Astrology of Now: Sensual, New

Saturday March 11th 2017
Detail of Blanzifiore by DG Rossetti

Detail of Blanzifiore by DG Rossetti

Today, Mars, the planet of physicality, action and Iron John moves into the sign of the Bull.

Strangely, this is traditionally considered a difficult position for the planet of masculinity — maybe there’s just too much testosterone there. However, I note that people with this placement natally have incredible stamina, focus and often straightforward physical strength. It’s just a matter of what you do with that. (And indeed a team of scaffolders is currently swarming over my house.)

This transit though, Mars in Taurus has some interesting help. Taurus’ ruler, sweet Venus, is currently walking down into the underworld of Aries: this is Mars’ territory. In other words, these two planets are in each other’s places, which in astrological terms, means they are working together, despite being in alien territory.

Venus may have battles to fight, and she may need all her strength and courage to do so. Mars will help her with that. Watch out for the women’s marches. Feminism is not only back, it may be one of the most effective mass resistance movements right now. The Trump has acted as a catalyst — (his Sun conjunct Uranus and NN.)

On the other hand, Mars in the world of Taurus has an intense sensuality. Combined with Venus in Aries there’s freshness too. Think of this as a springtime of the senses — an opportunity to re-experience the initial wonders of certain tastes or smells, sights or sounds: a cuckoo calling, the intense violet of a crocus, anise, wet moss, the feel of seaweed.

Spring this year could be exceptionally beautiful. Take a look at this.

Mars in Taurus — March 9/10 – April 21

Gratitude: The Short Film by Louie Schwartzberg from ecodads on Vimeo.

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  1. Richard says:

    Hi. I have moon and mars in first decan Taurus. I feel super strong at the moment but I get lost in transits an understanding the importance.

    Uranus opposite Uranus is now for me.
    Jupiter conjunct my natal Uranus now.
    Full moon tomorrow exactly on my Virgo sun.
    Pluto trine sun

    Pluto just left my 8thhouse, I’m absolutely loving the 9th so far. Meditation, kundalini, yoga all adding to my energy levels

  2. Sabrina says:

    Women are organizing here for sure. And many supportive men in the gatherings as well.
    Mutual receptions are fascinating!

    Thanks again for the beautiful short videos. Especially the one about Gratitude. Yesterday I got to see it and share it along with the trailer of Tich Naht Hanh documentary. Some fresh oxygen for the soul the breathe!

  3. mimi says:

    Hi Christina

    Every year this period ik become very impatient for spring to happen (i am a true ariesperson) – this year i can hardly wait. if all goes well i shall be moving into my new home next monday.
    I wish you a happy springtime !!

  4. Jane says:

    Hi Christina, I know this isn’t the right forum, but have tried e-mailing you to make an appointment, twice, with no success. Are you available for consultation please.