France Saves Her Soul

Monday May 8th 2017
Campaign posters for Macron and Le Pen. Two kinds of patriotism.

Campaign posters for Macron and Le Pen. Two kinds of patriotism.

You didn’t have to be an astrologer to predict the victory of centrist Emmanuel Macron in today’s French election — he was a clear 20 point ahead in the polls. Still it’s a relief, since Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right nationalists, also had excellent transits.

But astrology can tell us something about the energies at work — and flag up a warning. Marine Le Pen lost this stage of the war, but she’s not going anywhere soon.

Emmanuel Macron, standing as an independent at the head of a movement he started just a year ago, defeated not only Le Pen’s National Front in this election but also the two main parties that have divided power in France since World War 2 — the Republicans and the Socialists. It’s a remarkable feat and fits in with the spirit of our times. Old political paradigms have stopped working and we are seeking new ones.

Now it’s true that Macron is a member of the “elite” — a banker, educated in the tradition of the Grandes Ecoles. So he is not a total break with the past. But the elites that run Europe and France would be foolish to assume that he’s automatically “one of theirs”. His victory outside the party structures gives him freedom to create new pathways to the future. The difficulty is that with no party machinery behind him, he may not be able to make those changes happen.

This is why the National Assembly elections in June are so critical. All 577 seats are now up for grabs. Remember that Macron’s movement, En Marche!, has no seats — and the Front National has just two. There is everything to play for. Macron must make alliances with the old parties and win enough seats himself in order to wield the power he needs to run the country.

Notice her highly placed Mars in patriotic Cancer. She does seem to represent some sectors of society’s anger. By transit, Pluto is directly on her IC — potentially an extremely tough time.

The highly-placed Uranus (change) will receive a transit from expansive Jupiter in 2018, which will then go on to transit the MC: an even higher profile.

So what about the two charts. Both look like winners, but the decisive transit is probably Moon-Jupiter to Macron’s North Node — an upturn in fortune. Marine also gets a nice fillip from Jupiter Rx just  above her Ascendant — and extraordinarily also to her Lunar Node, but in her case it is the South Node, which is less positive than the North Node.

What is more, the French national Sun is at 11° Libra, right on Le Pen’s South Node and Macron’s North Node — literally the past and the future. This really was a stark choice for the French — to look backwards with Le Pen, or forwards with Macron.

Notice how the Nodes in these two charts are exactly reversed. These two destinies are tightly intertwined with each other as well as with the nation. And the axis is across adversarial Libra-Aries. In the debate on French television, it was clear that Marine had finally met her match. What is more, the liberal, internationalist view which has been under attack all over the West for the last few years found a powerful advocate in the shape of Macron. His defence of an outward-looking France was fierce in the face of Le Pen’s angry, agitating verbiage.

One reason I think Le Pen may be in opposition for a long time is that by progression her Sun has recently moved into Libra — the sign of the other side — and will be there for about 30 years. She has arrived at a permanent new role. This also means that Le Pen’s Progressed Sun will hit the French Republic’s stellium over the coming years. She does speak for a certain aspect of France. Her powerful Leo Sun makes an exact sextile to the French Sun — the nation’s identity. And France is a Solar country — think of the Sun King, Napoleon, la gloire. Le Pen appeals to French pride.

But Macron’s chart makes direct contacts to an even more important point in the French chart — the Moon. In a national chart, this is the “people” — or the nation’s soul — and as a politician you need to touch that. That clever, inquisitive, deep French Moon is expanded and softened by Macron’s Jupiter in Cancer in an out of sign conjunction — but more importantly, Macron reflects back to the French people something of themselves which they like, because his Sun-Mercury sits exactly opposite that Moon.

It’s interesting that his Mercury is — according to some traditional astrology — terrible. It is retrograde and in fall. Yet, he is an excellent communicator. Perhaps the verbal torrent associated with Sagittarian Mercury is restrained by the trine from Saturn and being retrograde. I find that Mercury Rx natally often makes for deep, original thinkers, who perfectly fine or even really outstanding at speaking or writing.

