Astrology of Now: 23° High Voltage

Friday June 17th 2016
American army nurse during WW2 demonstrating Ju-Jitsu, the “gentle technique”. This Japanese martial art uses the opponent;s own strength against herself,

American army nurse during WW2 demonstrating Ju-Jitsu, the “gentle technique”. This Japanese martial art uses the opponent’s own strength against herself,

If you have any planets between 22° and 24°, you should be aware that Mars is putting a tremendous focus of energy into this very narrow area of the Zodiac.. 23° specifically is highly activated because Uranus, the planet of electricity, surprise and lighting is at 23° Aries, and this is the degree where Mars is due to station in the coming weeks.

Mars is the planet of violent action — retrograde, he behaves differently, but the consequences can be just as bad. We have had two powerful examples of this in the news this week. Jo Cox, the MP murdered in the street yesterday, had Chiron (the wound) at 23° Aries directly opposite Uranus (shock) at 23° Libra in her natal chart. Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter, had Mars at 23° Aquarius (community) square to his Sun at 24° Scorpio.

The singer Meatloaf, who collapsed on stage yesterday has transiting Mars Rx sitting on his Jupiter (24° Scorpio) — the planet of excess which is placed at the top of his chart (in the public eye or “on stage”).

During a Mars Rx, there is also tremendous power in yielding. Bernie Sanders has given up his bid for presidency and thrown his weight behind Hillary Clinton, but by doing so he is furthering his agenda. He has Mars Rx in his natal chart — at 23° Aries opposite Venus at 22° Libra. He is a strong partner. Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren, the left’s dream candidate who may be tapped by Clinton for Veep, has her North Node exactly on 23° Aries too. And what about Clinton herself? South Node at 23° Scorpio: this is a turning point for her. But she will need to adjust her course, and acknowledge Sanders and Warren.

****Correction: Bernie Sanders has not given up his bid. It’s more that Clinton has solidified her lead. (as of June 20.  What is certain is that his contribution to the debate is not over.  Currently he must be regrouping. Actually becoming Prez could be less important that ensuring real change.*****

Used appropriately, this energy can activate a major change in direction. Chris Murphy, the US Senator who filibustered for 14 hours in order to make room for anti-gun legislation this week — has Mercury (communications) at 23° Cancer, that is in an easy trine to Mars Rx. His speech was intended to protect his country and the children of his country, both concerns of Cancer.

Mars is currently moving very slowly backwards through Scorpio at 24°. In a few days, Mars will reach 23° and then station here and turn direct on June 30. However, Mars will stay on 23° until July 11. A lot of energy may be released when Mars turns direct in Scorpio, his own sign.

At the same time Uranus, the planet of explosions, surprises and electricity is exactly on 23° Aries (Mrs Cox was having her Uranus Half-Return). Ceres, the asteroid of nurturing, will soon join Uranus here for the final week of June.

Chiron (25°) is trining Mars Rx from Pisces, a weeping sign. Many tears are being shed right now.

The Full Moon at the solstice promises to be exceptionally potent. Both Sun and Moon will be visible in the sky at sunset, across the polarity of communications (29° Gemini-Sagittarius). This may portend a war of words (but we all know that is happening already) — however, what it powerfully tells us is that this is a time for dialogue and conversation, exchanging ideas, listening and gathering information. Action may go badly wrong.

If you have a planet at 23° in Cancer or Pisces, you have an opportunity to bring that changing energy forth easily. If you have something at 23° Fixed or Cardinal, the energy is more dynamic.

Take care and may the force be with you.

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  1. mm says:

    Natal Moon conj Nth Node at 23/24 Aries. Finding it hard to watch the news these days. Feeling very shakey.

    While I’m here I want to say how much I appreciate your regular posts Christina, I learn a lot from them and from your perspective.

    • Christina says:

      Thank you mm & I also appreciate your regular comments!

      This Mars Rx has actually affected the frequency of my writing — it’s in the third house now for me.

      • mm says:

        Ah, interesting re 3rd house and writing. Mars is retro in my 2nd in Scorpio right now and I’ve been forced to clean up my financial act during this past 2/3 months. My Moon/Node conjunction at 23 Aries is in my 8th and that just adds to the financial/security uncertainty that I’m feeling. In retrospect I know I’ll be grateful for this revamp though right at this moment it’s seems to be threatening my whole sense of myself and my stability and safety.

