Talking Astrology Podcast: Mars Rx, Bernie Sanders and the Queen

Tuesday April 26th 2016
The Queen and the Duke. Pic from The Daily Telegraph

The Queen and the Duke. Pic from The Daily Telegraph

This month in Talking Astrology, my colleague Andrea Soole and I discuss May’s Mars Retrograde. Bernie Sanders, US presidential hopeful, has this in his natal chart. We recorded the session on the Queen’s birthday, so it has rather a regal flavour.

Chart data is from astrodatabank

Chart data is from astrodatabank

Chart data is from astrodatabank

Chart data is from astrodatabank

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  1. Sabina says:

    That was fun, thanks.

  2. mimi says:

    Now I understand how I got to be so patient – born with Mars Rx (being an Aries) and had to wait until my 34th year before it turned Direct.
    Thanks, Christina.


  3. aqua says:

    Yes very interesting, thank you.

    And the Elephant in the room most worth fighting for?
    The future of this planet. The Oceans and Climate change and a war on plastic bags,pointless packaging and cars ruling our cities!
    Along with basically unregulated levels of pollution, plastic is now in the air we breath as well as choking all our waterways.

    The knock on effect of dealing with Climate change from all angles, is a decrease in terroism and refugees.

    • Christina says:

      What would you look at astrologically for discussing climate change?

      • aqua says:

        Ha! After all that talk of Neptune in Pisces, I check my email and look at whats in there…
        Syncrhonicity eat your heart out.

      • aqua says:

        Mmm good question – its so big , overarching and inclusive of everything that I expect everything is involved.
        I certainly think when Uranus moves into Taurus that we will be pushed more into practical action by the earth ‘revolting’ against us.
        Clearly Neptune and Chiron in pisces is flagging up the Oceans and our waters health, but I would also argue pollution and toxicity generally, ditto our immune systems response. Mars retrograding back through Scorpio will emphasise it – Do or Die.

        And the Pisces Neptune underlines the all pervasive background issue of our collective survival and underlying death wish, that people are ignoring or burying their heads out of passivity, fear, helplessness , selfishness or guilt.

        Pluto and Uranus come into it obviously, but I feel that while Uranus in Aires is great for fighting injustice to often its driven by personal ideology and zeitgeist entitlement.

        Because it needs a concerted unified effort, where we put all our differences aside for this goal – Pisces.
        But thats not to say that individually we cant acheive much. If theres one thing that Uranus in aires should have taught us is that an individual can light a flame.
        And on a pragmatic level, those habit changes necessary are a win win perfectly acheivable goal. In the everyday.

        For example not driving unless essential, clears the air – increases fitness- increases social interaction-allows cities to be more flexible and sustainable in design – allows us to interact with more beautiful, peaceful surroundings and the other species that live here.
        Not least for the rights of those species to thrive.
        Plastic bags and packaging – we dont need most of it.
        Online shopping is a huge consumer and distributor of polystyrene beads – plastic inflatable packaging etc
        And we need to tell companies why we wont buy from them if they are unsustainable.
        It works! And social media is great for putting pressure on them to change their practise.

        And this applies to all our habitual habits and apparently necessary comforts [I think we will see more shake up of these with Uranus in Taurus, along with rebelling at food technology] wether thats kinds of food consumption , getting around, building, transporting, creating and consuming unnessecary gadgets and products etc.

        And on a smaller cycle Saturn in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Virgo square Chiron seems very significant- Especially with North Node in Virgo pointing to our current evolutionary path – Clean Up Pronto!

        And Ill be very interested to see what happens when Saturn conjuncts the Galactic Centre.
        And of course Ceres in Pisces…addictive consumption poisoning the earth.

        Sorry for the rant, but its extremely worrying – my solution was to join the Green Party. I doubt they will get in but they are influencing policy and affecting change at a grass roots level across the board by being elected into councils. Not only that but they really are the only genuinely democratic party in the way they operate. Every member can make policy.
        And its dispiriting when they get painted as wierdos/tree huggers when more people supported their policies on Policy Checker at the election than any other party.

        Still, the biggest and most dangerous mistake would be to be defeatist or appathetic and allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by innaction in the face of the threat [Neptune Pisces]. Its our habits that created it – we can change that.
        Especially in the UK in my view – we hide under the duvet, and let parental forces exploit us -all that Capricorn/Cancer. And we have some of the worst pollution in the EU.
        This whole expose of Diesel emissions is an absolute disgrace.

        On that note can I just flag up that there is a March/Rally acrosss the UK in London and other cities on Sunday the 8th of May at noon – ‘Going Backwards on Climate Change’ re the governments quite breathtakingly insane reversals on the Paris Climate Summit agreements.