Macron’s 11th-house Sun in Sagittarius truly is outward-looking. This is a sign that does not recognise national boundaries in a house that is about teamwork and co-operation. For Macron, patriotism (powerfully signalled by Jupiter in Cancer) means being a citizen of the world (Sun in Sagittarius). France will be keeping her place at the high table of diplomacy under his watch.

But he has taken on a really tough job. Transiting North Node is right on his Saturn (responsibility) and trSaturn is going across his Sagittarian planets this year. He has take on a heavy burden and the way ahead is hard. However, Saturn is his chart ruler. His much older wife — classic Saturn in he 7th house of relationships — shows just how well that works for him. She has, by all accounts, been his mentor, rock and best critic.

Macron needs to make alliances quickly — with the North Node in his 7th house of allies, trining his Sagittarian Sun over the next few weeks, he most likely will. But the Front National under Marine Le Pen just got stronger, not weaker. It’ll be interesting to see how that transit of Pluto across Le Pen’s IC works out.

France’s heart and soul are still at odds — and on a more practical level the country’s debt burden may cause serious problems over the next 18 months as the eclipses rock France’s economy. Macron’s ability to create a new future with the French people will be the key.

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  1. Aquarian Moon says:

    I will admit I did let out a sigh of relief when I heard the results. And a less than dignified squawk when I heard how his campaign laid a trap for cyber attackers trying to disrupt yet another country’s election process. Something I’ve been wondering since us Yankees had our election last year — how does astrology account for such a spanner in the works???

    • Christina says:

      Do you mean the Russian intervention in our elections? I think Neptune in Pisces squaring Saturn in Sagittarius is a description of “fake news”/propaganda.

      • Christina says:

        I am in the middle of reading this long article in The Guardian on exactly this topic.

        ..and will be commenting on it. One issue I have though is that I am not sure of the chart for Russia.

        • aqua says:

          Its an excellent article, although we have had this information in various forms since July 2016.
          I find it extraordinary that Putin with wealth uncounted [at the very least 40 billion]
          should do so little for the Russian people and so much to subvert democracy worldwide [even Burma apparently].
          And fgs what on earth is Mercers personal sick fantasy?

        • Aquarian Moon says:

          Well, there’s typical campaign spin/”fake news” and then there’s a potential coordinated attack on a party (such as the DNC headquarters) or specific campaign’s servers(like with Macron). Plus actual seeding of “fake news” bots to thoroughly confuse the matter online.

          When global intelligence leaders seem to agree that there was actual interference by a foreign power on a country’s election process when theyre both nuclear capable is a little more alarming than business as usual election fixing (which the US has had its fair share in).

          What does concern me is the boldness of Russia’s scope — US, France, whatever Brexit ends up being. Are we all supposed to go on as though this is just an international faux pas akin to the mistaking one’s mistress for one’s wife by a diplomat? A quaint meta-joke like how Angela Merkel is really the leader of the Free World(tm)?

          • Christina says:

            I agree. Is this in reality a cyberwar that’s already started? And the adversaries are not along the usual lines e.g. “free world” vs “baddies” but Pluto vs the common people?

  2. Aquarian Moon says:

    One could argue that we already have a cyber (requisite drone/clone war star wars joke here) war but yes. Is Neptune letting the hologram dissipate?

    Hmmm. Pluto vs the common people — is Pluto really at fault here? Pluto only tears down that which has rotted foundations and sagging roof-lines to begin with — out with the old to remake unto the new. Yes? Is that not the usual interpretation? Transformation – destruction/creation cycles? Isnt that why Pluto has such a bad/scary rep?

    Not to belabor this particular metaphor but doesnt Pluto give the common people the means – the hammer and scythe – to rise up against the parasitic plutocracy?

    [long side bar about common folk vs unscrupulous abuses of power being the real adversaries throughout history cut for dithering]

    • Christina says:

      Well, Pluto, like all the planets, has many faces — and one of those faces is the plutocrat, the vastly wealthy. I think Mercer is a perfect example of Pluto — “the invisible hand”.

      • Aquarian Moon says:

        Christina: There you go using my own words against me. Indeed, Pluto could be wearing multiple hats at this card table. Is this a case of one hand borrowing from the right to give to the other? Or, alt-right, as the case may be.

      • Christina says:

        PS If anyone knows of a decent Russia chart — do tel.

