RIP Victoria Wood

Thursday April 21st 2016

Just gutted. She was only 62. A comic genius.

No birth time is available — so set for noon. The day she died, Venus returned. She must have been surrounded by love.

No birth time is available — so set for noon. The day she died, Venus returned. She must have been surrounded by love.


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  1. Christina says:

    Oh no — Prince… ;(

    • aqua says:

      Such a shock… again

    • Sabrina says:

      Yes :(…what do you think?! The one thing that popped was the nodal axis squaring his Sun/Saturn opp

      • Leonora says:

        Indeed. I couldn’t see anything more at first glance. Makes me wonder – all these talented souls transitioning.. what do they know that we don’t?!!

        • Christina says:

          It’s not often one uses the word genius — but Prince, Bowie and Wood had it. They all had natal Pluto in Leo, of course, but that’s not going to do it. Tr Uranus and Saturn are both trining Pluto in Leo by sign but not aspect, which might possibly be significant.

          Saturn stationed opposite Prince’s Sun when it turned Rx in March, which is certainly significant. The Uranian aspects I mentioned above would fit with the suddenness of his departure and the possible link with his epilepsy.

          • Leonora says:

            Christina – IMO the transits are hugely significant by sign! Because these pepe show the pinnacle of what that transit is about and those with it seeded (Pluto in Leo) natally – get it! its a two way thing. I think Stephen Arroyo wrote some good stuff about signs rather than aspects. I’m doing some work o electromagnetic fields and their influences and think this is key to understand the vagaries of transits! But that’s another story!!

      • Christina says:

        Uranus opposite Jupiter too triggered by the tr Moon. I can’t believe it.

  2. Jane Lyle says:

    So hard to believe both Victoria Wood and Prince have departed so suddenly. Is there a mass exodus of famous souls this year? It’s only April, and so many seem to have gone already.

    Regarding Prince, I haven’t looked at his chart. But this Scorpio full Moon, plus Sun in Taurus were square to asteroid Dionysus. I was rather fascinated by this symbolism last week. As you know, Dionysus was androgynous, and the god of theatre, dance, music and revelry – as well as a god of rebirth and wine. Somehow, the persona of the vastly talented Prince, and this Ancient Greek god seem to create a chord together – in my own imagination at least. Here’s a quote from Euripides about the god Dionysus. And I hope the spirits of Victoria Wood and Prince are dancing now. Possibly to ‘Kiss’…..

    “He is life’s liberating force.
    He is release of limbs and communion through dance.
    He is laughter, and music in flutes.
    He is repose from all cares — he is sleep!
    When his blood bursts from the grape
    and flows across tables laid in his honour
    to fuse with our blood,
    he gently, gradually, wraps us in shadows
    of ivy-cool sleep.”

    Euripides – ‘The Bacchae’

    • Leonora says:

      Hi Janey! I think Prince was the embodiment of Gemini – whatever he said, there was a glint in his eye which insinuated it might to be the truth… his flamboyance, androgyny, “women not girls rule my world” while surrounded by girls… always a double message! Saturn, aka lead boy in my house is also the creator of form. Methinks when a soul is that talented, the form cannot contain it for that long. Dionysus was also surrounded by “mad women” – Prince always had his maenads! His natal sun was conjunct Rigel – “Rigel gives splendor, honor, riches, and happiness to those who are born under it. It is seen that while the constellation may indicate a bad influence, such as those who are foolish and impious, the individual star portends all those who are apt to be self-reliant persons whose success will give them riches and eminence. ” But when Saturn comes to call, its time for a reshape! I’m shifting my views on Saturn – the hexagonal structure of fab new nano material, graphene puts a new slant on structure! And Prince – herewith graphene
      “It is ultra-light yet immensely tough.
      It is 200 times stronger than steel, but it is incredibly flexible.
      It is the thinnest material possible as well as being transparent.
      It is a superb conductor and can act as a perfect barrier – not even helium can pass through it.
      All this and more. Much more…
      The primary function of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) is to produce a constant flux, a never-ending sense of movement, in order to provide a wide field of expression for the life of the Soul… with the mutable cross of Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter to his sun (forget tight orbs, Neptune doesn’t know orb!!) IMO Prince is entering a soul initiation. Purple rain, purple haze… the colour purple.. its all deep purple stuff!

      • aqua says:

        ‘I think Prince was the embodiment of Gemini”
        I couldnt agree more – the dark -and the light.
        And I think the transiting Saturn Jupiter square is deeply significant here.

      • Jane Lyle says:

        Hello Leonora – purple, Jupiter’s own hue…. and yes, the energy of the mutable t-square is flowing out through Gemini like a tide that’s impossible to contain.

        For Victoria Wood, Neptune was squaring her Mars, with Jupiter expanding that. Perhaps that means a fast (Mars) spiritual (Neptune) exit on a new journey (Jupiter/Moon’s nodes)? Gemini Mars, also receiving the energies of this mutable t-square and boarding the soul train? Oh, it’s all too sad. I must think about Mrs. Overall and smile.

    • Christina says:

      Exactly Jane — so perfect. May I use this quote… too sad to write anything just yet.

      • Jane Lyle says:

        Hello Christina – yes of course use the quote. There are others too, I think somewhere Euripides calls Dionysus the ‘god of joy’. Neptune in Prince’s chart was at 2 degrees Scorpio, so that full Moon was conjunct. Not that this, or anything else, is a sign of death. But sensitivity peaking in some way? Just so sad, but I’m telling myself his work here was complete. Not that I always believe myself!

  3. human-borg says:

    I must say I am shocked more about this demise, then any of the other demises over the past month or so. Even I know who VW is. Its not about the quantity of life, it about the quality of life.

    Its better to live a year as a lion, than a hundred as a sheep.