June Horoscopes

Thursday June 1st 2017

Suddenly it looks like the planets are starting to make more sense. Jupiter turns direct after months of sleeping on the job. Neptune, that old illusionist, retires for a well-earned rest for a few months in mid-June.

Could we begin to see a little more clearly? Could optimism come back into fashion? Will people start being nice to each other again?

Click here for your June horoscope. This month it includes a 12-page supplement on the North and South Nodes of the Moon, which have just changed signs. The download button is at the end of each article.



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  1. Severne says:

    Bless your heart Christina. Thank you! Look forward to a more positive summer and to the change of sign in the Nodes…the last few years I’ve been paying more attention to them and they’re just fascinating. What will happen to our Aqua venuses?! lost love?