        • Eleonora says:

          I don’t know, but I’d pick a chart most resembling to that of the US, since similarities are striking (never mind that both persist on differences).

          “You are my evil twin! – No, you are my evil twin!
          I am the leader of the free world! – No! It’s me! I am the leader of the free world!
          I defeated the Nazis! – No! It was me!
          Crimea is mine! Mine, mine, mine! – How dare you!!! It belongs to me, and me alone!
          You support the Islamist! – No, you support the Islamists!
          I have the mother of all bombs! – I have the daddy!!!
          I have the biggest nuke! – Mine is bigger! You want to see it? Ha?
          CNN is a propaganda tool! – You tell me? What about RT?!
          You are to blame for refugee crisis! – No, you are to blame for it!
          You support oligarchs in Ukraine! – You support oligarchs in Ukraine!
          It’s all you fault. – It’s all you fault!
          Your tactic is the hybrid warfare! – No, YOUR tactic is the hybrid warfare!
          You’re such a bastard! – You’re such a bastard! (…)”

          (The result of the locking horns is exhibited in Syria and around the globe incl. US and Russia itself.)

          So I would say to watch for:
          Pisces/Neptune: lack of natural borders, drugs/alcohol, great movies, literature, music
          Cancer/Moon: nationalism, infantil (see above), emotional, Russian soul, Masha
          and the Bear (cute)
          Afflicted Saturn

          Oh, and Scorpio, of course (KGB and a lot of snow/ice)

  3. Eleonora says:

    Christina, “France saves her soul“ was exact my first (and the second, and the third) thought, as I heard the results yesterday. I know why I love that country.

    Excellent analysis. I’m relieved, because Le Pen really has great transits and I was afraid, despite the polls. Also, her progressed MC conjuncts her Jupiter. I hope Macron is going to take care of losers of globalization, since otherwise these elections are going to be only a grace period. But for now, I am really happy.

    @Christina @Aquarian Moon
    I don’t know for Brexit, but #MacronLeaks was (demonstrably) created and orchestrated by the Alt-Right and their friends in US, not by Russians. Some of the ingredients may have come from Russia, but the soup was not cooked there. The same is truth for Italian referendum, few months ago.

    • Aquarian Moon says:

      alt-right. I’m rather sick of hearing that Neptunian flim flam smoke and mirrors trickery. Theyre Nazis. If one must, Neo-Nazis who were malcontent gamer geek bro fauxgressives maybe 5 years ago who got mad for being friendzoned (another fake thing that doesnt exist) by girls who thought they were creeps, and were then radicalized by Stormfront.


      @Eleonora — that infantile bickering is very spot on, well done.

      well the soup, wherever it is being cooked – and really, I dont think the exact locales particularly matter given the global rise of the far right nationalist fear-mongering – is being cooked with an odd pro-Putin ingredient list.

      a yes, the Italian referendum, how time flies these days, right? Dont we have some German elections upcoming to look forward to, as well as the fallout of Brexit??

      between the various congressional special elections on this side of the pond, its hard to keep up with the bizarre carnival fun-house version of world events lately.

      As for whatever They have on Mercers, I really dont want to ponder it.

      • Eleonora says:

        Alt-right is an euphemism, of course. Like: „The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists.“ – how very wrong…

        For now it’s a wild mix, Neonazis rather than Nazis. It’s going to change and crystallize, once Uranus enters Taurus next year. Taurus is the sign of the „keepers of the earth“, of natives, of those who preserve the values.

        There is something odd about Uraus rebelling in this sign. Uranus falls in Taurus, and the rebellion here turns only too easy into fascism. (Although not always: Look for Rowling’s wonderful Fantastic Beasts! Next movies coming on time for Uranus in Taurus. Or the NoDAPL movement, or the current movement of Natives in Brazil. They may grow to become something really great).

        Uranus was discovered several years before the French Revolution, and it since then it has been only twice in Taurus: in 1850s and 1934-1942. The last one was clearly about the rise of the fascism. Not only in Germany, fascism and racism were on the rise everywhere and it was also the time of the Moscow Trials.