        • mm says:

          Oops. Typed before engaging brain. 23 Scorpio is actually on the 2nd/3rd cusp for me but Mars is ruler of my 8th (Aries) and my natal Mars is in 8th in Taurus. Moon/Nth Node are on the 7th/8th house cusp. And certainly the themes of finances and personal security have been so very predominant these past months. Can’t wait for this high voltage period to be over and Mars to go direct. No surprise that I had to have the electrician around yesterday as my household electrical wiring seems to be giving up the ghost. It will take several visits to sort everything out I’m told.

  2. Hi Christina – yes an interesting degree – I have noticed that Ceres – dwarf planet – is around in her role as negative keeper of purity with these events. Both Hitler and Breivik have interesting Ceres placements. I think she is not always nurturing! Pure Arian race, No immigrants in Norway – that type of thing.

    • Iris says:

      Negative keeper of purity. Astute description. Have you read Louise Gluck’s poem series on Persephone and Ceres? Wonderful, and Faye’s phrase bought it to mind.
      I have Ceres at 23 Pisces, 1h. Might be time to read those poems again.

    • Christina says:

      Faye — thank you for making that point. I have been struggling to work out Ceres role here.

      • aqua says:

        I agree about Ceres, one of her dark sides does seem to be racism, racial purity, ditto Chiron although from a slightly different angle. And Chirons square to the anaretic degree of the full moon in Sagittarius is particularly potent. For me the rulership of Chiron the Centaur, has always clearly been Sagittarius the Centaur.

        Great illustration by the way, very much captures the atmosphere.
        Re the upcoming full moon and themes associated with Sagittarius and the other Mutables, that we have seen play out so dramatically in this lunation, I also noticed an article about Al Jazeera journalists being sentenced to death in Egypt which is really appalling.
        In fact the whole rise and demise of Al Jazeera would be interesting to study I think, especially tied in with Arab Spring.

        For it to end like this is so depressing and proves again that hope and promise in ‘revolutions’ so often pave the way to more oppression.

        Which is why given the repetition of themes from the thirties, I view the upcoming shift of Uranus into Taurus with such grave misgivings. I realise thats pretty alarmist, but thinking of all the Socialist hope that was so prevalent then with the Spanish Civil war etc among many other similar themes.
        I hope we have learned our lesson, but what frightens me, is the complete lack of interest in facts that is so prevalent in political discourse currently, especially from the Right.

        A seeming disavowal and disinterest in what went before, as if somehow what is being proposed is in someway ‘new’.

        I realise Ive mentioned this before re Uranus in Aires willfullness and isolationism, but imv for all those historic reasons, its so important we dont disunite on Thursday.

        I suppose I especially feel this anxiety in my astrological dna, because my grandfather was one of the European diplomats who warned Chamberlain not to appease Hitler. And as a result was painted as a warmonger in the gutter press, to his lasting distress.
        Ironically as a child my mum used to call me Kassandra/Cassandra, but that complex started with him, and for good reason, obviously.
        What I did not know though, not until I started learning Astrology in the eighties was that he also recommended to Churchill that he should employ an Astrologer, wether he believed in it or not, so that he would at least have some idea what advice Hitler recieved – hence De Wohl.
        My aunt also sent me a photocopy of a letter Hitlers Astrologer Karl Kraft sent to my grandfather.
        Im not sure if Ive mentioned that before but I thought it might interest you as a piece of Astro history that is tied in with current events.

        • Christina says:

          Actually aqua — very interested…. have you written about this elsewhere? It would be wonderful to have the complete story.

          • Aqua says:

            Hi Christina, actually I havent.

            But Ive been wondering what to do with the story for a while.
            Im happy to tell you it- perhaps by phone cos as youve probably noticed Im a terrible one fingered typist.

            I could drop you an email with my number. And sorry about not contacting you yet, about the other thing we discussed -apart from any issue to do with that stuff, Ive been campaigning for the referendum.

        • aqua says:

          Synchronicity being what it is, I just had a look at his chart, which I havent done in years – I note he had Uranus at 23 degrees Scorpio, Mars at 25 Aquarius, Venus at 23 Pisces and Chiron 24 Libra….

          • aqua says:

            Hmm his Mars conjoins my South node and his Uranus squares my nodes/Uranus.
            On a far larger scale, Hitlers ascendant was roughly 23 – 26 Libra [ appart from being conjunct his Chiron,] is now the opposite point to transiting Uranus.
            Im scaring myself ; (

  3. Kathryn says:

    Hello all, love this post.

    Pluto crossed my 23scorp Asc 23 years ago, leaving me with type 1diabetes. If you know anyone with this, please be kind, they are suffering.

    I have Ceres at 23 cap. Making food into ‘work’

    Venus 23 gem
    Saturn 24 Leo
    Sun 25 Taurus

    Mars transiting my Asc this time has caused me to want to exercise more, to get my physical vessel stronger.

