Brangelina Back To Just Plain Old Brad and Angelina

Tuesday September 20th 2016
A still from By The Sea, the last movie they made together — about a marriage falling apart.

A still from By The Sea, the last movie they made together — about a marriage falling apart.

What a shame that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting up.

It’s a tale of mutable tragedy. Pitt is a Sagittarian Sun and Jolie a Gemini — opposites attracted. Both these signs have been shaken and stirred this year by eclipses and a Jupiter transit in their fellow mutables Pisces and Virgo — not to mention gloomy Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius and harsh square to romantic Neptune in Pisces. The latter was a big reality check for everyone.

That eclipse on September 1 smacked poor Brad Pitt right where it hurts most — on his Chiron. In fact, his entire chart was picked up and shaken by it. Take a look — the eclipse was at 9° Virgo. Pitt’s Asc-Desc (self and other) is at 11° Sag-Gem, his Uranus-Chiron is at 10° Virgo-Pisces. Even worse, at the same time, Saturn was sitting on his Ascendant — “time to grow up” — and squaring Neptune on his Chiron too. Just ouch! Poor man.

Oh and then he took a left-hook right into his Sagittarius Sun at 24° (self-esteem) at the solar eclipse on September 16 — 25° Pisces.

As for Angelina Jolie — Saturn is on her natal Neptune — 10° Sagittarius — and opposing her Sun — 13° Gemini. That Sun-Neptune is so idealising, but Saturn brought that all down to earth with a bump.

I wonder if the Moons were the problem. I hope they patch it up…. maybe as likely as Britain making up with Europe again…

Both charts are from astrodatabank.

astro_2gw_471_angelina_jolie_adb-69209-4661 astro_2gw_472_brad_pitt_adb-58050-8394

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  1. Christina says:

    Just an addendum. Angelina Jolie has Lilith at 13° Pisces — unleashed by the eclipses!

  2. 44 and counting says:

    Announced on the day that mars transited his Sag sun. Looks like a declaration of war from the Aries-dominant Angelina.

    I won’t be entirely surprised if it turns out one of them has been having an affair. Partly because of how they came together but also because transiting Neptune is active to his relationship axis and her Sun-Neptune opposition – so some deception going on somewhere.

    t-Pluto still has a lot of work to do on his chart, hers is almost done but the Jupiter-Saturn square is breaking down now. Saturn in Cancer can equal feeling that you have no sense of belonging. Jupiter conjunct Moon in Aries fuels her maternal desire to create a large family to fill that emptiness. Notably she’s filed for physical custody of the children. But even if she wins (and with Aries mars/jupiter/moon it’s going to be a competition), I doubt she’s going to be happy.

    This could get a bit nasty … Aries and Cap don’t play nice when the stakes are high … winning is the only thing.

  3. 44 and counting says:

    Will add that I get the real sense from his chart that he is pretty uncompromising.

    Firstly Cap is never great at compromise, it knows what it wants and believes and is single-minded fixated on that. It can go it alone if needs be. Think his future Pluto transits are going to teach his moon/venus about the need for vulnerability and trusting others.

    Secondly he has that Uranus-Pluto conjunction squaring his relationship axis. I’ve met a lot of mid-60s people who are good at manipulating situations while appearing to be very compromising.

    My guess is that her Neptune has been staring through the rose-tinteds at his Sag Asc/Sun and thinking what a happy fun guy he is. All the while becoming confused every time he twists things around to get what he wants. Finally she’s woken up and seen the truth.

    She may be a UN ambassador, have been given a Dame title by the Queen and be mega rich and a film star but it still doesn’t mean she can’t fall in the trap that many women do of believing they can change or fix the man they’re with.

  4. Agree about their Moons. Working with couples over many years, have realized no matter how well other birth chart indicators mesh, when their Moons square it’s very difficult to have a long lasting relationship, and they almost always separate.

    • Christina says:

      Having learned a lot from each other, of course. In fact, if it were not for the children, one would say that the Brangelina has not had a bad run — 12 years, one Jupiter cycle…

  5. 44 and counting says:

    According to reports (admittedly the Daily Mirror website) … the divorce is happening because she is unhappy with his strict parenting of their children.

    Of course what person thinks is strict can just be having decent rules and boundaries to another. She basically doesn’t believe the children should have any rules but should be allowed to explore and find out who they are.

    Now doesn’t that just sound like the difference in nurturing styles between a Cap moon and an Aries moon?

  6. grace says:

    Bringing in chinese astrology…Brad and Ang both born in year of Rabbit. Sept is Month of Rooster,which clashes(like an opposition but worse) with people born in Rabbit year.This is indicative of separation and a year wont get any better as 2017 is year of the Rooster,again clashing with people born in year of rabbit.

