Astrology of Now: A Very Important Retrograde — Take It Personally

Sunday December 18th 2016

60b5fa305037a43945afdcfe82fde9d8Mercury turns Rx on December 19 at 15° Capricorn.

Meets the Sun on December 28 at 7° Capricorn.

Turns direct on January 8 at 28° Sagittarius.

Returns to 15° Capricorn on January 27.

Squares Uranus on February 1.

Leaves Capricorn on February 7.

Please take a look at the previous post on this Mercury Retrograde, considering the idea of climbing the mountain — and meeting the Lord of the Mountain. Then ask yourself these questions.

What effect — if any — has Pluto’s transit through Capricorn had on me so far? 
Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008.

Pluto is a transforming energy, sometimes destructive, sometimes empowering — often both.

Briefly by Sun or ASC Sign this is where to look for starters. This is where Pluto has been at work for those years and where Mercury should be helping you to clarify your thoughts this month. These are just the broadest pointers which may trigger an idea for you. Imagine, if you can, what Pluto, the Lord of the Mountain, might look like for you — what might be revealed by Mercury Rx and what might have been hidden.

Aries — career

Taurus — wisdom and learning

Gemini — fears and desires

Cancer — partnerships (or lack thereof!)

Leo — health and how you organise your life

Virgo — pleasure and creation

Libra — home and family

Scorpio — communications, teaching or siblings

Sagittarius — money

Capricorn — your self, your body, your outlook

Aquarius — your spiritual wellbeing

Pisces — your network, your politics

What’s Mercury doing in my own natal chart?
So if Mercury’s retrograde for you anyway, this inward, backward, contemplative energy should work well for you. If your Mercury is an earth sign — Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn — you should also feel comfortable with this retrograde.

Do I have any important planets or points (Sun, Moon, ASC, Mercury) between 0° and 15° Capricorn, Libra, Cancer or Aries?
If this is the case, this retrograde is bound to affect you, particularly if you have a planet at 15°/16°.

If your Sun or ASC is in Aries, you ought to be looking at your career and your place in the world. In Cancer, you’re looking at your partnerships. In Libra, at your family (or your home); and in Capricorn at your physical self or how you view the world or are viewed. Take a look at how your life (in these areas) has evolved between 2008 and now.

Do I have an important point (Sun, Moon, ASC, Mercury) at 28°/29°  Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo?
This is where Mercury will station direct in January — and you may experience a release of tension from here.

Do I have any important planets or points (Sun, Moon, ASC) between 0° and 15° Taurus or Virgo?
This Rx is more beneficial for you than almost anyone else. Rework creative projects, study deeply, reapply for that fellowship, or re-edit that manuscript. This is quite a rich retrograde during which you can make substantial reforms.

Do I have anything at all at 15°?
If you have planets or points at 15° of any sign, you may be feeling the dark energy of Pluto boring into it anyway. This will be accentuated by this Mercury Rx. The energy can be annihilating, transforming, or empowering, depending on your circumstances and your natal chart.

What is Pluto doing in your natal chart?
Is he a supporter, a challenger or a hidden obstacle?

Things to keep in mind
  • Take practical action
  • It’s a time to redo, rethink, rework a part of your life; to reconnect with powerful or important people
  • This may be about power or money, status or hierarchy, ambition or graft
  • Corrupt communications could be part of this. Check your personal cybersecurity
  • This Rx may be a chance to rethink and freshly understand what happened over the last eight years

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  1. Windermere says:

    Thank you for this. A few of these dates hit me right in the a**…trology chart 😉

  2. Sarah says:

    Interesting post Christina. Have you seen this?

    Barry writing about Trump, self awareness and the post-truth era. Reminds me of your Donald Trump post.

  3. Emma Pruen says:

    Any thought on Pluto at 15* Virgo in my natal chart (conjunct Uranus 13* Virgo) plus Mercury 15* Aquarius?

  4. AB says:

    I’m 25 degrees Capricorn. I[ve got Pluto rising and Saturn in Sag. My debut novel was published a few weeks ago. In reviews it is being described as one of the darkest, most challenging novels people/reviewers have read. That’s how Pluto in Capricorn has helped me together with Saturn Return x 2 at zero Sag. With Neptune having been on my Pisces moon for 2/ 3 years I turned a very dark period of my own life into something of value to others. Christina, I’ve changed my user name so you don’t think I am using your forum to advertise. Please delete or amend my comment if it is inappropriate.
    Happy Christmas to all and let’s hope 2017 brings us hope.

  5. AB says:

    HI Mimi
    My natal Mercury is in Aqua unaspected. I will check the other aspects you ask about.

  6. AB says:


    Progressed Mercury is 10 degrees Pisces – 3 degrees from my natal which is interesting. The book breaks taboos and boundaries. SA Mercury is 14 degrees Aries – so square tr Pluto and with the mercury pluto conjunction things are beginning to tie together. I am giving talks on the subject. I’m a novice in astrology ( 4 years) so if I am wrong please excuse me.

  7. AB says:

    Mimi That should read 3 degrees from my natal moon.

  8. AB says:

    Yay I’ve just booked my first event with the Oxford Astrology group Jan 7th.

  9. mimi says:

    I was just curious, because Mercury would be important in this case.

    Natally Mercury in Aquarius answers to Uranus and your progressed Mercury (answering to Jupiter/Neptune = Pisces) was visited by Neptune this year.


  10. mary says:

    Ah! This blogpost and all the comments give me hope. Pluto has been hovering over my natal 15′ Capricorn Mercury for a while, and writing in all forms has been my therapy: journalling, corresponding with friends, writing to my representatives to protest Trump’s prospective cabinet members, I was worried about this retrograde stationing right on my natal Mercury, but I am now hopeful that I can write my way through the next few weeks.

  11. mary says:

    Oh, shoot. I re-read the article, and realized that with my 28′ Virgo Ascendant, I may have to put up or shut up in late January. Well, I will just keep that in mind as I write.

    • Christina says:

      No, I am sure you are doing the right thing, Mary. I am also not sure about that 28° — right on my Pisces Mercury!