        But even the 1850s were odd: death of the French Republic, damping down of the revolutions across the Balkans (with far-reached consequences, even today), or – most important – the death of the 1848/49 revolution. And this is only the Europe.

        Today, there is Putin and also the big question, what’s going to happen after him. In Venezuela, the things are becoming increasingly nasty and I don’t see Maduro’s fall, I rather think that (unless they stop the economical destrucion of Venezuela), he could even further radicalize – to the right, rather than to the left. Leftist movements in Latin America usually all have a nationalist moment from the beginning on and in certain circumstances, it could turn to the national socialism (but for now I’m not afraid of Latin America’s nationalism opressing the world – unlike that of the US, european countries or Russia). Erdogan, Orban…

        The fascists of the future will be called fascists.

        The main thing for us in the EU is to get rid of Merkel and her destructive nationalism this year. Macron can’t reform a thing without a partner in Berlin. And for 12 years now, she is cooking Germans and Europeans like frogs – very slowly, so that they don’t notice it until it’s too late. Far right is now on the rise in the EU. Poison is usually held in small bottles, with something incomprehensible for children written on it…

        • Aquarian Moon says:

          Well, yes, thats the nature of euphemisms: to talk around the thing in polite company so you dont have to acknowledge the nitty gritty reality. In this instance, to slap a veneer of political/philosophical respectability onto the writhing anti-matter of democracy.

          ” „The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists.“ – how very wrong…”

          of course the thing about the “alt-right” is that it lacks a sense of irony. In their use of memes, they strip the meaning out of context. The worst offense of the “rationalist” libertarian mind is to actually give a hoot about something.

          Of course, the other Taurean revolution in the 1850s was the American Civil War (which was only delayed by various stopgap measures until the 1860s) a revolt directly situated on the bodies of American slaves, and the South’s agricultural based economy.

          Uranus in Taurus isnt so odd for me to chew on — Taurus turns into a rampaging bull if you aggravate it for too long.

          Plus land rights and the people who can and cant use the land and the animals that live there is still a contentious topic in America. We still have fundie natavist ranchers who get into lawsuits and proxy wars with the Bureau of Land Management and the occasional armed occupation of a federal building.

          Also that time the US perpetrated one the greatest examples of genocide in modern history with the Trail of Tears. We are seeing the repercussions of that in NoDapl and the awakening of the Seventh Generation today and in the Amazon. We never dealt with all that ugliness in a serious manner. These indigenous movements fdo give me a sense of optimism that Im trying to keep banked — the AIM(American Indian Movement) had a big defeat with the protest at Wounded Knee in 1973.

          What happens to Venezuela and the rest of the Meso-Americas is also bound up in very Taurean issues.

          (Maybe we should be worried? Theres the rise of BRICS to consider. Does Brazil remain unscathed if its Amazonian neighbors all catch a case of the red fever?)

          The EU and After Putin (and of course During Putin) is something to really try and pin down: will Germany’s upcoming election be sabotaged as well? Will Germans rebuke the far right nationalist fever like France was able to? How *does* that global financial crisis get solved — do we try and lay the groundwork for Universal Basic Income? Where will all those Pluto in Sagittarius child refugees be able to go?

          We’ll have to keep wondering for now.

  4. Eleonora says:


    Ok, I did some research. One possibility is the 25th December 1991, 8:30 (p.m.), for this is the exact time at which the Soviet flag over Kremlin was exchanged for that of the Russian Federation. (Strong Cap, Strong Sag, Jupiter-Moon in Virgo rising, Venus-Pluto in Scorpio)

    (Independence was declared earlier, on 12th June 1990. But I don’t see Russia as Gemini.)

    Sometimes they take the Chart of the October Revolution 08.11.1917, 02:12 (a.m), St. Petersburg. This one is valid too, since it’s the date on which Russia became a Republic (well, sort of). UdSSR came years later. At that point, it was still only Russia.

    But in most cases they take the 16th January 1547(jul), 10:45 (a.m.), Moscow, which is the date of the Coronation of Ivan IV. That one is important, since Moscow was only a principality prior to Ivan IV. Then he managed to expand the territory and to defeat the Golden Horde, declaring Russia to Third Rome, etc. It gives an Aquarius Stelium, Moon in Scorpio. As for transits, Pluto is just over the MC.

