Astrology of Now: Fireworks!

Tuesday February 21st 2017
La girandola at castel San Angelo, Franz Theodor Aerni

Girandola at Castel San Angelo, Franz Theodor Aerni

Fiery energy is gathering around the coming eclipse on February 26. We are in an unusually unstable period. The times are angry enough and polarised enough already. Know that the planets are stirring the pot this week and next, adding a huge dollop of chilli to the cosmic soup. Be cautious, calculate your actions, be prepared for unexpected arguments — and brilliant brain waves.

We may all have to confront something or someone over the next few weeks, bravehearts.

Let’s break it down.


Mars, the planet of aggression, war and action (and chilli peppers), smacks into Uranus, the planet of electricity, the unexpected and rebellion, on the same day as the eclipse in Pisces — and the following day also. You can understand that energy could be like a flamethrower to a Catherine’s Wheel.

Now Mars and Uranus meet every two years, so this is not so unusual. But ever since Uranus moved into Aries, Mars’ own sign, back in 2011, these meetings have been, well, sparky. (April 2011, March 2013, March 2015, February 2017, February 2019)

To add fuel to the fire this time around, there’s Jupiter, the planet of expansion right in the mix. Jupiter makes everything he touches bigger, so what might have been a bit of a row turns into a knock-down, drag-out, relationship-ending shouting match.

What is more this time, on February 22, Mars will make a hostile aspect to dark and dangerous Pluto just before he meets Uranus. So the planet of anger (Mars) is reactivating the quarrel between Uranus and Pluto — the sky god and the underworld god.

On February 28, the Moon moves into Aries (just fresh from the eclipse) and rekindles the Mars-Uranus-Pluto conflagration over the next few days, so it’s not over by the end of February.

Those most affected by these combustible energies are people with planets or angles in Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn — especially around 20°-24°. But the power is strong enough for all of us to feel blowback.

Now, the upside of this energy is important to grasp. It’s a good time to start something with a bang, something that could do with a whoosh of positive energy — like a rocket launch, for example. Maybe something you light and then allow to take off on its own. You won’t have much control over this, but it could go very far. Start after the eclipse.

Fireworks in Venice by George Barbier.

Fireworks in Venice by George Barbier.


This watery eclipse on February 26 will be strongest over South America. People with planets or angles near 3°-8° Pisces-Virgo will feel this solar wink most personally — but Sagittarius and Gemini should also take note. It is the last of a series across Virgo-Pisces that’s been going on for around 18 months. This is a clear end to a chapter, a great time to flush away the past, say good-bye to something, purge.

This eclipse is a New Moon, so it’s also the darkest night of the month — it’s a moment to stop, listen, breathe, and let go. Since this is a Piscean eclipse, this may be rather emotional, or the end of a certain creative period in your life (e.g., your “water” phase).

And the future is coming thundering down the track. You have only a moment to blink now, since this is really no time to be sitting on your hands. It’s time to take action.

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  1. Starbright says:

    I guess I should prepare for the foreworks: Libra sun at 23 degrees on the 11th, Venus in 1st house Sagittarius at 8 degrees and Jupiter in the second at 23 degrees. I’miss someone who waits and sees rather than fears the future. Still, I’m hoping for the best on this fill moon/eclipse.

  2. Isy says:

    I’m meeting with the instigator of the idea to have a “Love Fest” (of the family-friendly kind) involving a “Blessing of the Waters.” Negative messages and hate groups are specifically banned, but all positivity and statements of what people are FOR are warmly welcome.

    Given the astonishing negativity in my country right now, and the fact that this eclipse nails my BLM, and the curious position of Uranus within a degree of Mars on one side and Ares’ little sister Eris on the other, and the monkeyshines in Aries are in my 12th house… well, that should be an interesting meeting indeed!

    We don’t have a date yet, but I want to take this opportunity to coax anyone who’s intrigued to have a Positivity Festival and Blessing of the Waters wherever you are. It’s an easy sell, if any of our political contacts are any indication! They WANT this good & decent motivation to come to the fore.

    At the local level, that is.

    I think politics at the national level is going to have to look after itself for a bit.

  3. 44 and counting says:

    Christina – you wrote “It’s a good time to start something with a bang, something that could do with a whoosh of positive energy — like a rocket launch, for example”

    What about those of us with 12H Aries? Is the advice still the same?

    (Beyond transiting Mars, Venus, Uranus – I also have prog. moon going through)

    • Christina says:

      A cautious yes. The times are so volatile! Do check the rest of your chart for aspects to the eclipse also.

      • 44 and counting says:

        Thanks Christina.

        “Do check the rest of your chart for aspects to the eclipse also” … such as having it within a degree of an exact opposition to natal Mercury in Virgo … ha ha ha 😀

        There’s a lot going on in my chart this year so I’m just staying adaptable and when I seeing openings taking them. Or if I get an urge to do something going with it.

      • Christina says:

        I think mars trining Saturn in early march is a point at which to take that initiating energy and turn it into practical action.

  4. mary says:

    Moon, North Node, and Saturn in Aries (7th house) here. For me, the big goal is keeping the adrenaline flowing through constructive channels. I must say, my house has never been tidier.