  7. mimi says:

    I just checked : Jennifer Aniston has Jupiter right now on her Uranus and is getting her Jupiter-return in the coming weeks / months. Good for her !


  8. 44 and counting says:

    Noting that t-Uranus squared his Cap Venus the day after the divorce was announced!

    Last pass next March just after t-Saturn goes over his Sag Sun. Guess that’s when it’ll finalise.

  9. Leonora says:

    Angelina has Moon Mars conjunct in Aries opposite Pluto – hr way or the highway at the very least and then there is the fear of her familial cancer which has made her strip away all her feminine organs – breasts, uterus and so on. So who is she angry with? The spectre of the cancer? Life for not making her life perfect despite all the passing, posturing, adopted children… Angelina has run out of things to be angry with – so now its Brad’s turn. A double Sag, he would love playing pool, playing wth the kids, and he has taken his responsibilities well – with a stellium in Capricorn.
    But there is a fundamental issue here which is so primal yet overlooked. For what ever reason Angelina has adopted children into their lives, they are not Brad’s genetic kids. This actually accounts for a lot and on a very basic level, he would not have bonded as well with the adopted children as his own. Then there is her own maternal bonding – and her transgender child. Its a very peculiar family in some respects and while Angelina has presented herself as some sort of uber mother, and champion of refugees, she has probably spread herself too thinly. ON the one hand her Venus Saturn conjunction in Cancer is probably very well suited to charity work, Moon Mars conjunct in Aries is too unstable to run such a variety of demanding roles – femme fatale, earth mother, international saint of refugees and dream girl to Brad. I’m amazed at his patience really. But it must be overwhelming keeping it all together and perhaps it wasn’t what he signed up for.
    Angelina cannot get what she wants – no – demands out of him so her last resort is to attack him as a father. Under the transits, particularly Uranus and pLuto to her cardinal planets and then Saturn oppositions to her Sun and Mercury undermined by a turbulent Neptune creeping up, IMO she is likely to do herself a lot of damage. Angelina has been parading her “perfect” partner ship and life at the expense of a darker reality. It must eat her up to know she is so physically diminished now trying to ward off possible Cancer. Meanwhile her husband will continue to work with other attractive alluring actresses. A bit like Jennifer Aniston’s ex did!
    BTW – Christina – give Brexit a rest now! ou are beginning to sound like a football fan who can’t live with the fact his team lost a match.

  10. green says:

    I wonder about the role of the transit pluto on his moon – moon can represent wives. Johnny Depp is experiencing something similar with pluto on his moon.

    • Leocassandra says:

      Pluto on Moon? No, the orbit is to wide. He has T. Pluto on N.Mercury – his 7th house ruler. She has T. Pluto opposite n. Saturn – her 7th house ruler

      • Leonora says:

        Brad currently has transiting Saturn to his ascendant. I wonder if, while it was creeping through his 12th house, he was depressed? Saturn here can cut off one’s dreams but also the connection to the subtle realms which an actor needs to draw from? Maybe he felt overloaded by Angelina’s dreams?

        Re Pluto – well it has already visited Mars and now approaches Mercury – anger and depression. It is said depression is often suppressed rage – I’ll be kinder and just say supressed energy. Bras has had to express too much Capricorn as a father which his swashbuckling Sagittarius side has been starved.

        With a stellium where the planets are in close proximity, there are midpoints to be considered too. In my experience (I have a stellium of 6 planets all within 12 degrees) its a domino effect and once the first planet is touched, the vibration starts to bounce through the stellium. Pluto is 8 degrees from his moon but he’s definitely going to feel its effect although there may not be a clear manifestation of it yet. A man with this much Capricorn was always going to be a conventional father as he gets older and he will find her approach unfathomable.

        Capricorn is a sign which improves with age but Angelina has such a problem with men! I’d say she’s actually a bully behind closed doors but it is disguised by cleverness and manipulation in Gemini. She can’t allow Brad to just be himself and accept it. And what of the children? Apparently they each have their own therapists and nannies and are homeschooled and jetted around the world of course to wherever their parents are working. How many children are there? 6? What a circus!!!

        Its interesting that her father, John Voight, a Capricorn 10° Sun, has Saturn and moon conjunct his ascendant in Aries, conjunct her Mars and Moon in synastry. Its no secret she has had a difficult relationship with him and here she is again, fighting out the same dynamics, just with a different audience.

      • Christina says:

        Yes, Pluto is not there yet! It’s a very powerful transit though — and because all those planets are in a stellium — it will be even stronger.

  11. evaflynn says:

    Really interesting conversation, thank you!