    Transiting Uranus at 23 aries, conj Ceres at 22:
    last week I took delivery of a life changing gadget, a continuous glucose monitor. I attach a sensor to my arm and scan myself with a little monitor, now I know how much sugar is in my blood at all times and no more finger prick tests. This is an enormous leap to the future ( Uranus). Physical benefits are obvious but mentally and energetically it has freed up my mind and energy for more creative and interesting pursuits.

    Ha, just realised my house number is 23 too 🙂

    Very excited to see what July 11th will bring, i feel ready for anything now.

    • Christina says:

      That is wonderful! Such good news (a turning point) & and thank you for sharing since so much of the news is negative and depressing. Uranus is definitely involved with high-tech medical stuff. My perfectly-delivered C-section took place with Uranus on my Sun.

      I think Venus (sugar) is involved with diabetes too, as it is in your chart. Somewhere on this blog — maybe the article on Venus in Cancer, there’s a short discussion in the comments about it, springing from Halle Berry’s interesting chart.

  4. Kell says:

    NN at 22 Libra- SN at 22 Aries. Uranus just entered my 6th House. Woo hoo! Almost was rear ended twice in 2 hours- developing new healthy habits- releasing clutter.

    • Christina says:

      Kel — I was rearended. Car was written off a couple of weeks ago — just thought it was so perfect for Mars Rx. Mars Rx just into the third. Uranus at 23 making partile aspect to my own Mars and Neptune… Thank God I was wearing my seatbelt

      • aqua says:

        ‘Thank God I was wearing my seatbelt’ Yes indeed!, Perhaps its a blessing in disguise that your car is off the road, keeping you safe in this period.

  5. Gilly says:

    My Sun is at 23 Capricorn – I’ll be honest, a little energy would be handy right now.

  6. Oliver says:

    Sun in Libra at 23 degrees in 4th House and Venus in Scorpio in 5th House at 22 degrees. Along with Mars in Scorpio at 18 degrees in same house. Was at Thai boxing class and my energy was off the scale! Restless energy flowing through me.

  7. Angelena Boden says:

    Mine Gilly is at 24. Agree about the energy. I’m exhausted, depressed and anxious with all this terrible news.

  8. Kell says:

    Road rage is a big theme- also internet stalking/terror and bringing a “big gun” to a dog fight- all too literally.

    My Part of Fortune is 24 Scorpio- and my Saturn is 21 Sagg so lots of work-

    The Uranus- Aries 23 SN cusps 5/6 and 11/12. Big family gatherings today- and we are long term hosting uni roommate of one son.

    In pirates- water rights- in a Great Lake State. Water in Flint poisoned with lead- slowly improving. Detroit residents face shutoffs and bureaucracy. Bearing burden of inept/corrupt régime and ancient infrastructure. Elders, families face shutoffs. Big corporate customers delinquent but still watering grounds, golf courses, machine parts. Chiron in Pisces weeps.

  9. […] (it is exact today at 23° 50′). Christina, The Oxford Astrologer, did a great post on the Mars-Uranus inconjunct, a great read for those with personal planets or Angles from 22° to 24°. The kind of change these […]

  10. Ismael says:

    Hi, great post! My Saturn is at 23° scorpio, any ideason how this could play out? thank you 🙂

    • Christina says:

      You need to look at what Saturn is doing with other planets in your chart & what house it is in & what house it rules. Useful to think about how Saturn works in your life & go from there.

      • Isabel Tifft says:

        Being nurturing is the flip side of being controlling and manipulative. Giving others what they need vs what you think they need.

  11. Moira says:

    Dwarf planet Eris is conjunct Uranus on 23/24 Aries at the moment, particularly relevant to Jo Cox’s death, I think, and of course Ceres is nearby. I agree with Faye about Ceres – she has a dark side, certainly isn’t all nurturing. Oh, and I have four planets on 22-24 Aries and Libra.

  12. mary says:

    My 11 year old son has Saturn at 23′ Cancer, in the 6th. He and I have been working with a theater troupe this summer, and his responsibility and commitment have grown exponentially. This past week several of his fellow actors have commented that they view him as a peer, not as a token “child actor.” I think this might be how he is channeling this energy!

  13. Leonora says:

    Since Ceres is goddess of the harvest, the harvest has to be reaped. She is as much reaper as Pluto then and colludes with him.

    • Isabel Tifft says:

      Especially interesting in light of their polar relationships with Persephone, mythologically speaking. Very interesting point.

