In the Key of Pisces: Adam Levine

Saturday March 18th 2017

Last year, we featured  a series of musicians born during the month of Pisces — one for each day, but there were just too many to fit in.

Here is Adam Levine, another for our sweet-sounding Pisces male voice choir, that includes James Taylor, Chris Martin, Nat King Cole, George Harrison, Tom Chaplin and Kurt Cobain.

Data from astrodatabank

Adam Levine’s smart, sexy band Maroon 5 have made a whole bunch of hits. This one shows off his voice well and that talented pattern connecting Venus (sugar) – Pluto (sex) – Neptune (music).

And then there’s Tom Chaplin, Keane’s frontman and singer.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    That’s my ringtone baby! (The other one is by another Aqua Venus).
    Nice the ruler of his Asc is on the 8th house.