Monthly Horoscopes: May 2016

Sunday May 1st 2016
Pekka Halonnen, Drying Laundry

Pekka Halonen, Drying Laundry

After the winter that never happened: the coldest spring here in Europe. I’m in France today. The irises are out, fulsome purple against blue-green spikes. The garrigue is in blossom, dark splashes of wild lavender, washes  of pale violet thyme, bright pink rock roses, asphodel, limey euphorbia, blood-red poppies, pale yellow daisies as big as a child’s hand and tiny narcissi. The closer you get to the ground, the more detail becomes apparent — tiny purple orchids, sky-coloured forget-me-nots, wild pink peas. There’s been one good day; the rest of weekend has been cold and overcast. But with darkened, slatey skies, the blossoms’ colours sing. And after each rain shower, the scent is glorious.

And then there’s the hum of insects when the Sun does come out, butterflies — burnt orange, teal, white, faded denim.

Everything has come at once this year, because of the warm winter and cold spring. The quince tree in my mother’s garden is covered with more blossom than any other year I can remember — a bumper crop maybe? All that’s needed is a little fair weather. And astrologically, May looks set fair — a month to get on with the joys of life while Mars, Saturn and Pluto are sleeping…

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  1. meblake says:

    I just wanted to say, quickly, that I very much enjoy the paintings that accompany each monthly horoscope. I especially like this month’s paintings of laundry. They brought back the smell of fresh linen and cotton, drying in the sun.There’s nothing else like it. Too bad we invented the electric dryer sometimes, although for those with allergies, it’s a godsend. Anyway the horoscope is fun, the paintings even more fun. Thank you!

  2. JoBourne says:

    Can I second the comment about the paintings. They are always a pleasure. This month they are utterly enchanting! Horoscopes, as always, fascinating.
    With kind regards

  3. Wardrobematters2 says:

    I’m having a dreadful time actually finding the horoscopes….haven’t yet….it keeps looping back to the introduction to May.

  4. LSadler says:

    I am having the same issue, Wardrobematters2. I was able to access the May horoscopes at the beginning of the month without any trouble. I just got a new computer and this is the first time I have tried to access the horoscopes on this new laptop. I had to reset my password because my password was “remembered” on my old computer – and apparently my old computer is the only entity that knew that password! So I reset the password – and now as I try to access horoscopes, it keeps “looping back” as you say.

    • Christina says:

      Hi – I will send you a direct link. That should sort it out. Sometimes it’s a change in browser that disrupts things also.