    There are some older charts, but I doubt their precision.

    • Christina says:

      thank you Eleonora! Great work — I like the look of the last one for Russian identity, which I had not seen before.

      For current politics it needs to be that most recent one. I think I have looked at that one and found the source was slightly odd — e.g. US State Department, not Russians themselves. I wonder what chart Russian astrologers use. I have dug around near that Gemini chart, because that is the day that is celebrated as Russia Day, which must be significant. However, I can’t fix on a time. I think the current regime in Russia is Janus-faced, a trickster. Don’t you…? Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Cancer and Aries Mars….

      • Eleonora says:

        I’m just reading Scholochow’s “And Quiet Flows the Don“. Such a great novel about Russia. Also, perfect time to read it (100th anniversary of the October Revolution). I used to think it’s impossible to have so many adverbs in one sentence, and still be not just readable, but brilliant.) BIG RECOMMENDATION.

        I have to google Janus first! A trickster, for sure.

        All of these are charts from Russian astrologers! But it was only a quick research, not very reliable. It’s a bit different from the chart available on the English-speaking sites. Look at the time, it’s later that day and it’s Leo-Rising, not Virgo. With Jupiter in Leo in 2014, it could be interpreted as Crimea annexation earlier that year. (But I still believe it has to be Cancer 🙂 Or Scorpio.) I’m going to dig a bit deeper this week.

        Jupiter is certainly strong, I agree (lack of real secularism, HUGE territorial expansion, Third Rome etc.). But somehow afflicted. Jupiter-Chiron – yes!

        You mean „Aries Mars“ like strong desire to mark and seize every territory? Not because for some important tactical reason, not because you want to live on it (or anyone else, for that matter), not even because of the resources, just for the sake of pi**ing at it, hissing the flag and carving “I WAS HERE“ and “Russia Rulez“?


        • Christina says:

          I read Dr Zhivago last year — one of the greatest books I have ever read.

          • Eleonora says:

            I haven’t read it yet! 🙁
            But the greatest novel, I ever read, is from a genius with Moon in Gemini:
            “Brother Karamazov“. There is this contradiction of the identity in the novel, represented also by this Sun in Gemini in the natal chart of the Russian Federation. Sun is also almost unaspected. I cannot help asking myself, what such an unaspected Sun represents (despite “it’s cold there“)?

            The second “special“ thing about this chart is the number of dignified planets (seven). This is very rare, I think. Was there an astrologer at work?

            Moon (past, roots) in Aquarius as a relic from the old charts with strong Aquarius?

            Uranus sq. Mars: Unexpected aggression.

            As for the rising sign: I could not find it. I found the exact time of the independence of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia… but not of Russia itself. However, the meeting was set for 2 p.m. Then, there was some discussion and arguing about the resolution and finally the voting. We can’t be sure, but it’s probably somewhere between 5 p.m and 6 p.m (as it was for other states). In any case, even if it was an hour earlier of later, the rising sign would be either Libra or Scorp. Pluto is probably in the 1st house.

            Here also the footage of the voting:

  5. Doug says:

    I’m not an expert on global politics , but it seems that a lot of the genesis of global terrorism began while Pluto was transiting Saggitarius ( traveling ;Sag.Pluto; well we know what he does.) And of course the social unrest in so many countries and Waring ,began the mass migrations globaly ; (again Pluto Sag.) Notice now they’re being called invasions.So what is the answer for this ? Many countries in Europe and the U.S.have had policies that were compassionate to the immigrant fleeing turmoil it seems more so in Europe that these enabling policies have gone too far and at the expense of there own unique ethnic identity.It seems lately the paradigm is shifting . “Humanitarianism ‘, but at what expense ? Everything is fine until it hits u in the pocketbook.Personally I loved France for its own uniqueness on the European continent.Can the tide be turned , or is it too late.I’m afraid Django Reinhart is rolling over in his grave and its future is up in “Nuages. “P. S.I noticed Macron has a number of planets on Donald Trumps. S.node.He’s had some problems with some other sag. energy there in the U.S.( Steve Bannon ,Chuck Shumer ,and James Comey are notable.)S.node baggage ?What say u? Viva la France!! ( I hope )