The Shooting of Philando Castile

Friday July 8th 2016


Diamond Reynolds live-streamed the immediate aftermath of her boyfriend’s murder by a police officer in St Paul, Minnesota on Wednesday. Her powerful testimony during the filming, and at an impromptu press conference the following day is so compelling, so passionate, so pure. If words can change the course of events, these ones will.

“I want justice. I want peace.”

There are moments, rarely captured on film, when the gods speak through one person. One of those moments was surely yesterday, and that person was Diamond Reynolds. She was anguished about the death of her beloved, but she was speaking for something much, much bigger than a personal tragedy. And the previous evening she had harnessed the great network of human consciousness, the internet, to broadcast a brutal truth.

If you have any doubts about the validity of astrology, take a moment to look at the chart for the minute of the shooting. Pluto stands for armed officers. Rising, he shoots right into the eye of the Sun, where Mercury, the planet of speech and communications is “cazimi”, which means super-powered. Remember that the angles of a chart move very rapidly, so while Pluto was going over the Ascendant, the officers must have been deciding to pull Philando Castile, Diamond Reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter over.

I noticed from some of the news footage that Ms Reynolds mentions the fact that Philando Castile was a kind, gentle, sensitive Cancer, currently in the sights of Pluto. At the moment of his death, Venus in Cancer was making a perfect trine to Mars in Scorpio…

Mars, the god of blood and war, is at the apex of this chart in Scorpio, the sign of death, and is applying to an inconjunct with Uranus, suddenness — too quick on the trigger.  Uranus is also connected to electronics and broadcasting, the internet and the group, and Mars to murder. The inconjunct is an unexpected connection.

Five policemen have already been gunned down — ironically at an anti-violence demonstration in Dallas. Let’s hope this does not escalate further. This is a dangerous, volatile, unpredictable month. Stay safe.

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  1. Yes, a really powerful horoscope indeed. The current Jupiter/North Node trine Pluto seems to be manifesting ‘across the map’ as it were, in those with power in our society stepping hubristically over the limits of that power – and being called to account by individual and collective voices. Witness this poignant individual case, and in the UK the public’s reaction to the Brexit vote and the hapless male politicians who pushed their luck, stepped over their limits, and utterly fell from grace as a result.

  2. Ann says:

    I am so very grateful for your writings Christina. I look forward to them every week. I just wanted to thank you, know that what you are doing makes a difference in the world, and it is voices like yours that are needed in times like this…

  3. Leonora says:

    Mars is opposite Algol, a. very unhappy situation. and perhaps influencing Ms Reynolds very direct address to the public via her phone. I watched the footage and was surprised bY how calm and almost detached she was whole her boyfriend bled to death. The police officer outside the car was hysterical but she was absolutely cold and calm as she spoke into her phone.
    As Pluto also opposes Sirius, I see events such as this having a massive importance in a. Giver picture. Pluto and Sirius loom large in the natal chart of America. They have yet to sort out their relationship with the gun and until they do, these type of events will be common.

  4. Leonora says:

    Btw, just a thought but IMO Mars is actually more about the creation of karma. It I the planet of action, not just violence etc and with Algol opposite it is action without feeling, action cut off from the rest of the odd, action without heart. In the larger picture there is consequence and hopefully more work done to build perceived fractures in society.
    I’d like to see the charts of the deceased and the officer who despatched him. On a soul level there could be a collusion to promote the dialogue which leads to healing rifts.