Astrology of Now: My Eye

Wednesday November 30th 2016
The winged eye — Sol Niger. From Philospohia Reformata by Mylis 1622.

The winged eye — Sol Niger. From Philospohia Reformata by Mylis 1622.

I thought I’d share some down-home astrology with you today. The Sun is squaring that gassy giant Neptune for a couple of days (November 30-December 1) — and I find myself semi-housebound with an eye infection.

Neptune is pretty much on my natal Sun right now, which is also my chart ruler.

The significance of the eye is that the Sun is one of the two “Lights” (the other being the Moon), traditionally associated with the left and right eyes. The Sun is, of course, the dexter eye, and this is where my stye is. Neptune is associated with poison and infection.

Indeed, the whole of the right side of my face feels a little swollen and swampy.

My Polish neighbour has just told me to rub my eye with a golden ring! Maybe the Sun is the cure.

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  1. Eleonora says:

    I wish you a quick recovery Christina! Such a magical transit, really. Feel free now to fall in love with yourself, a bit. 🙂

    • Christina says:

      I am actually much enjoying the Neptune-Sun transit — very very relaxing and opening. My only difficulty is anything practical!

      I should have noted that Chiron is also stationing today in Pisces! I have taken drastic action and gone to see an actual doctor.

  2. mike says:

    I had my first, and hopefully last, stye a couple of years ago. It grew little-by-little each day and became very painful after a couple of weeks. I read online to take a wet washcloth, wring it out, microwave for 20 to 30 seconds or until the heat is just tolerable to the skin without burning, place over the stye and hold it there for several minutes, then repeat once or twice. I did this treatment several times one day and by that evening the stye drained. Was I happy! My sympathy, Christina, but at least it’s only a stye!

  3. emma marlin says:

    If you do homeopathy, Pulsatilla 200 is also an excellent stye remedy.

  4. Eleonora says:

    Oh, I had my for weeks, too. Then I grew bored of having it, so it dissapeared. (Small advantage when you have too much centaurian energy). But I think, Pisces and transiting Neptune is about self-healing energy, too. Nevertheless, such an infection should be treated professionally.

    And enjoy that (otherwise) beautiful transit, Christina! Neptune in Pisces should come easier then in other signs.

  5. eggcup says:

    I’ve had three separate styes, all in my left eye, over the past several months, after not having had one since I was a child. Neptune is transiting my 6th house and approaching a conjunction to my Jupiter, and is trining my MC (ruled by the moon). After much trial and error I worked out that they were caused by wiping my eyes with the same cloth used on the rest of my face, so now I make sure do wash my eyes first with a special cleanser so there’s no bacteria transfer. I learned that staph bacteria lives on our noses.

    After making this rather simple change my eyes have been feeling much healthier and less red/irritated in general. So in that sense the styes were ultimately very helpful.

    Hope your eye is feeling better soon 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Interesting. I am not sure that anyone has done any actual statistical work on Neptune and eye complaints, but Neptune does seem to have to do with vision. Sabrina, who comments here sometimes, mentioned it before.

  6. Catriona Mundle says:

    Styes quite often come when one is run down. With Neptune around you could possibly be neglecting your own needs -for nutrition, rest,exercise etc?? Maybe tonics or tinctures could help? Things like golden seal, oregano oil (in minute quantities and heavily diluted) can clean the blood and disinfect.

  7. mimi says:

    Today is also New Moon – I’m not saying though that this has anything to do with your ailment.

    Get well soon, Christina ! Maybe by 14/12 you should be okay again.


  8. I had a stye a couple of weeks ago. I bathed it with Colloidal Silver [a few times a day] and it cleared up really quickly. [And of course silver is ruled by the Moon]. Hope you are feeling better soon! Jo xx

  9. Maire says:

    Hello from a visually impaired vet,

    Keep an eye on the face swelling..

    In the meantime, Pinch of bread soda in cooled boiled water. Swab liberally with scrupulous attention to avoiding infecting other eye. Good wipe of coconut oil around the eye bones and hopefully it resolves quickly for you.

  10. soab says:

    I think your polish neighbour maybe thinking that gold/silver are antibacterial. Make yourself some colloidal silver/gold. Works wonders.

  11. soab says:

    I think your polish neighbour maybe thinking that gold/silver are antibacterial. Make yourself some colloidal silver/gold. Works wonders. Its not difficult. At least three 9v batteries connected in series by a copper wire. Remember poitive to positive to positive, and the same idea with the negative poles. Attach silver/gold to each end of the wire. dont mix silver gold. Crocodile clips are good for this. partially dangle both pieces in rain or distilled water. A small pinch of water to help conductivity. If silver leave for 45 minutes. Immediately pull metal out, and filter water through coffee filters. Store in jar. Dont allow metal (other metal) near. Have an egg cup full. Enjoy.

  12. Nancy says:

    “Taking drastic action to see an actual doctor” sounds like me. I’m a nurse and only go to them if I’m near death or anything resembling that. I had a bad viral infection recently and went to make sure it wasn’t going into bronchitis (bad cough). My husband said I had to be that sick to even think of going! But, w/ an eye ailment, always wise to get checked out I think anyways! Hope you’re feeling better.

  13. Nat Black says:

    I got my stye in the right eye too, I have read that it all also related to 11 house – Uranus and Saturn. Redness is Marsian and swelling is Jupiter. Had a really bad experience with a troublesome and mentally unsteady client who delayed payment and did not want to pay from the beginning(as discovered) with pretences and hidden agendas.

    Also thank see my friend’s make up just to try the colour with my own applicator. Another friend of hers make friend visited her a day after and also got the stye but in the left eye. Didn’t use the make up though.