In the Key of Pisces…week one

Tuesday February 21st 2017
George Harrison

George Harrison

Last year, The Oxford Astrologer published a post on a musician every day during the month of the fishes — that most musical of signs. In case you missed it — or would like to do it all over again. Here is the list and links for the first week…

Many, many musicians were born with the Sun in Pisces, so I’ll be adding some more this year as we go through the month. First off, the inimitable yet much imitated Nancy Wilson..

February 19 — Seal

February 20 — Kurt Cobain and Randy California
’ve found a new video for Spirit, Randy California’s psychedelic band, which is even more appropriate.

February 21 — Nina Simone

February 22 —  James Blunt
 see he has a new album coming out in March. Here’s a taster.

February 23 — Handel

February 24 — George Harrison

February 25 — Abida Parveen


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