. Have a good weekend…


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  1. hazel says:

    really enjoying these, christina, thank you! i notice in chart after chart a pattern of bundles of planets, planets crowded together in one area. so many of your featured musicians have this pattern. what do you make of it?

    • Christina says:

      Yes. I think a round up at the end would be interesting. I’m seeing quite a few New Moons/Aries Moons, too.

  2. human-borg says:

    Yeah -Ok. But what about chiron? Its aspecting both jupiter and saturn and being aspected by the sun and perhaps uranus. Hows that for a good career.

    • Christina says:

      Indeed, Chiron is aspecting all those key planets — and it’s in the 11th house, which might associate with groups or organisations — or maybe audiences. There’s not reason that a prominent Chiron would harm a career, though it’s interesting. I’d need to know more details of his life before making the Chiron connections — but I’m sure we’d find them. One thing that does strike me is that Coppelia is one of his most successful ballets — the story of a creepy svengali doctor who creates a magical doll —- that’s an evil Chiron archetype.

      • human-borg says:

        In the birth chart everything is good for the native. That is the chart standing on its own with no interaction with either transit chart, or other peoples native charts. Its all good. Its not important what houses the planets fall in. Only the aspects are important. I would guess that you think chiron is a wounded healer. I dont. As indicated it is the career, and family. But I find that it influences career more than anything. But I would guess as well that during his life there many abandoned projects due to the saturn/jupiter interaction, and of course the transits and other peoples charts to this aspect. Kept on playing the fallen angel.