Venus in Aries: Anish Kapoor

Sunday February 19th 2017

Continuing the series on artists with Venus in Aries.

The picture tells the story really. Anish Kapoor has Venus at 0° Aries — the Ur degree, the alpha … the very beginning of the whole Zodiac. And well, is here is a great big Mons Venus in Aries own colour.

Kapoor loves red.

No birth time so this is a sunrise chart.

It’s nice that he has North Node in Capricorn — a sign which often seems to feature in sculptor’s charts. One suspects his relationship with India must be pretty complex (but a source of inspiration) with Uranus on the South Node. It’s interesting that he manages to be extremely intellectual and popular — perhaps that is thanks to the Jupiter-Moon conjunction in Gemini (although one has to be a bit careful with that since there’s no birth time) trining Neptune in Libra.

I’ll leave you to ponder the chart and watch the film, but it’s certainly the voice of a Piscean artist — he talks about illusions, dreams and actually having nothing to say. Curious and intriguing.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    The work ‘Has to find a life for itself, has to stand out for itself’ how Aries is that?!
    I didn’t know about Kapoor at all. Thank you.