Astrology of Now: Countering The Ugly

Monday February 6th 2017
Monarch of the Glen by Edwin Landseer. This was produced while Jupiter in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries and Neptune was in Pisces — same set up as now.

Monarch of the Glen by Edwin Landseer. This magnificent painting (it’s huge!) was produced while Jupiter in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries and Neptune was in Pisces — same set up as now. You could — at a stretch — see the scales of Libra here; Jupiter is enlarges, of course; and then Uranus in Aries is the one who is part of the herd but still an individual.

February is a fast and urgent month with Mars, Venus and Uranus in fiery, furious Aries. Mars in his own sign is rather unbridled, Venus in her opposite sign is not doing her usual harmony, sweetness and light thing and Uranus is spitting sparks.

Somewhere in your life there’s probably a bit of a turmoil or drama. But frankly, this whole past 12-month has proved to be a challenge for those of us with tree-hugging, peace-loving, rose-tinted spectacle wearing tendencies. There’s a lot of ugly out there. But astrology does offer us some ideas of how to handle the rough stuff.

Jupiter, the planet of justice, benevolence and expansion and luck, is currently in Libra — and opposing those Arian energies. Jupiter turns backwards today — but that does not mean his power weakens, but it is quite useful to think of it turning more inward. Remember that Jupiter is retrograde about half the time.

Now Libra is a complex sign. It’s an air sign, of course, so intellectual or at least oriented to matters of the “head”, yet at the same time it is ruled by Venus and associated with relationships, matters of the heart. It’s noticeable that Libra Suns are often attracted to complex, difficult people.

With Jupiter in this sign until October, we may all be feeling a little Libran now: that is ready to examine our one-to-one interactions, curious about other people and social hierarchies. Libra is also a notably political sign, expert debaters, diplomats and polemicists. With Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, polarisation is inevitable. People will be joining sides and arguing.

Libra’s symbol is the scales, of course: a curious symbol — the only one that is not a living creature. The scales represent commerce, and also justice. With Jupiter in Libra, we are likely to see some important court cases. In the UK, we have had legal challenges to Brexit and in the United States opposition to Trump is most likely to succeed through the law (indeed as I write this the suits are multiplying). Since Jupiter is retrograde these may take time and require serious re-evaluation of the laws of the land. Remember that Uranus in Aries is challenging Jupiter for most of the latter’s tour through Libra. This is individual freedom vs the law. It’s evident that Trump is stress-testing American democracy, but there are other cases around the world doing similar things. In Spain, for example, the trial of Artur Mas is exploring the boundaries of democracy, and in Romania, popular protest has just forced the government to drop a law legalising some forms of graft.

Diplomacy is another Libran area being given a thorough testing in these times — and interestingly this connects directly to Saturn (borders) in Sagittarius (international). This testing and evaluation will last for months.

So two ways of dealing with these interesting times are to turn to the law, like Jupiter in Libra,  or demonstrate, like Uranus in Aries. However, if you are anti-Trump, taking the battle to the courts may turn out to be most effective, and the media continuing to refuse to bend the rules (Saturn in Sagittarius) will support that.

Now, there is another aspect to Jupiter in Libra which is personally relevant to each of us. Do as the Librans do and suck up culture. Make a point of that, this year — at least until October.

We can console ourselves in these difficult times with art, music and dance. If you think back to 1851 — last time Jupiter in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries while Neptune was in Pisces — you’re more likely to remember a work of art or a book (Moby Dick perhaps) than who was President. Politics are important, but art is eternal.

Convent Thoughts by Charles Collins. Painted in the same year as the Monarch of the Glen, and another kind of noble individual who is both part of a group but at this moment alone. No horns though.

Convent Thoughts by Charles Collins. Painted in the same year as the Monarch of the Glen, and another kind of noble individual who is both part of a group but at this moment alone. No horns though.

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  1. Diane says:

    Yes . . . my spouse is not an easy person. Aries Sun, Moon, Mercury & Jupiter!! With Saturn conj Neptune in Libra in his 7th house. Great post! Thanks! I am definitely in the peace loving, rose-tinted spectacle group. 🙂

  2. mike says:

    Planetary dispositors provide a glimpse of now, too. Right now it’s all about Aries-Mars and Pisces-Neptune. March 9th, Mars moves to Taurus, in mutual reception with Venus in Aries, both in detriment…a duration of passive impotence…stalemate.

  3. lucy77 says:

    I have heard it before that Libra is the only sign that is not a living thing. But couldn’t she be a woman holding the scales like Aquarius is holding the amphora? In the Tarot the Aquarius card is the Star which you can see the androgynous person with the jug and the Libra card is a woman holding the scales. I’m just wondering if somehow the woman got dropped from the picture somehow. Wouldn’t be the first time.

    • Leonora says:

      Don’t forget Libra is forged out of the claws of the Scorpion from which Orion perished in Hellenistic astrology. The concept of a woman, Isis, holding the scales of balance to weigh the soul for assessment in the afterlife is a much older concept which IMO is applied erroneously since the huge spread of Scorpio was still connected to Virgo – although the reference to Orion comes from Hesiod’s account circa C7/8 BC – Hesiod et al are in the process then of redefining the long vanished origins of astrology so realistically, Libra and the scales are a foggy area but the determination of Libra and hence its propensity for military strategy or planning, like al signs should be considered as part of a two way relationship with its opposite. Librans, like Aries, are very good at pushing something hard to obtain – then when they have it, either the chase is over or the novelty – and the subject is dropped. It is probably because oft he female interpretation of Venus ( a very long story) that Libra is given Venus as its ruling sign – surely this is woman enough for one sign?

      • Leonora says:

        Sorry – a couple of typos. The last sentence doesn’t mean the subject of pursuit is dropped because Venus rules Libra! I worded that badly! It’s a separate idea that the feminine is not absent in Libra because its ruing planet is Venus! Perhaps balance and diplomacy are already more feminine qualities. That said, the archaic idea of the woman, Maat, holding the scales is way more complicated that just being a female figure – but its a very long story indeed!

  4. lucy77 says:

    Meant to say * I’m just wondering if the woman got dropped from the picture somehow.

  5. Angelena Boden says:

    My adult Libra daughter has gone through a personality change these past give years. I hoped the Jupiter influence on her sun moon conjunction at 12/15 degrees would ease things between us. alas no.?

  6. Angelena Boden says:

    Hi Christina

    Definitely worse. She’s not spoken to me since Christmas day and is fixated (Pluto) on accusing me of being controlling when I make a suggestion. Very anti mother.(moon). Very hurtful.