  14. Kay says:

    Longtime reader of your blog here, especially for your mundane astrology posts– my main interest in recent years. I’m less focused on personal/interpersonal astrology these days but I still see how it’s operational in my own life. I have a natal 23 degree Leo moon (natally in trine to my Aries sun and the late 80s Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Sag, all in the 19-26 degree range of the fire signs). My Mercury is also at 24 Pisces. My personal life is quite calm at the moment, but I’ve felt the Orlando massacre and now the Jo Cox assassination deeply. Yes, many tears (Chiron transit). I’ve also had an abundance of restless energy & difficulty concentrating over the past week or two, and impatience with rude/aggressive strangers while commuting. I’ve repeatedly felt the urge to be off the streets/”safe at home.” At the same time I’ve felt a strong connection and sense of harmony with my colleagues and friends. The stereotypical tr Mars sq Moon conflict issue doesn’t seem to be manifesting for me, maybe bc of Mars being rx and in a water sign? It’s in my 9th, but in orb of conjunction with my MC, and squaring my 7th house moon. I’ve been doing a lot of reading. My partner was born in a different year than me but we have numerous shares planets, signs & configurations, including the Aries sun/Leo moon trining the 80s Saturn-Uranus conjunction, but his are in the 25-29 degree range. Mars rx is conjunct his 3rd house cusp. He’s also been doing a great deal of reading.

  15. Green says:

    Interesting regarding the third house and writing – I have it in Mars in Scorpio conjunct Uranus and I have always wanted to be a writer.

  16. mimi says:

    Hi Christina,
    Very appropriate : this coming New Moon is on Jo Cox’s Sun. Her birthday is at 22 June. New beginning for her.


    • Leonora says:

      Great point Mimi. We get so mired in the melodrama of death we forget it’s just stepping out of one reality into the bigger one! I think souls who have a very specific mission get their exit when their mark has been made – whatever that is – and the soul agreement is reached. Of course we mustn’t confuse personality with soul. The soul which expressed as Jo Cox continues its journey. The body known as Jo Cox doesn’t. Thanks to that soul for the tremendous contribution and on it goes.

  17. Angelena Boden says:

    What a lovely thing to say.. a new beginning for her… if you see what I mean. That’s given me the most positive feeling possible in these dark times.

  18. A powerful piece, Christina…that Mars retro in Third House squares my 12th House Sun. Writing lots, ranting lots…will Share.

  19. Isabel Tifft says:

    Regarding the Uranus – Mars rx/SD – Ceres positioning… I think Ceres is feeding fuel to the fires!

    Mars rx is interesting. Especially in this sign. It seems a bit like the energetic equivalent of not looking directly at stars, because more show up in peripheral vision than in the central fovea of the eye; if I don’t aim directly for whatever it is, but keep relevant energy flowing rather than trying to point it or stop it — things settle into a rightness I couldn’t have aimed for if I’d tried.

    But my whole Mars situation is a bit odd. In 12th house, in scorch range of my Sun with the Sun in fiery Aries (just) and the Mars in physical Taurus (just)… oh, hey, guess what, Ceres conjuncting my Mars, bracketing it on the other side 🙂 Food can certainly poison my body’s electricity. Gluten can stop me in my tracks, insensate, inarticulate, mentally void. Negative purity indeed.

    Such an interesting post with such interesting conversations!

  20. sabrina says:

    Such powerful piece Christina. Deep meaningful, transformative action and conversation. A handful of close ones have planets around those degrees. There’s a mars in Leo, another in aries. A moon in taurus, another in aries. Glad you’re ok…Yesterday near my neighborhood there was full frontal crash.

  21. Starbright says:

    Well, what can I say, my ascendant is 23 degree Scorpio. Something’s Coming?

  22. Leonora says:

    Mars is opposite Algol so expect a lot of headless chickens, talking heads, Gorgons with agendas, self punishing over eating, general argumentativeness and undercurrents of revenge. This is not directed at anyone in particular btw just my assessment of Mars in Scorpio opposing Algol.

  23. LB says:

    Interesting article, reading it retrospectively. I was too caught up in the referendum to notice my own chart stuff at that time, but I’ve got my natal Pluto at 23 Libra in the 1st house and my MC is 23 Cancer…

    For the past few months I have been secretly considering a major career change – quietly getting coaching, saving up, leaving my job… The referendum suddenly put a rocket under my reasons for hesitating. Now I feel like a different person to who I was on June 22nd… But at the moment it’s hidden from almost everyone else.

  24. aquamarm says:

    Descendant 23ºaries. jupiter/venus conjunct at 23ºsag. asc: 23ºlibra conjunct spica.
    But sod all happening in my life. No relationship that’s for sure.
    The news is exciting though. In the world.